Games Like Terraria

Best Free Games Like Terraria [Updated List 2022]

Terraria is an adventure game which is famous for their sandbox-style where you can search, build, dig and combat. Players are permitted to play the game whenever they desire to as this game contains both the sandbox and action genre mixture. You can select to construct your own city or even go in contradiction of strong enemies in fight.

Games Like Terraria
Games Like Terraria

Many people are looking for replacements now a days. Here I have enlisted some games like Terraria that you can play anytime. The attractive graphics art of terraria offers a visual allure that pulls you in and refuses to let go. With this different combination of genres and flexibility in the gameplay, it can be rough to find games that obey a same style. However, there are adequately choices that is collected from many of Terraria’s features. Now we will discuss all the games one by one, let’s start!

List of Games like Terraria:

  1. Starbound
  2. Stardew Valley
  3. Craft the world
  4. Magicite
  5. Minecraft
  6. Planet Centauri
  7. Crea
  8. Raft
  9. Rising World
  10. Planet Explorers


It is one of the best 2D game. You as a player, play this game by sitting inside a spaceship after the demolition of this earth. In this game where you will play in space and the space satellites acts as a vehicle. There are rockets traveling from one galaxy to another it is a kind of impressive game.

To play this game, you have to select one out of the seven races and you’re mainly in control of whatever you want to do. There are three different game styles, i.e. from casual to hardcore.

Stardew Valley

This game involves the village life. It is a tactical game where you will be the holder of a village that is the belongings to your grandpa. There are numerous maps of the game. The visuals cover an attractive set-up of stones, trees, remains, and weeds. This game was established by an American gamer, named Eric.

Craft the World

It is another alternative of the game like Terraria, where you can play as a dwarf in a wild world, combat to defend yourself from freaks. If you are new in the gaming world, you must with confidence start your career as a dwarf in the Craft World.


Magicite is a similar game as the terraria, it is an old school 2-D game like where you can play with three of your best friends and practice adventuring into the world of a hypnotized magical woodland.


Minecraft is a very famous sandbox genre game made by Persson and ultimately Mojang. It is possibly one of the most common games in the world at once. This game permits you to do whatever you want, as it’s not a one focusing kind of game. Don’t let the bad visuals fool you. It’s a really pleasurable game where you can collect objects, craft things and figure stuff.

Whenever you jump a new game, a new plan is created which is certainly different than the previous you played in. You will experience different mortals, caves and much more. There is also the survival style of this game where you have to collect means to make the world and at the same time preserve your health. Further modes are also available, like adventure, creative, observer and hard modes.

Planet Centauri

This game is considered one of the initial access game, it means that it is yet not finished but you can still play. You can use all kinds of features, including finding out new prisons and biomes, making weapons or even arresting and training beasts.

In Planet Centauri, the aim is to defend the innate community named the Chlorinian species from the evil folks, i.e. Night Walkers. This game permits you to construct a village as well, and allot roles to people, such as guards, tailors, witch doctor, researchers and so on. This game make me remind of Fallout 4’s settlements.

Planet Centauri also has farming and catering features. If your player eats certain kinds of food, your character will turn into robust and increase more skills. Henceforth, picking the right food is very important. Magic spells also play a role in this game, where you can make all types of magic effects and also switch the design of fireball spells, as an example. As an early access game, it quiet lacks some sorts, but they will surely be introduced in future.


This game is also one of the sandbox RPG style, where there are sufficiently of stuffs to do. You can level up by technique of beating enemies or even learn more than eighty diverse services. Same like the other games, there are manufacturing features where you can first investigate resources and next promote gear. There’s also this chaos making where you can make even improved items.

All of the promoted tools can be used in fights, where you can conquer beasts. There are diverse weaponries to select from, i.e. crossbow, sword, spear or even magic. Fascinatingly, there are also vast chiefs to fight in the game. Crea also delivers a lot of investigation features, as there are many of new kingdoms and prisons that are different each time.


Contrasting some of the games stated above that are customary in space, Raft is a game set in the waters. This game is about living an oceanic adventure in a risky sea. You have to collect resources to enlarge the size of your raft and at the same time be cautious of what’s in the sea and can attack on you anytime.

You fundamentally start the game on a minor raft with nothing much to use. Your role is to survive in the tough oceans by collecting resources and constructing a much larger raft or home. Conversely, you do get a hanger which you have to use in catching remains floating on the water. All of these remains are then used for making tools, weapons and other things that guarantees your survival. This game is much similar to Terraria except that the location is in the ocean.

Rising World

Rising World is a game that is still under construction, and measured to be on the dominant step. It is a free world sandbox game, and like the rest, it is also haphazardly generated. This game is about beginning small and ultimately building until you have the largest cities or forts in the world. It’s all up to your mind’s eye and thoughts meanwhile it’s a sandbox style game.

The game developers delivered with 200 different resources for constructing means, adjustable environment, randomly-generated worlds and you can intermingle with almost anything, plus playing the piano.

Planet Explorers

Next on this list of games alternative to Terraria is Planet Explorers. Like the others, it is a free world 3D sandbox game. This game is established in the year 2287, and one of the cluster ships smashes into a planet. Some of the immigrants survived but the planet is occupied with fatal persons and survivors have to work together. There are three modes of the game, i.e. story mode, adventure mode and build mode without enemies.

If you want to play the chief slice of the game, then story mode is best for you to play. It derives with the action RPG genre where you really have a story to follow. You must however play the story mode before playing any other modes.

This game also permits you to plant food, discover places like vaults, exchange with aliens or even protect your border from threats. If you play the story mode, there is a conclusion to it. On the other hand, build mode is kind of a pure sandbox mode where you become able to construct whatever you imagine deprived of having opponents to be afraid of.

Requirements of these Games:

Well now you have many options to return back to the old school times and to have an astonishing experience. Requirement of games like Terraria, Craft World and games similar to them. Before downloading these games, you must know the correct requirements that you will need to install these games into your system. Follow the given requirements, it will support you:

  • Platforms: PC, Mac OS, iOs, Windows phone, PS-4, Xbox.
  • Memory: 2.5 GB of RAM, which is very nominal today.
  • Graphics: 128 MB VRAM.
  • Storage: 200 MB.
  • Processor: 2.0 GHz.

All the above mentioned features are very minimal and can be found in any system. 2-D games are very motivating and in this world where gamers are passionate with more 3-D games, try to take a break and try out on these 2D games.


So this were all about the alternatives of the terraria, hope you would them all and will surely try some. In case you find any queries or questions, feel free to comment below. Regards! 🙂

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