How To Turn On Mic On Tiktok

How To Turn On Mic On Tiktok | Detailed Guide 2022

How To Turn On Mic On Tiktok? Have you ever filmed a Tiktok clip only to discover that the sound is missing? Tiktok only allows users to use music in the background in their videos, not even their own voice. If you’re wondering why this is, the only reason you can’t clip or use your voice when making a Tiktok movie is just that your microphone is deactivated. So, today I’ll teach you how and where to give Tiktok accessibility to your microphone.

How To Turn On Mic On Tiktok
How To Turn On Mic On Tiktok

It’s simple to enable microphone accessibility on Tiktok. You only need to grant the Tiktok microphone access on your smartphone to get started. Believe me, it’s as easy as it sounds.

Let’s just get this started!

Methods | How To Turn On Mic On Tiktok:

If you want to generate your personal Tiktok audio to make innovative clips and gain more followers, you must first grant Tiktok access to use your device’s microphone.

In this part, I’ll show you how to switch on the microphone on Tiktok for Android and iPhone.

Check it out.

  • Turn on Microphone Access on Tiktok on Android
  • Turn on Microphone Access on Tiktok on iPhone (iOS)

Method #1 | Turn on Microphone Access on Tiktok on Android:

Follow the steps below if you’re using an Android operating system and wish to allow microphone accessibility in the Tiktok application.

Step #1 | Navigate to the Device Settings menu:

  • To begin, navigate to your device’s options. You may either press the Settings tool symbol in the top right corner of your main screen or scroll down the toolbar and click the Options menu icon.
How To Turn On Mic On Tiktok
How To Turn On Mic On Tiktok

Step #2 | Select Apps:

  • You’ll find a number of options to manage your smartphone after pressing on a settings option. Go down and click on Applications as of now.
How To Turn On Mic On Tiktok
How To Turn On Mic On Tiktok

Step #3 | Select Manage Apps:

  • After selecting the Apps option, you will get a list of all your applications installed. However, on certain devices, you may need to hit Configure Apps to get a list of installed applications.
How To Turn On Mic On Tiktok
How To Turn On Mic On Tiktok

Step #4 | Open the Tiktok application:

  • Now you must look through the full app list for the Tiktok application. You may either scroll down and look for it or use the main search box to look for it. Once you’ve located the Tiktok application, touch it to access its options.
How To Turn On Mic On Tiktok
How To Turn On Mic On Tiktok

Step #5 | Select Permissions for Apps:

  • Once you’re in the Tiktok settings menu, you’ll see a number of different options for controlling your Tiktok application, including authorization. So, go ahead and choose App Permissions.
How To Turn On Mic On Tiktok
How To Turn On Mic On Tiktok

Step #6 | Pick your microphone:

  • You may now control all Tiktok permissions relating to navigation, camera, storage, phone, message, contacts, and microphones by clicking on the Apps authorization. So choose the Microphone choice from those available.
  • Furthermore, you may enable camera access on Tiktok by selecting the “camera” choice just above the “Microphone” choice.
How To Turn On Mic On Tiktok
How To Turn On Mic On Tiktok

Step #7 | Click the Allow button:

  • Choose Allow to give Tiktok permission to your microphone. If you still can’t even hear your personal voice on Tiktok, firstly, deactivate the microphone from “Deny” and afterward switch it back on to “Allow.
  • You may now log into your Tiktok profile and begin shooting a video. You’ll see that Tiktok is generally using your actual voice.
How To Turn On Mic On Tiktok
How To Turn On Mic On Tiktok

Video Tutorial | Turn on Microphone Access on Tiktok on Android:

How To Turn On Mic On Tiktok

Method #2 | Turn on Microphone Access on Tiktok on iPhone (iOS):

On iOS, enabling microphone accessibility for Tiktok is much easier than on Android. Simply follow a few instructions and then…

Step #1 | Just go to Settings on your iPhone:

Just go to your settings option from the main screen initially. For the Tiktok application, you must modify your device microphone options, which are found in the settings.

Step #2 | Open the Tiktok application:

On iOS devices, all installed apps may be found in the menu settings. There’s no need to look for the app’s site.

Just scroll to the bottom of the options page and look for the Tiktok app icon. Once you’ve found the application, click Tiktok to activate the microphone.

Step #3 | Turn on the microphone:

You will see extra options to modify the Tiktok application when clicking on it. Enable microphone permission if you wish to use Tiktok’s microphone.

This allows you to use Tiktok with audio and switch on the microphone. So, fire up your Tiktok app and start creating a video with your own voice.

Video Tutorial | How To Turn On Mic On Tiktok on iPhone (iOS):

How To Turn On Mic On Tiktok

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Steps | Fix Microphone Not Working on Tiktok:

You must enable microphone accessibility for Tiktok if you want to capture your speech for the Tiktok clip. Only Tiktok would then record your voice and mix this with the clip.

However, some individuals have claimed that their Tiktok mic isn’t working or that they can’t hear voices while shooting a video on Tiktok. Therefore, if you’re having problems recording your audio on Tiktok, you may try a few of the troubleshooting options to repair the audio on your Tiktok.

  • Enable Tiktok to use your microphone.
  • Tiktok should be restarted.
  • Reload the recordings tab of Tiktok.
  • Delete the Tiktok storage.
  • Earbuds or headphones are recommended.
  • Examine the microphone on your smartphone.
  • Test the voice speakers on your smartphone.
  • Tiktok should be restarted.
  • Tiktok is updated.
  • Reinstall the Tiktok application.

However, if your TikTok microphone isn’t capturing sound, these are the steps you do.


By integrating your own voice into Tiktok, you may make as many films or picture slideshows as you like. If you have a wonderful voice, this is an excellent technique to gain a large number of followers & likes. Furthermore, if you are a vocalist, this will be an advantage.

To switch on the mic on Tiktok, follow the instructions outlined above. If you can’t locate the mic options in Tiktok duets, try switching to another video or updating the app.


Why am I unable to add my own voice to Tiktok?

If you can’t employ your actual voice on Tiktok, it’s possible that you haven’t granted Tiktok microphone authorization or that your phone speaker isn’t functioning correctly to record your voice.

Is it possible to use a voice effect on Tiktok?

On Tiktok, you may utilize a variety of sound effects without issue.

Why Do Sounds on Tiktok Sometimes Inaccessible?

If audio or music isn’t accessible on Tiktok, it’s possible that the creator of the sound removed it or that your Tiktok app will not really allow it. If that’s the case, you need to upgrade your Tiktok app.

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