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Are you looking for a free online Health-Care System Web Portal? If so, you have come to the correct spot. The Northwell Health Portal Login is the Northwell Health-Care System Online web Portal, where you may search online physicians, book appointments, pay bills, and retrieve your prior health information.

Today’s facts are on the Northwell Health portal Login and its main website,, and how it is superior to all other online healthcare portals. You may learn more about it by reading the rest of the article. Examine the content table and click on the material relevant to your needs.

Northwell Health Portal Login
Northwell Health Portal Login

About Northwell Health Portal Login

Northwell Health is an award-winning health system with world-class tertiary hospitals, a nationally recognized children’s hospital, a famous psychiatric center, and a network of community hospitals, as well as a variety of health and wellness programs. Other important information:

Northwell Health Portal Login
Northwell Health Portal Login
  • The United States’ second-biggest secular, non-profit healthcare system.
  • There are 23 hospitals and almost 700 outpatient clinics.
  • The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research is in the top 6% of National Institutes of Health-funded research groups.
  • Over 120 graduate education programs employ over 1,900 residents and fellows.
  • A cutting-edge simulation and bioskills teaching facility
  • Home of the Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra and its unique, globally known curriculum.
  • Affiliated with Albert Einstein College of Medicine, the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine, SUNY Downstate Medical Center and SUNY Stony Brook University Hospital.

Types of Portals and Accounts at Northwell Health Portal Login

There are two main forms of online login for Northwell Health Portal: Northwell Health Login Patients Portal and Northwell Health Employees Login Portal.

Northwell Health Patient Login Portal: Patients from all across the United States can use the Northwell Health Patient portal to discover online doctors, schedule appointments, and view their prior medical history.

Northwell Health Employees Login Portal: This portal is accessible to all Northwell Healthcare system employees using their specific login information issued by the Northwell Health System.

Northwell Health Mission

Northwell works to enhance to improve the health of the communities it serves by providing the highest quality clinical care; educating current and future generations of healthcare professionals; conducting biomedical research to discover new advances in medicine; promoting health education; and caring for the entire community, regardless of ability to pay.

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Northwell Health Login Requirements 

The following are the requirements for registering with Northwell Health Login Portal.

  • Northwell Health may use this portal registered staff and patients from around the United States.
  • It is critical to have a proper device, a reliable internet connection, and a supported web browser.
  • The user should be acquainted with the website you have selected.
  • To access the website, you must first create a login and password.
  • The user must be able to comprehend basic English.

Northwell Health Portal Login Process

The following are the basic procedures for logging into the Northwell Health Portal.

Northwell Health Portal Login
Northwell Health Portal Login
  • Navigate to the Northwell Health Login main online portal, a login gateway webpage at
  • Now, near the search bar, hit the “Login” button.
  • You will be sent to the Northwell Health Login page.
  • You will now be prompted to enter your Northwell Health Sign In online portal username.
  • After that, enter the password for your Northwell Health account.
  • To gain access to the portal, click the Login button.
  • You have arrived at the Northwell Health Sign In page.

Steps To Reset Your Northwell Health Login Password

What should I do if I am unable to access my Northwell Health account? It’s possible that you misplaced your Legon Login password.

Unfortunately, if you are unable to log into your Northwell Health Account, you must complete all or any of the following steps:

Northwell Health Portal Login
Northwell Health Portal Login
  • Navigate to the primary online portal for Northwell Health Login, a login gateway homepage at
  • Now, press the “Login” button close to the search bar.
  • You will then be sent to the Northwell Health Login page.
  • For the Northwell Health Login, enter your registered username or email address.
  • To proceed, click the Submit button.
  • You will now get an email with a link to the Northwell Health Login.
  • To begin the password reset process, click the link you got through email.
  • Enter a new password that satisfies the portal’s password requirements.
  • Please enter the new password once more to confirm it.
  • You have successfully re-entered your Northwell Health Login account.

How To Make An Appointment

The following are the important steps to take while scheduling an appointment using the online Northwell Health Portal:

  • Navigate to the primary online portal for Northwell Health Login, a login gateway homepage at
  • Scroll to the bottom and click the “Make an Appointment” button.
Northwell Health Portal Login
Northwell Health Portal Login
  • This will take you to the new appointment procedure page.
  • Now press the “Get Started” button.
  • A new page will be shown.
  • Enter your specialization, insurance type, and zip code today.
  • Now, press the “Search” button.
Northwell Health Portal Login
Northwell Health Portal Login
  • Following that, you will be given a list of physicians in your area.
  • Choose your doctor and schedule an appointment.

Contact Details About Northwell Health

Please contact your specialty TPA if you have any concerns regarding Northwell Health fellowship or residency programs.

Please email them if you have any comments, problems, or criticism concerning our fellowship or residency program.

Please email [email protected] if you have any queries about your clearance status with Human Resources.

If you have any queries about your pre-employment appointments, please contact [email protected].

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions regarding the EHS medical clearance procedure.

Download Northwell App

The Northwell Health site also has an Android and iOS app accessible on the Google Play Store and the iPhone AppStore. The Northwell Health app and FollowMyHealth operate in tandem to allow you to manage your care from any location. Connect to FollowMyHealth directly from the App to obtain test results, medication information, and other features.


Patients may use the Northwell Health Online site and App from anywhere in the United States. It save the patient time by allowing them to access all of the online portal’s features.


Is there any available housing?

Some campuses have a limited amount of on-campus housing. For further information, please contact your Training Program Administrator.

Is there a housing subsidy?

Housing is, indeed, subsidized. Rent is deducted from your paycheck twice a month.

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