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Nowadays, all the most popular and reliable torrenting sites are either hard to access or disappearing. The biggest reason behind this is ISPs, government organizations, and other organizations that continue to block these sites for their own reasons. So, Cpasbien is not an exception.

If you are a French or love to stream and download French content, you might already know what Cpasbien is. For those who don’t know, Cpasbien is one of the most popular and reliable torrenting sites that allows you to access all kinds of French content. It is the most accessed torrenting website in France and one of the most popular in other regions.

However, now the website is really hard to access since it goes down more often, and with each passing day, it requires you to put more efforts to access your desired content.

So, what to do now?

Well, if you are unable to access Cpasbien, below are a few tips that you can use to troubleshoot the issue.

Tips to Troubleshoot Cpasbien


Refresh Your Browser: If you are unable to Cpasbien on your system, you can try refreshing your browser. To do that, open the browser and press CTRL+F5 keys at once from the keyboard. Now, close the browser and then re-launch it. Try to access Cpasbien to check whether the problem is resolved.

Restart Your Computer: If the above method doesn’t work and you can still access Cpasbien, restart your computer. Once the computer is restarted successfully, launch the web browser and try to access Cpasbien again to check whether it is accessible or not.

Clear Cookies and Cache: If the problem still persists, you can try clearing cookies and cache from your web browser. To do that, here are the steps;

  • First of all, open the browser.
  • Now click on the three horizontal dots locate to the top-right of Chrome.
  • Now click the More Tools option.
  • Click on the Clear Browsing Data.
  • Select the time range from the dropdown list.
  • Now tick the Cookies and Other Sites Data and Cached Images and Files boxes.
  • Click the Clear Data option.
  • Now close and re-launch the browser and access the Cpasbien.

Turn of the Modem: If the problem still persists, switch off your modem and then turn it on again. Now again, try to access the Cpasbien to check whether it is accessible.

Firewalls and Antivirus: Sometimes, you cannot access Cpasbien because your Firewall has blocked it. You can try disabling your antivirus and Firewall. Once done, try to access the Cpasbien from your computer. If it is now accessible, add it to your trusted sites.

DNS Reset: However, despite trying all the above methods, if you are still unable to access the Cpasbien, you may try resetting the DNS address. Reset it and then try to access the website.

If none of the above-mentioned methods work, it means the website is down, and you have to look for its alternatives.

Like anything else with plenty of alternatives, Cpasbien also has some competitors and Cpasbien alternatives that are equally good and offers all the services you can get using Cpasbien.

In this regard, below, I have bucked a list of some best Cpasbien alternatives that you should try if you are also having issues with Cpasbien. Even if you are still able to access Cpasbien, it is a great idea to have some options as a backup, so you don’t fall behind.

Besides enabling you to stay up to date and informed with your favorite movies, shows, and other content, having different options in your bucket is an excellent idea to expand your horizons so that you can discover new and more exciting content.

So, let’s see what some good Cpasbien alternatives are?

5 Best Cpasbien Alternatives


1-      Torrent 9 – Best Cpasbien Alternatives

Torrent 9 is one of the biggest and most popular Cpasbien alternatives among the French torrenting community in France and other parts of the world. This is also the most accessed torrenting website in Gabon and Cameroon. The website has millions of users that are still growing with each passing day. The website is known and popular for its gaming and film content.

However, you should know that recently it also announces that users will no longer be able to use the platform for torrenting, which left the torrenting community wondering what will be the future of torrenting sites.

2-      Ygg Torrent – Best Cpasbien Alternatives

Another best alternative to Cpasbien is Ygg Torrent. This torrenting platform is also extremely popular in France and the French community. The reason for its popularity is its massive portfolios of files that it offers. Moreover, in addition to its files, movies, games content, it also has a massive index of apps, audio files, and ebooks, which users can easily access.

It is an incredibly simple torrenting site, and to make your search easier for you, it has categories and subcategories to arrange the content, which allows the torrenting community to get their desired file they are searching for without any trouble and wasting much time.

However, to access the Ygg Torrent website, it asks you to create an account first, which shouldn’t be an issue for you as it is a free platform and doesn’t take much of your time. Moreover, another great aspect of Ygg is if you run into a problem on the platform, it has a community where you can discuss your problem with other users to get instant help.

3-      Kickass Torrent – Best Cpasbien Alternatives

Kickass is another best Cpasbien alternative, which is not only popular among the French torrenting community but all across the world. Though it is not available everywhere, it still has a massive user base. The homepage of the website allows you to search for your desired content without any issue.

It has almost anything you want to download, ranging from gaming to movies, music and TV shows to ebooks, and more. This torrenting website also has a blog with a regular update where users of Kickass Torrent can join. Moreover, it also has a community where you can join to get help or request for a file that you cannot find in its database.

What’s more, to offer you more convenience, it also has a FAQ section that you can visit to find the answers to your questions that you have regarding Kickass torrent.

4-      GK Torrent – Best Cpasbien Alternatives

GK Torrent is another good alternative to Cpasbien that you can use for torrenting if you are tired trying to access Cpasbien. This is also popular among users who want to download free content in HD. It has an extensive library of various content types that include movies, TV shows, ebooks, music, gaming, and apps.

The platform also offers content for PC and console video games. Moreover, it also gives you up to 100 recommendations of content based on your torrenting history, as well as the latest content. What makes it special is it allows you to search your favorite HD titles using its search bar without any issue.

The platform works efficiently, which means you will get your desired content in a few seconds. Especially for the French torrenting community, it displays file recommendations so that you can download the content in just a few clicks.

5-      ZeTorrents – Best Cpasbien Alternatives

Like any other torrent site or that I have mentioned above, ZeTorrents is another torrent platform where you can download your content in HD. This torrent website enables you to search for your desired content, such as movies, TV shows, music, books, ebooks, apps, albums, etc.

Moreover, it also displays a list of the most popular torrents that you can browse. If you are unable to locate your favorite content you are searching for; it has a trending section at the bottom of the page where you can go and check the content.

Why Should You Use a VPN While Torrenting?


You should know that despite the popularity of torrenting, there is no safety. Downloading content from torrent sites, you could run yourself into legal issues. If you are downloading content from a torrent website and your ISP caught anything illegal, it may also cause trouble for you.

But it doesn’t mean that there is no way to safely use torrent websites. To protect yourself and your identity, you should always use a VPN when using any torrent website. A VPN links you to a server that will be located at any other location. It will assign you a new IP address, which will completely protect your privacy and identity.

Moreover, you will be able to download your favorite content from any torrenting website without exposing yourself. There are plenty of VPNs that you can use for free. But again, just like download free content from a torrenting website is not safe, using a free VPN also has a fair amount of safety concerns.

That is why I highly recommend you use a premium VPN that will give you unlimited bandwidth and military-grade encryption to make sure your privacy and identity are protected.

Furthermore, another advantage of using a VPN is some of the VPNs also provide an ad-blocking feature. While torrenting, torrent websites generate multiple pop-up ads that are not only annoying but also contain malware. So using a premium VPN with an ad-blocking feature will give you complete security and will make sure your safety.

Here are some of the best VPN tools that you can use to access Cpasbien;

Best VPN to Access Cpasbien and Other Torrent Websites


1-      Express VPN – Best VPN to Access Cpasbien and Other Torrent Websites

One of the best VPN available in the market is Express VPN. You will see many others around, but there is no one that can beat it. It will impress you by providing you the best security features at great speed. You will get full speed, security, reliability, and configurable privacy features. It is a paid VPN but also offers a free trial version, which you can use before investing in its premium version.


  • 2048-encryption to protect your identity.
  • It can be used for up to 6 devices.
  • It also offers mobile apps.
  • It has unlimited servers all around the world.

2-      Nord VPN – Best VPN to Access Cpasbien and Other Torrent Websites

If there is any Express VPN competitor in the VPN market, then it is a Nord VPN. Although it is not as good as Express VPN, it ensures your safety while you are downloading files from torrent websites. It will protect your identity and will give you the best possible speed. It is also a paid VPN that you can have for $3.70 per month only.


  • It can be used on an unlimited device at once.
  • It offers reliable and fast connections.
  • It also offers mobile apps.

3-      SurfShark – Best VPN to Access Cpasbien and Other Torrent Websites

SurfShark is yet another popular VPN available around. Like Express VPN and Nord VPN, it also allows you to protect your privacy and identity while using a torrent website to download free content. It offers unlimited connections and intuitive apps, along with the best possible speed and reliability. It is also a premium VPN for an as low price as possible. You can have it for just $2.50 per month.


  • It is equipped with a range of cool features.
  • It has numerous servers.
  • The interface is pretty simple.
  • It offers both reliability and speed.

4-      CyberGhost – Best VPN to Access Cpasbien and Other Torrent Websites

CyberGhost is yet another popular VPN that you can use for the torrent website to protect your privacy and identity. It offers a range of cool and security features with convenient buttons for torrenting files, streaming media, and protecting your Wifi transmissions.

Its streaming and torrenting features are incredibly useful. It has more than 6,100 connections all around the world, which means you will have a range of servers to choose from. Moreover, you can also pay in Bitcoin without exposing your identity.


  • It has a lot of security and safety features.
  • It has more than 6,100 connections all around the world to choose from.
  • Its interface is pretty simple.

Wrapping Up

Cpasbien is a French torrent website that offers free HD French content. The website is the most accessed torrent site in France and one of the most in other French-speaking countries. It has a massive library of both French and other contents include films, movies, TV shows, ebooks, apps, music, albums, and more. Users can download their desired content in HD for free.

However, like many other websites, it also goes down more often, which is so annoying for most of the users. To help you keep torrenting, above, I have highlighted some best Cpasbien alternatives that you can use to download all the HD content for free. However, I highly recommend you to use a VPN when using a torrent website to protect your identity.


Q: Can I access Cpasbien without using a VPN?

Ans: Yes, you can use Cpasbien or any of the Cpasbien alternatives that I have mentioned above without using a VPN. However, to protect your identity and privacy, I highly recommend you to always use a VPN for torrenting.

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