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Are you a current employee or a retiree of Ford company? If yes, then you must know about Ford’s online portal Myfordbenefits login.

If you aren’t an employee of Ford company but planning to join the company, it is essential for you to know about the Myfordbenfits login portal.


This post is all about the Myfordbenefits login portal and will cover all the things related to the portal.

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About Ford Company

Ford is a multinational automobile company that manufactures vehicles. The company has its headquarter in Dearborn, Michigan, United States. The company serves worldwide except some countries that include Japan, Iran, Sudan, Cuba, Indonesia, and North Korea.

The company was created in 1903 by Henry Ford. It sells automobiles and commercial vehicles using the Ford brand. The company also produces luxurious cars under the brand name of Lincoln. The company has many employees worldwide, and as of 2020, the total working employees of the company estimates 215,000.

About Myfordbenefits Login Portal

Since the company has many employees worldwide, to run the system smoothly and to retain the talented employees, as well as taking care of its retirees who dedicated their lives to contribute company’s success,  the company has introduced an online employee portal known as Myfordbenefits.


The portal is exclusively dedicated to the company’s active employees and retirees, where they can use their login credentials and take benefits offered by the company.

The portal can be used by both current and retired employees of Ford company to know everything related to their job without any hesitation. The portal is straightforward, and anyone can use it with ease.

Benefits of Myfordbenefits Login Portal

Myfordbenefits offered numerous benefits not only to the company’s active employees but also to retirees of the company. Some of its benefits are as under;

  • Use the Myfordbenefits portal to get your paycheck detail and save your time driving to the bank. The portal offers comprehensive salary details.
  • Myfordbenefits login portal will allow you to access your leaves, vacations, training programs,  and more offered to you by the company in detail.
  • If you are retiree, you can use the Myfordbenfits login portal to get details of your entire working career with the company. These details include your salaries, your eligibility to avail of the benefits offered by the company, your insurance policies, and much more.
  • Being an esteemed organization, the Ford company not only cares about its active employees but also its retirees. Being an employee or retiree of the Ford company, when you make a purchase from the company, you will get huge discounts.
  • For currently working employees, Myfordbenefits portal allows them to check their duty roster, wages, hours worked, tax records, and much more. This helps them to know whether they are getting paid transparently or not.
  • Retirees of Ford can check their pension details to confirm whether the pension is deposited in their accounts.
  • Both current and retirees of the Ford company can update their personal information on the Myfordbenefits login portal, such as contact details, residential address, and more for easy mailing service.
  • You can instantly satisfied your queries related to your job, paychecks, pensions, insurance plans, and more.

Myfordbenefits Portal Signup Process

We sincerely hope that after knowing about Myfordbenefits and its benefits, now you are ready to register yourself on the portal. Remember that you can only access the portal if you are a retiree or currently working employee of the Ford company.

Sign up the process of Myfordbenefits is pretty simple and much similar to any other online portals out there. You don’t require any special equipment to access the portal, however, below are the things that you will need to access the Myfordbenfits login portal


Make sure that you have all these things ready with you when accessing the Myfordbenefits portal to register yourself.

  • A PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or any other things that you can use for browsing.
  • A reliable internet connection. You can use either wifi or a LAN network. However, LAN connectivity is recommended for reliable internet connectivity.
  • The official web address of the Myfordbenefits login portal.
  • Your SSN and date fo birth.
  • A simple web browser that you use for browsing, such as Mozilla, Google Chrome, MS Edge, Safari, etc.

Myfordbenefits Login Portal Registration process

So, now you have all the things that we have stated-above and ready to move forward to register yourself on the Myfordbenefits login portal. To do this, move along with the below-stated easy steps;

  • Open any web browser you use for browsing from your device you are using.
  • Type the official Myfordbenfits web address in the browser’s address bar and press the Go arrow or hit the Enter keypad.
  • This web URL will take you to the official Myfordbenefits login portal’s login page. There, the web page will display the login section to the left of the web page.
  • Since you don’t have login credentials and accessing the portal for the first time, you need to locate an option, which reads New User?
  • Click on the New User option, and you will see another Myfordbenefits registration page. There, you will be required to enter your SSN (last four digits) and your date of birth.
  • Type your SSN in the first box and your date of birth in the second box in MMDDYY format.
  • Now, click on the Continue option to move further to complete the Myfordbenefits registration process.

Myfordbenefits Portal Login Procedure

After registering your account on the Myfordbenefits login portal, now you are an authorized user to access the portal. Similar to any other login process, it is also the same procedure, and you will only need a user ID and password related to your Myfordbenfits login portal. Follow below easy steps to log in to your Myfordbenefits account.

  • Open web browser that you prefer for browsing.
  • Type Myfordbenefits login portal official web address in the browser’s URL area and click on the Go arrow key or press the Enter keypad from the keyboard.
  • This web address will land you on the official Myfordbenefits login portal web page. On the left side of the web page, you will be required to enter your Myfordbenefits login credentials, such as user ID and password to access your account.
  • Type your Myfordbenefits user ID in the first box and your password in the second box.
  • After putting the credentials, click on the Log On option to proceed to your Myfordbenefits login account dashboard.

Myfordbenefits Portal Password Reset Procedure

It is a common problem to create an account and forget its password, which in result, prevents you from accessing your account because you don’t have valid login credentials. In this scenario, there is a simple solution to reset your password.

Like other login sites, Myfordbenefits also allows its users to reset their password if they are having trouble accessing their Myfordbenefits account. Retrieving your account password on Myfordbenefits login portal is a straightforward but secure process. To do this, you can perform below easy steps;

  • Access the official Myfordbenefits login portal by typing the web address in the browser’s address bar and then clicking the Enter keypad.
  • When you see the official Myfordbenefits login web page, you will also see the login section to the left side fo the web page. Since you don’t have a password to log in, you need to locate the option, which reads Forget User ID or Password?
  • Click on the option Forget User ID or Password, and you will be on another page.
  • It will ask you to confirm your identity by putting your SSN (last four digits) and date of birth.
  • Enter these credentials and then click on the Continue option to go ahead.
  • Now you will be guided by the portal to reset your password.

Remember that if you have lost your Myfordbenefits Username and remember the password, you can follow the very same process as above to recover it.

Myfordbenefits Customer Support Details

The Ford company makes it easy for its active and retired employees to stay in touch by using their contact details. If you need any assistance regarding Myfordbenefits, you can reach out to them using contact details as under;

Speak with a Myfordbenefits representative at 1-800-248-4444


If you are living outside of the United States, such as Canada, Puerto Rico, etc.; 1-312-479-9571


That is all. Now we sincerely believe that you have gained enough information regarding Ford company and its online portal Myfordbenefits. Now you will be able to use the Myfordbenefits portal efficiently, and in case of any queries, use Myfordbenefits contact details to contact them.


Q: Can I check my paystubs on the Myfordbenefits login portal?

Ans: Yes, you can get information about your paystubs using the Myfordbenefits login portal.

Q: Should I use the Myfordbenefits portal?

Ans: Yes, you should use the Myfordbenefits portal to stay up to date with the company’s new offerings, see your wages, hours worked, and to check any other essential information related to your job.

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