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So, are you interested in getting the online appointments on and pay the doctors online as well? If you’re looking to know everything about mymedicalme pay medical bills online then we are about to investigate on this topic completely and will let you know how can you pay here.

We all know that nowadays you’ll have to pay everyone online for doing any kind of business and the same is the case with the medical field as well. You can even hire a doctor online, and ask them to give your suggestions and medicines after a check analysis on your condition.

In the modern world and countries like USA, Canada, and Australia, you don’t have to go to the doctors for small checkups, you can do it online.


About Mymedicalme

It’s the 21st century and everyone is turning everything online because potential clients are available online only.

Therefore, for the convenience of the people Mymedicalme has provided you a platform where you can hire the doctors and pay them as well after getting the job done from them. But the question which arises in everyone’s mind is whether the payment process here is secured or not?

Yes, the payment method at Mymedicalme is totally secured and they are using different payment gateways in order to give your comfortability and secured process to transfer your money.

If you’ve decided to use the platform Mymedicalme for your medical treatment and you’ve hired a doctor as well and now you want to pay them, you’ll have to create an account first and then you’ll be able to pay them.

To create an account on Mymedicalme you’ll have to follow the steps that we are breaking right now.

Mymedicalme Login Process

If your account is already registered with mymedicalme account, its easy for you to log in and manage your account. After logging, an account allows you to print or view statements and also payment history. It allows editing and modifying notification preferences and personal information like contact info etc. to login into the account follow the following instructions

  1. Open mymedicalme by using its link, also provided on google.
  2. You will see a Guarantor login button on the right of the home page
  3. Enter the username and password in the given fields
  4. Mark tick remember me option if you want the browser to save your login credentials
  5. Now click login to access your account

Mymedicalme Signup

Creating an account on Mymedicalme is too easy and you can do it without getting into any complications. Want to start right now? Here’s how you can do it.

  • The first step is to open your browser and head towards the official website of Mymedicalme
  • Once you’ve landed on the website page, now check for the register now button and click on it
  • Once you click on the register now button, it will take you down to the page containing a form and asking you to fill it
  • Fill the form and then click on the Next button, you’ll then now be asked for the choosing the user name and password
  • Choose the username and password and click on Ok button
  • They will then send you a confirmation email to check whether it’s you who is using the account or is it somebody else
  • Confirm the account by going to the email and you’re done
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Now there’s another way you can create an account. You can create your account through your account number of your credit card. Yes, here’s how you can do it.

  • The first step is to head towards the website Mymedicalme and then look for the register now button
  • Click on the register now button and they will ask you about creating an account through account number, click on it and a page is going to open in front of you containing the information as it’s listed below in the screenshot:
  • Now if you’ve a account number that they have provided you then simply put it there and enter the information that they have asked you to enter and then click on sign in button
  • You’ll then be promoted to a page containing the information of your profile and now you can choose any doctor and attach your credit card with your account in order to pay them

Isn’t it easy? You can now do whatever you want to do on this account.

If you don’t know anything about account number on their website then doesn’t worry, you can find your account number by following the steps that we are breaking right now.

  • Go to the official website of Mymedicalme and then look for the login button
  • When you click on the login button, they will ask you to enter the account number, and with the account number they must have mentioned (Find your account number) click on it
  • Now follow the instructions that they have listed there
  • You’ll be taken down to finding your account number for your account
  • Or else you’ll have to create a new account and you’re done

As we are done with creating the account and finding the account number, it’s now finally the time that we talk about the benefits of Mymedicalme.  

Benefits of Mymedicalme

There are a lot of benefits that they are providing to you but few of the best advantages that they are providing are given below.

  • They provide a secure way of paying the doctors online
  • They have the biggest platform of finding the doctor online and get yourself treated
  • You can even update your payment methods, payment or transaction anywhere and anytime without any difficulty
  • They have a 24/7 customer care service and you can contact them without any problem to solve your queries
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So, what are you waiting for? You can now login to Mymedicalme and then hire a doctor and get your job done with no problem. We are hopeful that this content has helped you in achieving what you’re striving for. Have any questions in mind? Feel free to comment down below. We will try to answer you in a flash and shall answer your query.

Why Your mymedicalme bills getting expensive


That’s all about Mymedicalme, still have any confusion? you guys can ask us in below comment box, we will get back to you ASAP!


Can you bills using MyMedicalMe?

Yes. You can your medical bills using MyMedicalMe portal.

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