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Showthemes Review – Pricing Features 2022

Event Types include Academia, Annual meeting, Club night, Concert, Conference, Exhibition, Multiple events, Seminars, Single event, Single page, Sports, Trade show, Workshops, Speaker, Public speaker, Performer, Personal site, Trainer, Facilitator, Moderator.

Integration includes commerce, eventuate, event espresso, gravity espresso, gravity forms.

Speaker sumo:

Speaker sumo is a theme to showcase speaker skills, wherein all his blogs, his name, his events are specified.

Open event:

Open Event is a premium WordPress theme for business people who needs a professional event website. It is a unique event template from ShowThemes which has advanced features for event and conference management. If you web search to find other templates that ask you to install some plug-ins to get event features. It does not support for long term solution. If you are an event organizer or corporate firm who needs an event site.

Open Event is Awesome because many WordPress Showthemes Review when need additional plug ins to add event features. But show themes is the only theme store which only develops premium WPthemes for events and conference website. These Experts already know what features are required to manage online events listing and how to sell ticket smoothly.

Showthemes Review
Showthemes Review

Show Themes as Best Event Themes – Many WordPress themes just give listing options with plug-ins integration. Ordinary templates fail to provide other functionality for content management. Open Event WordPress theme is all in one having special features to manage conferences or events, speakers, ticket selling, contacts, media, schedule and more.

So the administrator can easily add contents for any section through the back-end panel. You can add featured images, custom details, links and everything as needed. This way, visitors can instantly find all event-related details and also buy tickets from your site. We have already suggested ShowThemes to many professionals who need an event site.


Best Design: This theme offers a long homepage having plenty of custom module sections. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about space when it comes to display everything on one page. You don’t have to purchase another WordPress theme which offers one-page layout. Because you are already getting options to add featured event section, speakers section, ticket registration section, event listing map and other blocks on the homepage.

On the other hand, it also has a floating menu that is visible and useful in all areas. So it will be very helpful when you are scrolling through long pages. The fixed menu-bar creates a dedicated navigation system where users can easily access other links right from any place. Each homepage section is supported by full-width design so you can easily add content with featured images and other stuff.

Visual Composer: When you start a website from scratch then it comes a little difficult to add various featured blocks on the homepage area. But Open Event theme has a special composer where you can drag and drop contents easily in desired order. This tool is offered with all templates powered by ShowThemes. The composer gives you many elements like Timer, Social, Button, Sponsors, Schedule, Speakers, Text and more.

Front-End Editor: Once you are finished adding featured blocks on the homepage then you can begin editing them using front-end editor. This editor tool gives you several tools like a text editor, typography options, colour selector, etc. It is really easy to control an even site with this theme even when you don’t know to code.

This easy to manage option can be very helpful to change the look of your site. You can also preview them on how it would look on tablet and mobile.

Conference Pro:

Conference Pro is a flexible event composer, it offers conference and event professionals to decide what goes where on their site. Quickly drag and drop elements in our Event Compose Quickly drag and drop elements in your Events composer. Tickets can be sold in a flexible way as customers requirement.


This is a unique opportunity to listen to amazing speakers, network and mingle the team. A concert or a sport event can be conducted, Annual meeting can be conducted as the website it deserves.

Fudge 2.0 by Show theme is A highly responsive and advanced WordPress Event Theme for Conferences. It can surely help you create your events now and promote them with the best style using media elements and all other details. This event template/script is integrated with the top ticketing system so that you can sell event tickets directly from the website. Whether you are a corporate company, Non-profit organization or political party, It is a best solution for all kinds of events.

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Showthemes Review Fudge 2.0 WordPress Theme –

You will like it for a single page layout which highlights all event sections directly from the homepage.  It will display events, featured video, speaker details, conference details, ticket options, contact, and all other stuff on the front page. 

Visitors can browse quickly for event-related details by referring to various homepage sections.


 All sections are supported by attractive elements like Featured images, Bold title, Stylish fonts, unique background by closely observing Fudge Demo. The clean and content-packed layout will provide all details to your visitors so they can decide to buy tickets for your events. Social media is said to be the best and effective medium for quick communication and ShowThemes has offered a special widget to display social media links.

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Fudge Event Theme: Main Features

The mobile-first design makes this event WordPress theme work on smartphones and tablets regardless of screen resolution.

The Best coding style and minimal platform will maintain the best performance on desktop and handy internet devices. So visitors can have similar browsing experience on mobiles and desktop devices. It is said that half of the website visitors come from mobiles or any other handy instruments and that’s why it becomes necessary to choose a responsive template for your events website.

 All types of premium conference or events templates can be found in ShowThemes the events shop.  Fudge 2.0 Ranks first selling theme on their websites

ShowThemes team has developed a Top end user-friendly page builder called ‘Event Composer’. This content builder allows you to drag and drop any module section in any position you like. For e.g. you can arrange social media, contact forms, media galleries, speakers in single or multiple pages. Built-in page builder and content management options supported by the theme so you can easily add multiple pages.

Event Composer:

Best Registration System: Sell Tickets

Fudge 2.0 is integrated to function with “Woo commerce”,  you can start your own shop and configure it with popular gateways within a few minutes.

It also works smoothly with Gravity Forms and Event Espresso plug ins which are said top be best ticketing plug ins for events. Apart from that, you can also use other ticketing registration services like Xing, Eventbrite, Ticket tailor, touches and more will be added in the future. Show themes will provide widget support for these services.

Main Features: Showthemes Review Conference

•Floating header menu

•The best solution to create a one-page event website

•Multiple pages: Schedule, Performers, Exhibitors, Blog

•Calls to action modules for homepage

•Custom styling: Use any background, font, colour for home sections

•Full Width page layout: Use all space for contents

•1 click demo setup: Create an exact same website like demo

•Google fonts and Lots of colour skins

•Developed by expert event professionals

•Multiple ticketing options

•Speakers and Schedule page

•Tight social integration: Display latest tweets Like – follow

Khore – Showthemes Review

There is a WordPress Event and conference theme with advanced mobile-first responsive design to show-off everything in style. Advanced Ajax powered homepage layout and sticky navigation bar displayed on the left side are used by Kore WordPress Theme. The sidebar is placed on left side so that user can find Logo, Social links and Menu links on the fly

The homepage will display video, featured events, slides or any event-related information you would want to post, Event professionals could drag and drop contents sections as required thanks to showing themes for providing user-friendly page builder.

The ShowThemes options and page builder will allow you to insert as many sections as you like on the homepage or any other page templates. Besides that, you will be able to display page template links on the sidebar so that users can click and view any pages instantly on the screen without page refresh. Ajax-powered event theme makes it possible to access schedule page, members page, contact page, ticket page, and all other pages. When you click a men menu button on the left side to access a particular page you will see it loading within 2 seconds on the screen.

ShowThemes and page builder allows easy access to many sections as it can be inserted on homepage and page templates. Besides that, you will be able to display page template links on the sidebar so that User can click and view any pages instantly on the screen without a page refresh since page template links on the sidebar is always displayed. Schedule page, members page, contact page, ticket page and all other pages can be accessed through Ajax powered event theme. When you click a  menu button on the left side to access a particular page you will see it loading within 2 seconds on the screen.

WHY  KHORE WORDPRESS Showthemes Review?

Users will find it interesting to access different pages as it takes a few seconds to load pages and search engines will also give you more power for ranking. The design of this premium event WordPress theme is derived from the new web design concept so you will get high speed, quick access to navigation, freedom to style and much more.

Even if you are a new user with only basic WordPress knowledge, you can still create an event website with Khore Theme. It has been packed with plenty of custom event features like Ticket selling support, Custom plug ins support, blog template, post formats (for events, speakers, schedule, blog, gallery), etc. From event booking to listing everything is easy in this event template and that’s why it is the best solution to create a modern event website for modern internet users.


EVENT COMPOSER: This element allows event professionals to decide content should be placed at which place so that any event or conference listing would get the right attention from visitors. The Event Composer has drag and drops elements for the quick page building process, which means you will never miss adding any detailed with event page which makes sense. For e.g. you can make an event page with featured image, location details, schedule, galley, ticket purchase links, etc.

With this easy responsive event WordPress theme, you can create unlimited events page and insert elements anywhere without any difficult rules or limitations. You can also change colours of different elements, and select from ready google fonts. That means you can always look unique with your event site which may attract more clients for your events.


There WordPress theme has been developed with highly advanced event management features so that novice and advanced users both can manage the event portal smoothly. So, now you can easily list and manage important event-related elements like Sessions, Speakers, Tickets, and Sponsors. The “Social Media FTW” is there to help you highlight links or updates from Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

This premium event template has one more interesting element called “Count Down”, once you insert date and time of event it will start displaying count-down (like a digital clock) to increase curiosity.

If you are getting a most advanced event template at a reasonable price then you must go for it. But, before you make a final decision I suggest you check out more features from the list below.


    • 8 Language Support: Translate instantly into English, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian., German, Dutch, Portuguese

    • Woo Commerce Ready: Sell tickets easily (PayPal)

    • Event Composer: Special system to build  event pages

    • 1 click demo setup: Create your site quickly from the demo

    • Sell Tickets: Eventbrite, Xing Events, Event Espresso, Etouches, Ticket tailor

    • One time payment: Full license to create unlimited websites

    • Responsive: Works over the tablet, mobiles, desktop devices

    • Maps and POIS: Display event with detailed Map

    • Display Media for events: Images, Videos

    • Blog Page: To Share the latest news with the audience

    • Social Media Integration: Facebook RSVP, Latest Tweets and Instagram

    • Best Support: Get reply for queries within 24 hours from an expert team

Vernoth is a theme for WordPress event theme for Conferences and exhibitions. Group of speakers is recruited to perform events.

TYLER – Showthemes Review:

Introducing Tyler: Another great modern responsive WordPress theme for event and conference professionals. It is a highly visually stylish WP event template crafted and released by ShowThemes. We love this theme store as it is only dedicated to creating event themes. Their WordPress themes are powered by responsive and SEO ready layouts so you can always get high traffic sources to promote your events.

If you look at other WordPress theme stores then you will find many great event templates. They might offer some of the great features like this theme. But most of them are integrated with 3rd party widgets or they may have limitations. But, this theme package gives you amazing flexibility for website management and listings. You will find page composer and content editor to easily add contents on the homepage and edit them live from the front-end.

We have already got a quick look at most of the key features in the previous paragraph. But we will still look at some main features closely so that you can decide why it is the best event theme for anyone. Most of the people would love to use ShowThemes WordPress themes because of user-friendly options. The back-end panel is provided with a common user in mind. So you don’t have to learn special skills to start or manage the event site on your own.

JANUAS Showthemes Review

 Januas is One of the best multiple event management WordPress themes by ShowThemes. The websites can easily promote events, concerts, seminars, conferences or any programs through advanced listing options. The theme comes with a highly responsive portal that will promote your events on mobiles, tablets, and everywhere with different screen sizes. This premium event marketing consist of social media supports so you can promote your events on social sites and get many followers. You will also see custom options to manage performers and sessions



The Themes mentioned above are very impressive considering the features and pricing. Each of these is available with two different plans. If you purchase any of the themes separately, the price will be 89USD only.   With both of these plans necessary tutorials and update facilities are included. ShowThemes offers the All Themes Bundle for only 189USD as per November 2018with 1 year Support.

ShowThemes offers All Themes as Combo for 159USD All the 7 themes are included in this Combo with 1-year support.  It is very clear that any of these combo packages can be the best option for all types of customers Want the best conference and event themes for WordPress? Show Themes has what you need to succeed. Each theme was built by a team of event pros, and they come with built-in features including event scheduling, booking options, social media integration, and more.

Use our Show Themes coupon code to get 20% off on ALL their themes! As an IsItWP user, you can now take advantage of our ShowThemes coupon code to take 20% OFF your premium WordPress theme purchases. Just follow our instructions below to claim your savings!

Note: Show Themes’ themes can be bought individually; but, for the biggest / best discount, we recommend taking advantage of their theme Combo.

First, use our Show Themes link to visit their official website. Once on Show Theme homepage, click the Menu drop-down arrow. Then, click on All Themes.


Let us Conclude, Show Themes-Tyler gives styling and customization options. That means you will have an easy way to choose the color style, fonts, logo and background image. You are getting a blog page, contact options, custom menus support and many other benefits. I suggest this theme to everyone who needs a strong and dynamic website to promote events or conferences.

 ShowThemes-Khore is a fully flexible, specifically designed for conferences and events websites. It is a flexible and advance WordPress event theme then earlier themes of Show themes. KhoreTheme is best for any events, wedding ceremony, conference or any exhibitions. Event Guide by Ait Themes gives you the ability to create a Directory Listing Theme that is specifically focused on Events.

Theme’s unique layout and functionality offers users the ability to search for upcoming events and display them clearly on a timeline with the power to filter by the ticket provider and reoccurring dates and much more.

In Show, Themes Event Guide is fully customizable, which means you can adjust your web page based on your needs – simply and quickly.  The plug-in allows you to efficiently manage all types of events. You can adjust icons and colors for each separate event as well as set up dates for repeating events. The plug-in facilitates ticket sales for events as well using Woo Commerce or any other provider you decide to cooperate with

So there you have it. These are some of the best event WordPress themes that will surely provide you with all the features you need and more to promote your events in an attractive and effective manner.  Have you come across any themes that offer both looks and functionality? Show Theme -The one Stop ThemeShop.

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