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Buildium is a software specially designed for property leaders or real estate stockholders to get control over property management jobs through Buildium login, do you also searching for a most convenient and resourceful idea for your rental properties with management chores?

Then, Buildium is one of the best solutions you can think about, and even it gives your corporation a lot for the money. Buildium is an updated software which is specifically designed by property managers for property sellers and demanders or real estate financiers, because it gives a control over property management tasks from tip to toe very easily.

Buildium Login
Buildium Login

This online platform can manage all the goals and the tasks of your business, even if it’s about accounting, rental, operation or maintenance appeals. And if you are looking for a complete guide about Buildium which can helps you in understanding this then you are at the right place. Now we will start our description step wise from the intro towards conclusion.

Buildium Login And Signup Process

Now so that I have cleared every detail about Buildium to you and if you are interested enough to start your account at Buildium, then let’s first start with creating your Buildium account.

Buildium Sign Up Procedure:

  • First of all open your web browser.
  • Next visit the official website of Buildium,
  • Here you have to fill up the complete form by your credentials.
  • Click to tick at I agree option.
  • Last tap to start your free trial of 15 days.

Remember how many times you have signed up for free trials and forget to cancel it? Or it’s impossible to cancel, especially when the facilities don’t come across your requirements?

Buildium offers you 15 days free, and there won’t be any business worries if you decide not to advance.

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Buildium Login Process

  • Now to proceed for Login to Buildium.
  • First of all visit the official website.
  • Here put your email address and password in the spaces.
  • Make sure they are correct.
  • Click to Sign-In

That was all about sign-up and log-in procedures, hope it will work out for you too.

What is Buildium?

Buildium is the best option for any property related works, it saves you from struggling in maintaining daily property management tasks. The offers you to simplify your task in simple tags, which further saves your energy and also reduce your stress level related to these type of issues. Buildium traffics property managers into an atmosphere that is more fully summarized, carrying together their renters and residents with first-class utensils.

In case Buildium gathers more details and the data about your location, it suggests more valuable reports and permit you to make conversant and informed decisions about your property managing business. Data-driven analytics are a commanding way to spot styles, and without robotic data gathering, they would be closely difficult to promote.

Buildium is used by?

Buildium software is available for property managers as well as associations to advance sets of opening, renting and maintaining residents. It also allows rent payments get relaxed and notify the users automatically when payments are late.

Being a huge platform, it does not need any extra software or hardware installation, it can be easily retrieved from any computer by using internet connection.

Who Needs Buildium?

If you are enrolling the one of these two categories, you can use it:

  • You’re thoughtful about kicking off a property management profession or thinking about enhancing or emerging the one you already have.
  • You previously own a few rental resident areas and need a cooler way to manage them.

Property managers are mostly overwhelmed by the huge amount of work, as work is much more than that of rent collection. The software lessens all of the boring responsibilities that you face daily and permits you to focus more on new business beginnings rather than devoting all of your energy in dull operating work.

If you still haven’t thought about using a software like Buildium, now is the time to jump. Though Buildium may or may not be the right choice for your company, using an automated platform is possibly one of the best ways to reduce on your stress, and increase your general level of productivity.

How does it Work?

Well, you have absolutely heard about the term ‘cloud’ at least one time as we’re living in the internet century and tools which takes control over almost everything. Being a universal system permits Buildium to own a number of influential functions.

Buildium users can get access without facing any difficulty via a browser from anyplace with no necessity for extra hardware or software installation. So it means that you don’t need to spend on new systems or deal with tech provision on your own.

By taking precaution of the hard work, Buildium aids to cut down the work stress and lets property managers to focus more on new business chances rather than investing their whole time on daily managerial tasks. Buildium offers a variety of features to improve every step of the way, the property maintenance process includes:

  • Leasing
  • Accounting
  • Operations


You can initiate by using the Buildium app with the leasing procedure. Like Yahoo and Craigslist syndication, Buildium achieves the rental property list, after this, you can take requests and screen renters using the software. The app will also permit the lease’s e-signing. Just in case you don’t have a website yet, Buildium can benefit you in making your own website.

Screening is a procedure for property-owners to defend their properties and revenue that is mostly ignored, but very significant. The Buildium screener offers you the authority to check the record of credit, illegal opinions, and past removals, so you know if an applicant is someone you really want to move into your house.

  • Pros: Buildium blows out all the chaotic and irritating stuff you had to deal with form-filling. You can easily get your work done using a smartphone or tablet.
  • Cons: It’s not relaxed for new users to enter data correctly but the problem is rapidly resolved with Buildium’s client managers.


Accounting is also the complex task when you are a business holder. Accounting, and taxes signify a serious job stress you have to deal with. Fortunately Buildium will not let you suffer from this.

Buildium accounting feature was designed especially for property dealers to confirm their property is working efficiently with a detailed report. You don’t need to worry about accounting basics as the software does accounting and economic reporting at the property and company level, manage rent expenses and bills and allows you to e-file 1099s for seller payments.

Each set costs you $25 and each mail costs $3. The capability to create work remits is another great feature, then change them into bills and then pay them online.

  • Pros: Accounting feature is fairly inexpensive and cooperative. You can save much more money with Buildium as compared to doing this by hand and paying at least $40-50 or even more when your accountant fixes it.


Operations are a giant tasks of any property management system but Buildium grosses this feature in extra level and rulers the game by delivering an online portal for landlords and residents to manage papers, requests for repairs, and payments. Owners can check web-based business reporting, or see the same data on a mobile device anytime anywhere.

Maintenance requests are amongst the main property-owner hallucinations, particularly as they typically appear to come in the form of an emergency repair that is needed on Blessing or New Year’s Eve. With Buildium, you can obtain requests for maintenance, make work orders and send requests straight from the owner dashboard to sellers. This will decrease your day-to-day work load, as your customers and sellers have a direct line of contact, without bundles of difficulties for you.

Buildium united with HappyCo and grew into the Happy Inspector unit. Your Buildium properties and data will match automatically with Happy Inspector so you don’t have to think twice when introducing anything.

Pros: Deprived of this feature, Buildium is not half as good. You can save your time, plus, the problem can be easily solved out and fixed without demanding the attendance’s renter.

Cons: You get your own devoted subdomain that can be used by renters to login, put requests for maintenance or pay for their bills. Though, the negative point of this system is that as an alternative of standard domain, your subdomain will be

Denoting your domain to the subdomain is possible, but it will send you to the subdomain when renters or owners type in your web address, which is fairly puzzling.

Buildium Charges

After acquiring software you get 2 weeks of free trial when you sign up with Buildium. The big thing of the free trial is after 2 weeks if you select to change to a paid account, so be ready because you lose everything you do in the trial mode if you pick not to upgrade. So, don’t place all your properties and renter tenancy info on Buildium because that all will lose after a 2-week trial.

The best answer here is that you should choose to become a paying client. As a paying user of Buildium, you can make your account with Core and Pro subscription. And above, the 2 weeks free are obtainable and once you transfer from trial to paid, you don’t have to be panic about losing whatsoever you settled.

Buildium Pros and Cons


The software can easily be used on manifold platforms, the design is modified for property managers and rental owners. If you are still using a system that doesn’t assimilate lots of regular features in one place, Buildium will possibly save your time.

The end-to-end encryption apps for managing renter screening, renting, records, transactions, maintenance, accounting, and taxes really carry all you need to work your property under one roof. And from your computer or smartphone, you can do anything online.

Below is a list of Buildium advantages:

  • Easy-to-access services: Renters screenings, rental insurances agreements, and tax filings are relaxed to find and available whenever you need them.
  • Popularity: Over million renters are using Buildium, along with 175,000 property owners and 13,000 landlords as well as managers. You can get up to 50 reporting gears each month, Buildium is adequately of options.
  • Automatic accounting.


Buildium is best option if you have sufficient properties to handle in order to split the work across distinct departments. Though, if one department has abundant errands under the same property, it is not cool to see what updates to tasks have been made, and it is essential to search separately through each task to find related updates that could easily be missed.

The price to use the platform is a minute portion for superior property managers, but it may feel like you’re getting hit with many extra setup and service dues for small property-owners.

In brief, there are few points Buildium can focus on for development:

  • The mobile website is not the right choice even though the app seems to be working well and has great ratings and reviews.
  • If you are a small business holder, it could be reflected expensive, but if you have many units or properties, it’s best to use Buildium.
  • Add-on costs can rapidly add up, for more info, see the buyer’s guide.


Well there is a lot to like about Buildium. It’s a best software suite for property-owners watching for handling their whole investment property management experience online.

The end-to-end features to handle renter screening, leasing, documents, payments, maintenance, accounting and taxes really do bring everything you want to run your real estate business under one roof. And you can access it anytime from your computer or smartphone via online.

In case you find out any queries or question, feel free to comment below. Regards! 🙂

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