Grubhub Plus is now available for a year for Amazon Prime

Grubhub Plus is now available for a year for Amazon Prime

Grubhub Plus is now available for a year for Amazon Prime.

The monthly subscription of Grubhub’s paid version, which allows unlimited free shipping on eligible purchases, is usually $9.99.

The list of benefits of having an Amazon Prime membership does seem infinite, but the retail chain is now adding another more, so this time, it’s food-related. Grubhub+ would now be provided to Prime Members in the US for a full year at no price. 

Free deliveries are available by many restaurants on the Grubhub platform through this separate service, which is generally $9.99 per month. What is even better is that you really can use it right away if you’re a Prime member. 

In June 2019, Amazon announced closing its online restaurant courier service, recognizing that it cannot contribute to project practically everything you want. Nevertheless, as a result of their collaboration with Grubhub, Amazon now promises that “Members may utilize this look forward to the opportunity in more than 4,000 locations with hundreds and thousands of restaurants throughout the US when ordering on Grubhub.” The relationship between the two parties may also deepen as CNBC claims that Amazon does have the option to purchase a 2% interest in Grubhub, with the possibility of an increase to 15% contingent on performance goals.

According to Amazon, the Grubhub Plus service can be accessed in over 4,000 cities and gives access to meal orders from many US businesses. The offer for a complimentary year is also valid for existing Grubhub Plus members.

​​With less than a week until Prime Day, Grubhub Plus is the latest benefit of being a Prime member. Next Tuesday, July 13, Amazon will hold a two-day shopping spree. You may also take advantage of multiple discounts across almost all of the site’s market segments if you’re a Prime Member. Contemplate technology, the house, clothing, food, nutrition, and fitness. If Amazon offers it, there’s a strong chance that it’s entitled to a discount. 

Additionally, Prime members get access to Prime Video, Prime Music, and Prime Reading, among many other benefits. They also get free, speedy responses on many things, cheap and unlimited shipping on many items, and free and fast shipping on many other items. If you’re wondering if Prime is worthwhile, you can view our detailed guide to all member benefits here.

How to register as a Prime Member for Grubhub Plus

To take advantage of these benefits, you must be a Prime Member. You can move on to the following paragraph unless you’re already one. If you’re not already a subscriber to Prime, you can subscribe right now and have rapid access to various benefits outside of Grubhub+. You could pay $14.99 monthly or $139.99 for the entire year. You can save some money by choosing the annual option.

Get Inc. once you’ve signed into (AMZN). Check the website to get the offer without registering into your Prime account. Once signed up, you’ll receive additional benefits, like $0 delivery costs on orders from various eateries above $12. Moreover, your subscription is active for a full year. So, yes, you are permitted to consume.

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