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Get Into My Pc | Download all Premium Software For Free and Activated For Life Time:

The “Get Into My Pc” or the Get Into Pc is an online web portal, where you can find almost all of the most necessary developing and premium software for free of cost. Most of the software like Adobe, operating system even like Mac OS, Windows and many other software that are not free but here at Get Into My Pc you will get them for free.

These facts and figures, which are discussed in this thesis, will give you all the details about the Get Into My Pc, how it is helpful, how to download and install program from it and how many things are available on it. In sort you will find everything related to it here. You may read the content table for saving your time.

Before we get started, it is way better to have a separate detail on the web portal you are visiting, because not everything can be explained in the starting line, and for this reason, somebody greatly said that you should not judge a book by its cover.

Home Page At Get Into My Pc
Home Page At Get Into My Pc

Wiki About Get into Pc:

The Get into My Pc is not by an organization but they more than any corporates or companies. The Get Into My Pc was made by some group of people around 2017. On 5th July 2017, the Wayback Machine indexed it, before that it was not even uploaded, but may be founded.

The Wayback Machine is a portal which store the history and day of all the web portal, which were on the internet at any time. It even has those sites that are not indexed over the Google. From this portal we can only estimate, that when was the Get Into My Pc came into being.

Aims and Purpose of Get Into My Pc:

The Get Into My Pc aimed to provide all the premium software and operating system that are for purchase on the internet, for free to anyone on the internet. They have beautifully achieved their goal of providing such software and programs. All around the world, this web portal is trusted for its quality and products which are cracked or patched by this.

Most of the software that works in real-time is a real challenge for anybody to crack or hack. Since cracking, hacking and patching of any software is illegal but the software that can work in offline mood is alright to crack away, now a day it has even the access to the real-time software cracking.

Most of the users on the internet, go for the cracking version, because they cannot afford the purchasing of software, for them the Get Into My Pc is like a blessing. Still most of the organization does not prefer using cracked software because they cannot offer anybody a secret feature which only the company product is having.

Software Category Available on Get Into My Pc:

The following is a category given by the web portal. The following words defines categories and the digits inside the braces with them, shows the number of software available on the Get Into My Pc, and there are also sub categories which are also defined.

These categories can be defined in to two classes at Get Into My Pc, which is shown in below headings:

Main Categories of Programs at Get Into My Pc:

  1. 2D Designing (13)
  2. 3D Animation (108)
  3. 3D CAD (256)
  4. 3D Designing (270)
  5. 3D Modeling (111)
  6. 3d-Visualization (6)
  7. Analytics (1)
  8. Antivirus (74)
  9. Audio Processing (114)
  10. Authoring (21)
  11. Business (22)
  12. Cad (8)
  13. Camera Tools (9)
  14. CD DVD Tools (80)
  15. Chat (19)
  16. Chemistry (6)
  17. Circuit Designing (22)
  18. Communication (25)
  19. Compilers (5)
  20. Decompilers (1)
  21. Design (93)
  22. Desktop (39)
  23. Development (287)
  24. Download Managers (91)
  25. Ebook (1)
  26. Education (74)
  27. Electrical Engineering (8)
  28. Emulators (38)
  29. Engineering (164)
  30. Fonts (17)
  31. Graphic Design (360)
  32. Management (9)
  33. Maps Creation (5)
  34. Medical (4)
  35. Mobile (97)
  36. Multimedia (322)
  37. Music (12)
  38. Office Tools (347)
  39. Operating Systems (219)
  40. Pharmaceutical (2)
  41. Photo Editing (241)
  42. Programing (43)
  43. Simulators (46)
  44. Software (562)
  45. System Tuning (43)
  46. Translators (4)
  47. Tutorials (1)
  48. Utilities (438)
  49. Video Editing (439)
  50. Website Design (46)

Sub-Categories of Programs at Get into My Pc:

Mobile (97):

  1. Android (48)
  2. iPhone (49)

Software (562)

  1. 3d Visualization (1)
  2. Accounting (18)
  3. Backup Recovery (81)
  4. Benchmarking (12)
  5. Browsers (129)
  6. Burning (2)
  7. Chemistry (2)
  8. CNC Machines (3)
  9. Compression (24)
  10. Converters (163)
  11. Cost Estimation (1)
  12. Data Recovery (61)
  13. Database (26)
  14. Drivers (121)
  15. Ebook (1)
  16. Electronics (13)
  17. Email (27)
  18. Game Maker (16)
  19. Internet (117)
  20. Maps Creation (5)
  21. Maths (16)
  22. Navigation (13)
  23. Network (127)
  24. Productivity (4)
  25. Religious (1)
  26. Security (150)
  27. Streaming (7)
  28. Surveillance (1)
  29. Typing (3)
  30. Virtualization (22)
  31. Webcam (10)

Requirements for Downloading and Installing Programs from Get Into My Pc:

  1. Learning and reading English and knowing the use and what to do with the software.
  2. You should have a compatible device with the software you are downloading.
  3. You must have a proper internet connection.
  4. You should have WinRAR for extracting files or running the file.

Downloading Programs from Get Into My Pc:

It is very simple and easy to download software from the Get Into My Pc. The Get Into My Pc is very trusted and virus proof site, since it contains some cracking and unlocking materials that why the antivirus in your computer shows virus, while that is not a virus at all.

Step by Step Downloading Guideline:

You may follow these few simple steps to download any program or software from the Get Into My Pc:

  • First of all, you will need to visit the official web portal of the Get Into My Pc, which is now I Get Into My Pc.
  • Now, look on the search bar, click that to search the program or software, which you wanted to download. If you do not know what to download or you are looking for the web to tell you the software of your need, then you have to click on the “Software category” tab at Get Into My Pc.
Software Categories or searching a software at Get Into My Pc
Software Categories or searching a software at Get Into My Pc
  • Now, if you have searched, you will directly get to the available software, and if you are finding in categories, it is also very easy and simple process.
  • Now, you have founded your software or program, like I have founded mine, which is Adobe After Affect 2022 latest version, which is free to download and is fully activated.
  • Now, click on the version of software, or type of program you wanted to download means that you have a choice do download that on multiple operating systems at Get Into My Pc.
Initial download button at Get Into My Pc
Initial download button at Get Into My Pc
  • Then, bring the cursor down, on the next page on Get Into My Pc and click the red download button.
  • Now wait for 10 seconds till your download button appears. And there is also the password given for the archive file to be unzip.
  • Now click on the Blue Download button.
Downloading Software at Get Into My Pc
Downloading Software at Get Into My Pc
  • After that, your browser will show you a redirection popup, there you will need to click the continue button.
  • Now, wait till the page totally, loads. The download will be automatically started or your web browser will ask you to save the file or not. For that click save and ok, because most of the software like I was downloading are heavy and they needed to be saved for the further usage.
  • If the download did not start, then close these tabs and get to the main download button which was got after scrolling down on Get Into My Pc.
  • This was a simple way to get a free, unlocked and fully activated software that are available on cost on internet but free on Get Into My Pc.

Activating/Cracking or Patching Programs from Get Into My Pc:

There is no need to crack, patch or activate any software at your own, with files given by Get Into My Pc. There is only few old software which have no updates further were cracked by little files.

If you have found any software on the Get Into My Pc, which is not activated, that need to be cracked or patch through a exe, present in the .rar file.

You may see the steps for that to download and install various things from Get Into My Pc on its web I Get Into My Pc.

Brief Installation Guideline for Program at Get Into My Pc:

  1. For any software or program, you will need to have WinRAR to extract the files.
  2. If you want to keep the installer for further installing in the future, then do not delete the main rar file. In most of the cases, the RAR file remains save, while the extracted ones get corrupted.
  3. Before extracting and installing, make sure that your device is not connected with the internet and you are not having any firewall “on”.
  4. You will need to extract all the files in a folder and then run the setup, you wanted to install.
  5. Set its preferred things, install and finish.

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Download Free Programs From Get Into My Pc By Watching Video:
Download Free Programs From Get Into My Pc By Watching Video

Benefits of Get Into My Pc:

The Get Into My Pc is very beneficial for all its user. The following are some key benefits of Get Into My Pc:

Free of Cost Premium Software:

The Get Into My Pc gives you the premium software that are on purchase, for free.


The Get Into My Pc gives you the pre activated software.

Life Time Activated:

Get Into My Pc software and programs are for lifetime activated.


  1. Let’s you download any software that is not free on the internet.
  2. Any software provided by the Get Into My Pc are pre-activated.
  3. The activation period lasts for lifetime, if you do not update that app.
  4. It lets you to save your money.
  5. Blessing for new users to use any premium software without wasting money.


  • Saves Money.
  • Free to Use.
  • Easy.


  • Illegal service.
  • Violation of rules worldwide.

Contact Information:

You can go on their contact page, there you can create an account and post your comment, except that there are no other ways.

Contact Page:


The Get Into My Pc or simply Get into pc is an online web portal where you can find all the premium (on cost) software for free of cost and unlimited validity for free. It gives pre activated software, you do not need to patch them on your own. Meanwhile use of these things and distribution is illegal.


Is the Get Into My Pc is secured and allowed worldwide?

Yes, it is a secured web portal, which is available worldwide, but it is illegal worldwide.

Why the software is not activated, meanwhile it was written to be pre-activated at Get Into My Pc?

It may be the reason that the archive which you have downloaded has an activator inside it. If not, then make sure that your pc is not connected to the internet while installing the software. If still that is not the reason, then it is because you have not turned off the updates for that program or you have updated that. And if that is not enough, then search for the software latest on the web of Get Into My Pc.

What is the penalty if I have caught using the pirated software from Get Into My Pc?

You will need to pay $150,000 as a tax, plus you will face the jail for this crime.

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