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The Panera Pantry is an online login portal by the Panera Bred American Bakery Café fast-casual restaurant and a leading grocery store chain, which is completely made for the employees of the Panera Bread and let them make things and services available for the regulars or the highness clients of the Panera Pantry.

In this short factor, you will get all the details about the Panera Pantry and Panera Bread, about their system, and about anything which is important to be discussed. You may use the content table to go on the custom piece of information in this article.

An Outlet of Panera Pantry
An Outlet of Panera Pantry

Kinds Panera Pantry Portals and Accounts:

There is only one type of log-in web portal at Panera Pantry, which can be used by any of the employees of Panera Bread. This portal let them to add items in web online and also the department of HR and Customer care uses this. It is mainly used by the main management people of the Panera Pantry.

The Panera Pantry is a well-managed web portal which is providing all the facilities to ease the lodge of work for the employees working in the departments of Human Resource Management, and Customer Support Center of the Panera Pantry.

Cash Counter at Panera Pantry
Cash Counter at Panera Pantry

Necessities of Panera Pantry:

  1. You should have a compatible device, a stable internet and a supported web browser.
  2. You should be familiar with the web portal that you recognize it. Look in the images which I have provided.
  3. You should have an account for the web portal you are accessing. If not, then the way to create/get is available, read furthermore.

Panera Pantry Purpose:

The purpose of Panera Pantry web portal is to facilitate the employees of the Panera Bread further to facilitate the highness customers of the Panera Pantry. It lets the employees to manage their work efficiently and manage all the web portals and the orders which are lodging through apps or online.

The Panera Pantry is only for the main managements or main employees of the Panera Bread. Simple employees like working in the franchise ones cannot have an access to this login until they are selected in the department of IT – Information Technology or in HR – Human Resource Management.

Login Procedure at Panera Pantry:

  1. You will need to visit the official web portal of the Panera Pantry at
  2. Now, the you will need to enter the username of your Panera Pantry ID.
  3. Then, enter your account’s password of Panera Pantry.
  4. Click the Sign-in button to log in to Panera Pantry.
Panera Pantry Log in web portal
Panera Pantry Log in web portal

Signup Procedure at Panera Pantry:

You cannot create an account of the Panera Pantry at your own, you will need to be a part of the management of it, or you need to be a main employee of the Panera Pantry than a franchise one. You will need to get a main employee, forgetting that, you will need to get on the careers portal of the Panera Pantry. After getting there you will need to search and apply for a specific post of HR or an IT one.

Recovery/Forgot Procedure at Panera Pantry:

Forgot Username:

If you have forgotten the username of the Panera Pantry, then you cannot recover it at your own through a simple web portal for an employee. You will need to talk with your managing and senior administration persons because only they have the ability to solve your issue.

Forgot password:

You cannot recover your Panera Pantry account’s password because there are no exact options available on the web portal, so you will need to contact the administration of the Panera Pantry, and they will help you get out from this problem. Well, it is the portal which is only under the management of the Panera Pantry and if any of them have forgotten that they can easily get their info back.

About Panera Pantry & Panera Bread:

The Panera Pantry is a web portal of the Panera Bread Organization, which is made for its employees and which improves the best web portal.

The Panera Bread Organization is an American bakery café and fast-casual restaurant which was founded in 1987 by Ken Rosenthal, Ronald M. Shaich and Louis Kane. It is headquartered in Sunset Hills, Missouri, United States of America.

Since from 35 years, the Panera Bread is serving its best quality and taste among all the people in the United States of America with more than 2000 branches of it. It is well-off known for its products and quality.

The Panera Pantry is a leading grocery store chain too. It has improved itself so much that it is a bread specialized, grocery service, fast and causal mixture restaurant at one place is a damn blessing, such it is also giving delivery services too.

Panera Pantry or grocery
Panera Pantry or grocery

Download Panera Pantry Apps:

The Panera Pantry and the Panera Bread apps are available on the main web portal as well as on the official stores like Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. So get these awesome apps right now and use the Panera Bread apps to order the food online and relish the GOAT (greatest of all time) taste!

Panera Pantry Apps
Panera Pantry Apps

Panera Pantry Benefits:

The Panera Bread or the Panera Pantry is very much beneficial for all of its customers and for all of its customers and for all of its main branch handling employees. The following are some benefits of the Panera Pantry:

Qualitative Bakery:

It has the best and the unique most idea of the bakery and it has the best qualitative bakery items and products.


It is a very affordable brand by all the people in the United States of America.


 The Panera Pantry puts its customers first and it lets them feel special and highness.

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A Video on the Panera Pantry:

A Video on the Panera Pantry


  1. Panera Pantry manages all the facts and details of Panera Bread.
  2. Panera Pantry takes a huge burden from the employees.
  3. Panera Pantry make things available.
  4. Panera Pantry lets the employees to manage the other web portals like its store too.
  5. Get the taste of the best bakery in the United States of America.


  • Easy.
  • Simple.
  • Manageable.


  • Only in United States.
  • Login Portal is only beneficial for their employees and system.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 855-372-6372

Mailing Address: Panera Pantry, Sunset Hills, Missouri, United States of America.


The Panera Bread initiated the Panera Pantry login web portal which is being used by the management employees of the HR and the IT ones to manage the web for its customer service providing like managing stuff on stores, moreover it reduces a massive stuff for them.


Who can use Panera Pantry?

Only the management employees of the Panera Bread Corporate can access the Panera Pantry web portal.

Is the Panera Pantry safe and secured for visiting?

Yes, it is.

Do I get discounts on the Panera Pantry?

Yes, you get too many discounts even if you are not a member customer. If you want more best prize then book a membership card at Panera Pantry and if you do not want to spend time, money and loyalty and want to claim something in your first two visits to outlet, then you may consider the survey procedure and win instant rewards.

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