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Suikoden 6 release date, News and suikoden 6 ALternatives

If you’re a Suikoden game fan and want to know about the next release of gaming video Suikoden 6 then you’re on the right place because today we are going to be showing you the Suikoden 6 release date, News and Suikoden 6 Alternatives so that you can have a piece of complete knowledge about your favorite game. So, let’s get started with everything.

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What is Suikoden 6?

To all those who don’t know about Suikoden 6, this section is for them. Suikoden is a gaming series which is made by Yoshitaka Murayama and it’s popular among most of the people around the globe. You are going to get surprised that this game is based on a novel and in this game you can create a team of 6 players to fight with the opponent team and one player can take the control of all the game.

Suikoden 6
Suikoden 6

But if we talk about the new release of Suikoden which is Suikoden 6, then they have restricted the number of players from 6 to 4 and people have a different opinion about the decision. Few fans think that it’s a right decision and few think that it’s not a good decision. But the company is saying that they have improved this version of the game and people are going to love every bit of it.

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Let’s talk about all the game series which are released now or yet to release. So that you get to know more about the game.

Suikoden Games List 

• PlayStation: 15 December 1995, Japan; 1996, North America; April 1997, Europe.
• Sega Saturn: 17 September 1998, Japan.
• Microsoft Windows: 1998, Japan; 1999 China; 1999, South Korea.
• Mobile Phones: 2008–2009, Japan.

Suikoden II
• PlayStation: 17 December 1998, Japan; 25 September 1999, North America; 28 July 2000, Europe.
• Microsoft Windows: 2003, China.
• Mobile Phones: 2009–2010, Japan.

Suikoden III
• PlayStation 2: 11 July 2002, Japan; 24 October 2002, North America.

Suikoden IV
• PlayStation 2: 19 August 2004, Japan; 11 January 2005, North America; 25 February 2005, Europe.

Suikoden V
• PlayStation 2: 23 February 2006, Japan; 21 March 2006, North America; 22 September 2006, Europe

When Suikoden 6 is going to release

Suikoden 6
Suikoden 6

A lot of Suikoden 6 fans are waiting for it to release but looking for the release date on every single website but they are unable to find the right date. So, the release of Suikoden 6 was changed several times and people are thinking which date to believe, but today we are about to tell you the exact date of releasing of Suikoden 6 which is December 2018.

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After the release of the fourth season, Suikoden has become so much popular among the people and they don’t just imagine their lives without this game. That might be the reason why there are a lot of searches about this keyword these days. As the Suikoden 6 announced the date of this gaming release, this game has become a top trend on Twitter and other social media account and we are one of them who posted about Suikoden 6 on social media using the hashtags.

Alternatives of Suikoden 6

The game is yet to release and people are searching for the alternatives nowadays. So following are the alternatives which you surely going to love and spend your time on before the release of the game.

1. PUBG: This game has taken the world out with storm and half of the world is addicted to this game these days. So, if you’re looking for the alternatives of Suikoden 6 then this game is the best alternative where you can spend your time and look for some fun. You can play this game on your Phone and Tablet as well. But before playing on your PC, you’re going to face a problem which is PUBG building not loading, so here is the Guide related to the problem please read it before you play.

2. COD (Call of Duty): Call of duty has been played all around the globe where you can make clans or group in order to play with your friends and family. If you want to play this game as your alternative then you’ve to buy a good PC so that you can play this game without a lag. And if you’re looking for playing this game individually then here are some of the top-notch Call of Duty Groups or Clans list which you can join.

3. Minecraft: If you’ve ever heard of this game before then you probably is the fan this game because whoever plays this game shall get addicted to it and you can’t just spend your time somewhere else. So, if you’re interested in playing this game or playing the game already then there’s a mission comes up where you’ve to collect papers to make some items. And to solve the paper issue we have a complete guide on How to Find Paper in Minecraft

In a Nutshell

So, we have discussed Suikoden 6 releasing date and alternatives game as well and we really hope that this article has helped you a lot in achieving what you’re striving for.

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If you’ve any questions regarding Suikoden 6 topic then feel free to comment down below, we will try to reach you as soon as possible and then answer your question and don’t forget to share this article with your friend to let them know about the releasing date of Suikoden 6 as well. Cheers!

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