Imagely review

Imagely review – Pricing, Discount Coupon

Imagely is an important source in digital media space. It enhances the web presence of the photographers by providing them various means to do this job for a mission. Read my Imagely Review for features and ricing details.

Experienced photographers and Learners can take advantage of the features to create content-rich galleries and websites with various easy-to-use tools designed for WordPress.

Imagely review
Imagely review

Scott Imagely’s Chief community officer has told Imagely is sincerely committed to humanitarian and environmental issues, which is attracting socially conscious photographers to the platform in droves.

What is Imagely?

Imagely ensures that the photographers have an online platform from which they can deliver their visual messages. And this mission has been a key element in Imagely gaining the trust of its customers.

Imagely has various premium themes, WordPress plugins, hosting, and page builders. Imagely is committed to humanitarian and environmental issues winning over-committed photographers from around the world.

Imagely was formerly known as Photocrati. It was started as a simple photography education blog. And, even in its early iteration, the company was dedicated to engaging in philanthropy.

“The goal of Photocrati was to raise enough money to pay for the owner’s salary, but also to raise enough money for a photography grant for humanitarian and environmental photographers,” said Scott Wyden Kivowitz, Imagely’s Chief Community Officer.

In the beginning, Photocrati was a photo blogging venue and a fund, but, eventually, the company built a WordPress theme for photographers. It changed the creativity in marketing by the marketers and sell their work online.

“It was one of the first themes to do full eCommerce and everything for photographers,” Scott said. “All that functionality was built into the theme.”Approximately After four years, Photocrati acquired NextGEN Gallery.“The whole reason for acquiring NextGEN Gallery was to replace Photocrati’s built-in gallery system with a more robust one and at the same time offer eCommerce to its then 1 million users,” Scott said.

Soon after, Photocrati renamned and rebranded as Imagely to represent its other services. The company’s new focus was centered on giving creatives the tools to make their lives easier online so they could get back to doing what they do best — shoot compelling photographs.

Imagely’s themes are the main selling points for users. Its classic Photocrati theme is one of the platform’s best sellers. “It has the bells and whistles for every little thing,” Scott said. “It’s a very robust theme and has tons of customization settings.” The Imagely themes take the minimalistic approach for the photographer who prefers to keep things simple with only a few customization options.

Most importantly, what Imagely has discovered in its ongoing conversations with photographers is there is a high demand for more business tools. Scott told us creatives want all the online tools they need to be housed under one roof instead of having to use multiple services. “The majority of the web is using WordPress, so people want invoicing and booking and CRMs and all this stuff,” Scott said. “All these tools for other industries  are available but not for photographers specifically, and  we want to deliver them.”

Imagely’s solution is developed based on the business missions of a photographer. Imagely claimed that its NextGEN Gallery was the WordPress gallery plugins and is considered as most popular since it was created. The plugin used by NextGen is the latest to use, NextGen allows photographers to “display, manage, sell, Proof photo like a pro”

“One of the most popular requests by users is to make the front and back ends beautifully in the free version, so that is something that we are currently working on,” Scott said. “The back end is already beautified and in public beta now.” Imagely plans to make some of its more beautiful designs available for free but has also released a template system which allows the website to offer premium design upgrade services.

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Imagely Review- Features

Imagely integration with PrintLab

Imagely, offers a base monthly fee which does not contain any hidden costs, and serves as a money saving option for its customers. Imagely is integrated with PrintLab, so there will not be any add service fees. Imagely has features as printer, host and retailer.

Many photography sites have third-party vendors which will, in turn, add service fees. The more customers use services, the customers are prone to pay more fees to those vendor services. (Eg. Photo Printing). Customer requests have fuelled the work. However, equally important is what is most financially beneficial to running the company. They take all emails and keep a running list of how many people want a particular feature The company’s next potential priority depends on customer requirement.

Customer’s who purchase Imagerly’s premium plugins not only get rage of features such as ecommerce tools, dynamic galleries and industry leading plugins but also have access to the professional support team. And the photographers who subscribe for the Imagerly’s lifetime package, get this support from the company’s team forever.

Imagely’s regular blogs and post gives entertaining and information of podcasts featuring several photographers, tech experts, designers who speak about current trends and the latest company news. Imagely has additional support resources as mentioned above.

Stunning WordPress Photography Themes

Imagely has a new series of stunning WordPress photography themes. Imagely is based on photo-centric designs which make an image a top priority.


Iconic is an elegant theme with a wide-open landscape feel. Its image pixel-perfect styling is ready to be used in desktop and mobile. It is designed with a homepage slideshow, multiple blogs, page and post templates.

The New Imagely NextGEN Lightroom Plugin Will ameliorate Your WordPress World

Imagely has released a great  Lightroom Gallery Plugin to make photographers work easier. Photographers who run their own photography website on WordPress, like countless other photographers, then they probably must come across Imagely and NextGEN Gallery.

Step1:  Under the library panel, navigate to public services, then select Imagely and select Set Up

Step2: Description- Add description for your website.

Step3: FTP setting- to fetch information from Wordpres

Step4: Images are exported from Lightroom, select the images that you would like to upload to the gallery.

Imagely provides hosting and WordPress themes, focused specifically on photographers. They have terrific support and will make your life much easier when it comes to hosting a website. It is a service that I consistently recommend to photographers excited to create latest professional websites.

NextGEN Lightroom Plugin

Imagely provides a gallery plugin called NextGEN Gallery for existing themes or WordPress service. This gives you a variety of options to display your photography. The NextGEN gallery is the best choice plugin by most of the customer after significant research. NextGEN Pro has free and paid versions, NextGen provides the customer with a wealth of visual options for customer’s gallery and makes the management, proofing, and selling of their work a breeze. apart from that, a new Lightroom plugin is also added, which makes their offering even more enticing. Imagely NextGEN Lightroom plugin, which syncs the customer’s Lightroom catalog directly to the customer’s NextGEN Galleries. According to the requirement, you can add or remove photographs and alter your albums without leaving Lightroom.

Users can create new galleries or albums directly in The NextGEN Lightroom plugin. Images can be uploaded directly to these galleries, edit the filename and file information, which can help with SEO, as well as specify the image size, format, quality, color space, and sharpening. The convenience cannot be overstated. The user can take five steps, exporting the file to your computer, logging into your website, selecting the correct gallery, uploading the new version of the photo, and editing the theme. Only a step to customize your needs- photo information

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Imagely Review- Pricing

Imagely Pro is just $139 ,enterprise $199, Plus $79, $399 for annual subscription where as for life time.

With Top features such as:

  • All Imagely Themes
  • Pro Slideshow Gallery
  • Pro Filmstrip Gallery
  • Pro Masonry Gallery
  • Pro Mosaic Gallery
  • Pro Film Gallery
  • Pro Blogstyle Gallery
  • Pro Grid Album
  • Pro List Album
  • Hover Captions
  • Image Protection
  • Full Screen Lightbox
  • Image Sharing
  • Image Commenting
  • Image Deeplinking
  • Ecommerce
  • Auto Sales Tax
  • Digital Downloads
  • Stripe
  • Paypal
  • Coupons
  • Proofing
  • Lightroom Plugin
  • Print Lab Fulfillment
  • WHCC Integration
  • Updates Forever.
  • Support forever.

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Imagely creates content-rich websites and galleries with easy-to-use tools designed to play well with WordPress provide photographers ease to customize photo, galleries, which is integrated. The filename, a photo can be modified without leaving the NextGen pro lightroom. Imagely is integrated with PrintLab, so there will not be any additional service fees. Imagely has features as printer, host, and retailer. The goal of Imagely is to provide support for projects that will have a tangible and positive impact on the world, Thanks to Imagely-The All-in-one solution for all Photographers.

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