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What is screen tearing? And how to fix screen tearing | Complete Guide

If you’re looking for the solution of screen distortion which is occurred by the graphics card drivers or no syncing of your graphic drivers with the screen, then you’re on the right place. Today, we are going to talk about how to fix screen tearing and what are the reasons which cause screen tearing so that you can avoid them from happening in the future. So, let’s get started!

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Methods of how to fix Screen Tearing

There are two methods which you can use to fix screen tearing, and they are going to work 100% for you. Unlike most of the websites on the internet who are writing the articles not for the information purposes but for the money try to give fake methods in order to waste your time. But trickslash is a place where you’ll get every information authentic and working for sure. Let’s get to the methods straight away.

screen tearing
screen tearing

1. Update your Drivers

Updating your drivers is the best solution for any of the problem which occurs on your computer, whether you talk about sound drivers, video drivers or port drivers, if they aren’t working for you, then the only solution left for you is to reinstall them, and your system will start working. Same is the case with screen tearing, where you’ve to give reinstallation of drivers a chance. But you must be wondering which is the best way to reinstall the drivers? Scroll down a bit.

Driver Easy allows you to install all the drivers which are missing in your computer and you don’t need to ask driver easy to install the specific drivers. If something is missing in your PC, driver easy is surely going to sort it out. But, do you know how to solve download install and scan for the drivers using easy driver software? If No, then we have a complete guide on it. Let’s get started with it.

  • The first step is to open your browser and head straight to the address bar but before that make sure that you have got an active internet connection.
  • Now it’s time to type Driver Easy in the address bar and press enter button, you’ll be navigated towards the official website link, and you’ve to click it then to enter the official website
  • Now, Download the software and make sure you’re choosing the right Operating System in order to complete the downloading, once you’ve selected the OS, then click on download and it will be completed in a while.
  • Now Open the downloaded file and Save it in your computer to make sure it is installed and ready to run
  • Once everything is installed, it’s time to launch the driver easy software and here’s how the first look of driver easy is going to look like.
  • Now the next step is to click on the Scan Now button and let Easy Driver do the rest. Once all the drivers are scanned, look for the graphic drivers and click on install so that screen tearing issue can be fixed
  • Once the Drivers are installed, close the easy driver section and restart your computer. Your problem related to how to fix screen tearing is gone.

That’ how you do it and that might be the easiest way of fixing screen tearing to be honest because all you’ve to do is to download the software and click on scan now button and you’re done.

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If your problem is solved, then you’re welcome to skip the next method but if the problem continues to show up and you’ve no clue what to do then scroll down and read the next method which we are about to break now.

2. Turn on Video-syncing

screen tearing
screen tearing

Have you ever heard of video-syncing before? If not then, your video graphic and graphic processor needs to be synced well so that the graphics on your laptop can work perfectly. So, let’s get started with this method if the sync of your laptop or video graphics is disturbed. Here’s how you do it. Follow the steps which we are about to break now, and you’ll end up solving your problem.

  • If you’re facing the screen tearing problem during gameplay then you can turn v-sync
  • You can enable the v-sync simply by going to the graphics setting of your PC, and you’ll be given every single option related to the graphic and turn the sync on and enjoy the problem going away rapidly from your computer.
  • If you’re an INTEL user then here’s how you’re going to find it
  • And if you’re INVIDIA USER then here’s how you do it

That’s the way how you v-sync in order to fix screen tearing problem and congratulations in advance if this method has worked for you perfectly.

Note: Don’t forget to restart your computer after applying the changes because it may require a restart to fix the issue.

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In a Nutshell

We have discussed almost every legit method to make sure you solve your problem, and we are 100% sure if you follow the steps properly, then you’re going to get rid of screen tearing problem.

If you have any question related to the topic, then feel free to comment down below, we will try to reach you in a flash and will answer your query. Cheers!

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