How To Tame Horse In Minecraft 
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How To Tame Horse In Minecraft – Step By Step Guide

Are you wondering about how to tame horse in minecraft to ride on it? In minecraft, the horse is one of the friendly mobs that you can tame.

If you don’t know how to tame horses in Minecraft, then continue reading this guide, where you will learn the simple procedure to tame horses in minecraft.

How Can You Tame Horse In Minecraft:

Follow the steps mentioned below to tame horses in minecraft.

  • In Minecraft, taming horses is simple. However, you must first locate one. According to your biome and Minecraft seed, horses in Minecraft spawn differently; thus, you’ll only find them in specific places.
you must first locate one
  • You don’t have to feed a horse anything, unlike dogs, birds, and foxes. You only need to get on its back to tame it; the rest is quite straightforward.
  • It might start off bucking you a few times, but if you’re diligent, the horse will soon be under control.
  • You might be able to conquer it in one sitting if you’re fortunate.
  • A horse will show hearts above its head when you have completely tamed it so that you will know.
 horse will show hearts above its head
  • While riding a domesticated horse, it’s also important to note that the hunger bar has been switched out for a health bar.
While riding a domesticated hors
  • Horses will gradually regain health when damaged, so keep that in mind to not damage your horse; if you do, then your tamed horse will die.

How Can You Breed Horse In Minecraft:

How Can You Breed Horse In Minecraft:

Follow the below-mentioned strategy to breed horses in Minecraft.

  • You’ll require two Golden Apples or two Golden Carrots to start the process of breeding horses.
  • It would help if you weren’t shocked to find that you also require two horses assuming you are familiar with how breeding operates in real life.
  • Additionally, it would be best if you tamed both horses, which you can achieve by doing the abovementioned things.
  • You must then give each horse half of the meal pairs mentioned above; while keeping the two horses close to one another, horses will turn to face each other.
  • After that, you will notice the red hearts appear over their heads when this phenomenon occurs. The hearts will soon vanish and be replaced with a young horse.
  • There are no rewards for slaughtering young horses, in case you were wondering, you disgusting monster.
  • When you think about it, a horse’s five-minute rest period before breeding is a pretty amazing recovery period.

How Can You Ride On Horse In Minecraft:

How Can You Ride On Horse In Minecraft

If you get a saddle and get on a trained horse, you can command it. By opening the inventory and moving the saddle from you to the horse, you can equip it.

You will have complete control over the horse’s movement after the saddle is installed.

Watch this video to tame a horse in Minecraft:


Why do I cant tame horses in Minecraft?

Answer: It can be tamed by clicking on the Horse just like you would an item when not holding one. The Horse can be tamed by feeding it apples, grain, golden apples, golden carrots, oats, or a grass stack, but you must keep doing this until hearts start to appear.

Does taming a horse in Minecraft require the use of a saddle?

Answer: You must get a saddle before you can begin training horses: It is somewhat worthless without one because you cannot transport or ride tamed horses. 

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