Photocrati Review

Photocrati Review – Price, Discounts, Pros and Cons – 2022 Edition

The photographic theme has great features, because of its useful features it is the best choice of any professional photographer.

Photocrati Review is affordable and with basic knowledge of web design or WordPress, you’ll find it easy to install and use.  Even if you don’t have the experience, it should be simple enough to build using instructions on the Photocrati site.

 Many photographers have tried several methods for websites. Using several websites,  which is a great program, but didn’t really make the site of their own.  Dreamweaver can be used to do this but took a ton of work to create nice looking galleries and sites. It also made it such a hassle to change out the galleries that neglected the site for over a year. Plus can not create a blog using separate software.

Photocrati Review
Photocrati Review

Photocrati Review- How to use?

 Initial Setup

Once you have your host and domain setup with WordPress, you’ll enter the back-end of WordPress and install the theme. (Again, explained on the PhotocratiWebsite). The process is simple and straightforward. Thanks to clear instructions almost anyone with a little tech know-how will be able to do this.

You can also use to set up your site for free (you’ll have to pay extra for a different domain name), but it will be easy this way. Another great feature is the ability to create an e-commerce solution. Although I don’t sell any image on my site, it seems very simple to setup. The backend and front end are clean and easy, and you take payments with a PayPal account. This makes it easy to start selling your work right away to pay off all that camera gear!

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Look and Feel


Once you have a theme style you like, you can use the “Customize Theme” panel to change colors.  It’s easy to change just about every aspect of the site you could want. The layout of the panel is simple and understandable right away. This is so refreshing compared to many other themes where photographers have to spend hours researching code for each small Tweak.

PhotoCrati is fully customizable, most styles you can think of are easy and quick to setup. The menu is fully customizable to your needs. Want a blog page, simply follow their instructions and you’ll be up and running in less than 5 minutes.  Need captions, check the box!  A film strip below the slide-show can be added, choose the setting.  Want music in your gallery?  Yup, that’s built-in and easy to do!

Customization Possibilities

The theme comes with theme options panel from where you are able to adjust the layout, sidebar width, backgrounds, logo, colors., fonts and headings, social media….

Photocrati theme offers five customization areas including global, header, footer, body, and sidebar. Every area is equipped with appropriate features.

The theme is designed to support full width and one column homepage with various features. These include background adding, media/ mp3 adding, content background, choosing generic fonts and layouts, logo creation, menu options, footer widget placement, etc.

Photocrati Theme also comes with CSS and Dynamic Styling options allowing the users to change the website style and layout.

Photocrati Review – Features

Photocrati Features:

  • 60+ Gorgeous Starting Designs
  • Fully Responsive
  • Built-In Gallery Management
  • Built-In Ecommerce
  • Thumbnail Galleries
  • 4 Built-In Lightboxes
  • Slideshow Galleries
  • Filmstrip Galleries
  • Blog style Galleries
  • Multiple Blog Templates
  • Featured Posts Widget
  • Many Widget Areas
  • Right-Click Protection
  • Limitless Customization Possibilities
  • Save & Share Designs One Year of Updates

Pre-made Designs

The developers have included 60 Plus themes which are built into one to meet all the needs for photographers. The users are also offered with 15 photo gallery and photo blog layouts in this theme.

Built-In Gallery Management

Photocrati themes – built-in gallery management feature allows a user to upload, display and manage unlimited galleries. The user is able to use the image Resolution options in order to make the images to be re-sized or just keep full-sized images.

When the users are uploading the images, the theme will re-size version to make galleries loading faster. The original images will be stored by the theme. This built-in gallery management system includes centralized gallery management, custom cropping of thumbnails, and images watermarking.

The Photocrati theme provides the Next Gen import setting. This option will copy all the NextGen Galleries and let you manage a gallery in the Photocrati system.

You can display galleries in four options: slide-show, thumbnail, filmstrip, and blog style. All the built-in layouts in Photocrati Theme are available with a rotating slide-show option for the homepage.

Photocrati theme has four built-in lightboxes used to open your thumbnail galleries. You can choose whether you want to use a Fancy box, Lightbox, Thick box, or Magnifico style.

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Built-In E-commerce

The Photocrati theme comes with a powerful e-commerce solution. You can enable e-commerce for all gallery types and can download digital images.

You are able to sell your work and photography to earn money. The theme uses PayPal PIN notifications to deliver the thank you emails. The users need to enable IPN notification in their PayPal account to complete this task.


Thumbnail Galleries

Photocrati has Clean, crisp, tradition grid-style thumbnail galleries. Users can Customize thumbnails sizes, borders, thumbnail cropping (on/off), and lightbox captions (on/off).

Four build-in lightboxes

Photcratic has Four Build-in Lightboxes users can Open thumbnail galleries in any of four built-in lightboxes: Fancy box, Lightbox, Thick box, and Magnific

Slide show Galleries

Photocratic Theme has Classic, clean sideshows. Users can Customize size, transition speeds, transition styles, caption locations, and borders.

Filmstrip Galleries

Photocrati has Perennial favorite horizontal filmstrip galleries. Users can Customize size, transition speeds, transition styles, caption locations, and borders.

Blogstyle Galleries

Photocratic Blog style galleries provide a Vertical column of large images, common especially for photobloggers and wedding photographers. Users can Customize image sizes, spacing, and borders.

Blog Templates

Users can choose from the multiple blog template styles available within the theme. The Photocrati theme’s background color based on the user theme ‘s page color settings can be adjusted. Minimalstonework, Image Wall, Grid, Featured Image Left, Featured Image Right and the standard Legacy blog template Set a default featured image for when a specific post/page image is not set. Or let the theme use a gradient as the backup default. All photocratic  blog template styles are fully responsive for mobile devices

Featured Posts Widget

Display featured posts using the Featured Posts Widget. Chose from a specific category, or multiple tags. You can utilize a blog template style and include a thumbnail for each post as well as display experts.

Widget Areas

The Photocrati Theme includes great widgets areas for site customization. Widget areas include locations within the header, on posts and pages as well as homepage when the Homepage Template is used.

Right-Click Protection

Photocrati Disables right clicks on your website to prevent visitors from easily saving and copying your images.

Endless Customization Possibilities

Photocrati offers literally hundreds of customization options that allow you to customize everything from fundamental site structure and layout to fonts types, colors, sizes, and spacing. Produce remarkably distinctive designs that suit your personality and branding.

Save & share your designs

Users can create their own photography WordPress theme designs via the customization panel. Then save, export, share or sell. Or import designs from others.

One Year of  update

Your purchase entitles you to one year’s worth of updated big and small. Renew at any point after that to get another year of updates. One year of fanatical Email support

One year of direct email support from the incredible Photocrati front-line support team.

The Bottom Line

If you are focusing on  setting up an impressive photography website while retaining the ability to change the design and galleries with ease. PhotoCrati is an excellent solution if you want to customize its look. If you want to sell your photos online and blog about your work, that’s easy to set up too.

It’s very inexpensive, takes little technology know-how and no coding skills, and lets you run a blog to keep your clients informed of your work. Add e-commerce, unlimited galleries, never paying a monthly or yearly fee, and quick customization to the mix and you’ve got a grand slam!

Moreover, it is not a monthly theme service. It’s extremely well supported and documented and is updated so you don’t have to fear running into outdated software issues.

Photocrati Review – Pricing

Photocrati is available for lifetime use at $99, including one year of access to updates and email support. One time payment gives you lifetime rights to use the Photocrati theme. You can cancel it anytime and use the theme forever. Annual renewals provide access to updates and support. By canceling, you’ll lose support and updates when your membership expires.

Photocrati PLUS is priced at $99, Photocrati PRO is priced at $149 and Photocrati UNLIMITED is  priced at  $249

Photocrati Discount Coupon Code

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Photocrati Review – Pros and Cons


The layout has multiple widget-ready areas, giving the web designer an easy option to customize.

    • The built-in right-click protection, which saves visitors from downloading the images directly.

    • It packs a bunch of gallery types, including a filmstrip styled gallery.

    • The theme has awesome documentation and one year of email support.

    • Friendly customer service

    • Compared to others the price is reasonable

    • Built-in gallery management tool

    • Full-screen photo slideshows

    • Multiple gallery layouts and designs

    • Use widget areas to build custom layouts

    • E-commerce support for selling your work online

    • Fully responsive design for mobile users


  • It doesn’t have trial pack


Overall Photocrati WordPress theme lives up to its name. It is really impressed with the amount of control this theme gives to photographers who may have zero experience in coding or website building/design.

Photocrati is the popular WordPress photography themes of all the time, with over 18000 active users and 30,000 downloads. It’s an extremely popular product, specifically designed to support all the photography niche’s needs and believe me, it covers them all. It comes with a platform that supports unlimited design possibilities, and about 60+ of Demos are available to pick quickly and set up the website.

It primarily focuses on showcasing the images in the best possible way, not only on desktops and laptops but also on tablets and smartphones. It even packs tons of other functionalities which will help you share the story behind every picture. The supported blog types come with multiple layout options and give a unique look.

User’s think it’s a great fit for photographers or even other types of visual artists who need a central hub for their work online. With the e-commerce feature, this theme goes beyond a mere portfolio or blog and becomes a business solution- Get Awesome Experience with Photocrati Theme.

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