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What is the 88sears Associate Login?

Human resources are the helping hand of the commercial sector. The nearly whole system of government offers benefits to their workers. Moreover arranging them. Likewise, the old school management system needs an army of employees and paperwork. That’s why online portals and wired platforms are essential for handling employees.

This article will guide you about the 88sears.com. It’s an online employee portal that manages all the tasks of the firm. This article will also guide you about the registration procedure. And how you can be able to log-in to the website. So keep interpreting to catch further. It is a short info on the portal 88Sears associate (employee portal/online service).  It will offer relevant evidence about the Sears Holding Company and cover the personal details found within the 88Sears associate login, including work program and employee payment data.



Sears Holdings is the most prevalent department chain Sears and Kmart which covers approximately a thousand stores situated throughout the USA, Canada, and Mexico. The Sears Holdings Corporation employs over 180,000 employees across the world. www.88Sears.com is the employee controlling portal established by Sears Holdings. It is developed as the main human resources system of Sears Holding providing information about workers, discount plans, work agendas, health profits, financial benefits, disability choices, dental policies, retirement patterns and much more.


Benefits of 88sears.com

To know about benefits of 88sears, read these points to get to know. Surely, you will like the following benefits. You can also apply for them if you are eligible.

  • You can see the charitable benefits schemes and withdraws.
  • This site apprises all the information associated with systems.
  • The website will deliver all information for schemes.
  • The main HR system will tell you about the payroll, discount offers, and work plans.
  • The site will deliver detailed information about a precise aspect.
  • Clients can also download benefits manuals, which helps in guidance.
  • The log-in page will show three spaces of benefits, W2 information, and Resource links.
  • You can also view the benefits of information without a log-in. But complete information requires log-in first.

88 sears Associate Login [Step by Step Guide]

To log in to this resources platform you must first be registered on HR Employee Portal. If you are a new employee or haven’t registered yet for the online facilities, you have to obtain your Enterprise ID first (new employees will be able to receive it from their HR manager during the employment process). Otherwise:

  • Follow the link http://www.88sears.com
  • Click on the ‘MPI-My Personal Information’ link underneath the ‘Resources and Contacts’ section.
  • You will be referred to the sears holding login page.
  • So now enter your Enterprise ID and Password and click ‘Login’ to access the portal.
  • In case you forgot your password or it has been expired (it expires every 90 days), or any other issue happened, you can call the Sears IT Help Desk at 877-742-6948 for help.

Once you logged in to the Sears Holding HR Portal, you’ll be able to check the following things:

  • You can check your working plan and new working hours updated by the administration.
  • You can check your pay stub and employee earning details of current and previous months.
  • You can change or modify your reporting plans.
  • Check pay cycles, State W4, W-2 Management, and Payroll Debit Card Fees.
  • You can choose your pension, retirement and saving policies.
  • You can also change your personal information through this portal.

How to reset 88sears.com Password:

If you have forgot your password or user id. You don’t need to be worry just follow these simple steps to get them back and access easily. Have a look.

  • Open your laptop, computer, or tablet.
  • Connect to the internet and make sure it is fast.
  • Open the web browser.
  • Go to 88sears.com. Or you can also go through Google search.
  • Then you need to click the sign-in button via MPI-My Personal Information option under resources and contacts section
  • Instead of clicking Log-In, you need to click the “reset PIN” button.
  • Next, the site will send you the PIN through mail.
  • So first open your official mail inbox.
  • And click to collect the new PIN.
  • This PIN will be valid for 90 days.
  • You can call customer support for a new PIN after 90 days.

88sears.com Customer support

Customer services are always available to their clients. If you encounter any issue, then help desk will help you to resolve your problem.

  • Phone: 1-888-887-3277 Monday through Friday from 7 am to 7 pm Central time.
  • Website: www.88sears.com

Frequently Asked questions

Q1: Is 888sears associate trusted company?

Ans: Yes, this company is 100% trusted.

Q2: I am not working in this company, still Can I register?

Ans: No, you have to be a member of this company first.

Last Words

In this article, we tried to involve as much detailed information as possible about the Sears Holding or 88sears website. On the appeal of followers and users, we also tried to provide the most demanded information about the 88sears website, like 88sears login manual, 88sears benefits, and 88sears phone number or help center info. We considered that this article will help you find the exact answers to your questions, and if you still have questions about the 88sears website portal or its features, please feel free to ask your question and we will try our best to clarify everything. 🙂

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