How To Renew NBI Clearance

How To Renew NBI Clearance | Complete Guide 2022

How To Renew NBI Clearance. If you’ve misplaced your signed copy of your previous NBI clearance, you won’t be able to update it using either the standard or quick methods.

That’s because the NBI ID number, which would be a collection of alphanumeric letters contained on the expiring NBI certification, is required for renewal.

As a result, candidates who do not have private copies of their previous NBI certification will not be eligible for renewals. They should rather seek NBI approval as if it were the first time.

How To Renew NBI Clearance
How To Renew NBI Clearance

There is no need to be concerned; we’ll take you step-by-step through the procedure. We’ll additionally touch on a few other important aspects. As a consequence, kindly take the time to read this material completely.

Methods| How To Renew NBI Clearance

You will have to enter your previous NBI number when renewing your membership. You only need to look for a new account if you forget or lose it. I’ll show you how to effortlessly renew your NBI ID down below.

How To Renew NBI Clearance via Online Quick Renewal

The opportunity to take up your new NBI certification at the NBI office remains open. If you aren’t able to pick it up yourself, you can request an agent to do this at your place.

Follow these instructions to renew your NBI clearance orders online and collect door-to-door shipment:

How To Renew NBI Clearance
How To Renew NBI Clearance
  • Use the NBI Clearance Internet Services page to get started.
  • How To Renew NBI Clearance online, select the yellow button that says NBI Clearance on Internet Renewal.
  • In the pop-up box that appears, enter your previous NBI ID number, mobile phone number, full name, and birthday. Please keep in mind that only expiry NBI certifications obtained after April 05, 2021, are eligible for online renewal.
  • To move on to the next stage, click Confirm.
  • Fill in the form requesting NBI clearance shipment. To minimize service failures, make sure the information provided is accurate and complete.
  • To deposit the Php 155 NBI clearance charge, click Continue to Payment.
  • Snap a note of the reference no that appears on your computer, or take a screenshot of it. When making payments at any Bayad Center facility, you will require this reference code.
  • Pick your chosen method for obtaining the new NBI approval.
  • If you wish to pick it up at the NBI office on a certain day, choose PICK-UP. If you wish Lalamove or Grab to start picking up your NBI clearance on your behalf, you can select PICK-UP BY Deliveryman for an extra service fee. If not, choose DOOR-TO-DOOR Service.
  • If you select the delivery service, you will be taken to a screen that displays your personal information.
  • Pay a charge of Php 207 for the home delivery.
  • A reference code and verification that your request has been accepted will be sent to you through SMS.
  • You will be given your fresh NBI clearance. If you choose private pick-up, you must show your NBI Official Receipt or proof from the online payment method you used that includes your code number.
  • If you selected the door-to-door delivery service, the NBI clearance should arrive at your doorway in 3 to 7 days if you reside in Metro Manila / Luzon or 7 to 10 days if you reside in the Visayas as well as in Mindanao.

How To Renew NBI Clearance Online | Video Guide

How To Renew NBI Clearance

Steps to check the status of their NBI clearance

The following alternatives are available to candidates who chose door-to-door service for updates on the status of their NBI clearance:

  • Contact the NBI Clearance Helpline at 8523-8231, extension 5509, for assistance.
  • Send an SMS to 09150656899 (Globe) or 09478648747 (Sprint) (SMART). Simply define your Code Number (space>NBI) into the box provided (e.g., MNSBNJH NBI).

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Tips and Warnings

Although if your NBI clearance hasn’t yet lapsed, you can extend it:

  • There was no need to delay your NBI clearance to expire without renewing it, according to the NBI Clearance Support Center.
  • You can extend your NBI clearance throughout the NBI Clearance Internet Services webpage if you have a duplicate of it and have it about to expire in a few weeks or even months.

When upgrading via NBI Clearance, no picture is required. Renewal in a flash:

  • It’s “fast” because your information–including your photo–is instantly retrieved from the NBI clearance registry.
  • If you can’t access the NBI Clearance Instant Renewal, it’s either because you’re not eligible (e.g., your NBI clearance was given before 2022) or because the system is down for repair.


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I’m not sure how I’ll find out what my NBI ID number is?

When you log in to the NBI Clearance Online with your single account, you’ll see the NBI Clearance Code Number. You may view the Payment in the Submenu when you sign into the NBI’s Clearance website. Activate the Payment button. The REFERENCE NUMBER will be revealed.

What is the best way to locate my old NBI ID?

You could either try typing the NBI ID Number or use a webcam to scan a Qr Code. Confirm the serial number after double-checking it. A pop-up window will emerge, displaying the names and pictures of the NBI Clearance’s holder, as well as a comment indicating whether or not the clearance is legitimate.

How can I get access to my NBI profile?

On the sign-in page, select the Forget Your Password option. You will be prompted to fill in the form in the box below. You will get an email with a new password. You’ll be asked to reset your username if you log in with the new password.

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