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Talk To Foodlion Customer Survey | Chance to Win $1500

It is an American supermarket chain with groceries delivery services in almost all of the significant national regions. There are over 1,220 locations in the U.S, with the majority in West Virginia, the Southern Atlantic, the Middle Atlantic, Georgia, and even more than a dozen other states.

Talk To Foodlion
Talk To Foodlion

It presently has approximately 70,000 employees working for it throughout its locations. Ensuring excellent cuisine at a reasonable price. So it hires employees who are diligent and dedicated to providing exceptional service to its clients.

Talk To Foodlion Survey:

Food Lion has built an interactive questionnaire for consumers. It provides clients a way to communicate well with firms about how they feel about their whole service. It can either be beneficial or detrimental. The business uses the collected data to serve client’s requirements better. Because it’s internet-based, you may do it anytime suits you.

You’ll be able to provide the firm with constructive insights if you take part in the Talk To Foodlion Survey. The firm uses this data to enhance consumer experience and improve better goods. After taking the Talk To Foodlion survey, you would be lucky to win one amongst twenty $500 Food Lion discount vouchers. By answering the poll’s last question, you would be able to submit the responses.

Talk To Foodlion Survey Prize Distribution Program:

Food Lion would be grateful to you for your input, and maybe you will feel cherished in return. After completing the Food Lion customer survey, you may receive a Food Lion Special Offer to use during your next purchase.

You’ll enter to win a $500 Food Lion Voucher if you are using this Talk to food lion survey.

You should be aware that the prize for answering all the questions is subject to change. One “Poll Bonus” is solely determined by the information written on the invoice. As a result, users should double-check all of the data on their invoices.

Get a Chance to Win $1500:

User’s experience questions are available at You can fill the questionnaire in Multiple languages, depending on your preference. After completing the five-minute survey, you’ll get into the Food Lion contest for a chance to win a $500 prize. 

How to take the Talk To Foodlion Survey?

To be eligible to enroll in the Talktofoodlion survey, you must complete the steps outlined below. To complete the Talk to a Food Lion Questionnaire, read the instructions listed below.

Talk To Foodlion
Talk To Foodlion
  1. Go to, the Survey main webpage. 
  2. The Website will lead you to the food lion poll’s survey screen, where you must enter the food lion PIN code found on your food lion purchase invoice.
  3. When you input the food lion code, you must also input additional details from the invoice of your latest trip to food lion, like the timestamp listed on the invoice.
  4. It’s time to give your feedback on food lion, including how satisfied you are with the purchase and any other comments.
  5. The following part then will include a form that asks about things like food, lion hygiene, staff, goods, facilities, the store, and value, among other things.
  6. You may enter the food lion contest now that they’ve answered many of the topics. You must complete the contest form to be eligible to win.
  7. Entering the contest provides the opportunity to receive a $600 Food Lion Voucher that you may use at the food lion shop soon.

Requirements to Take Talk To Foodlion Survey:

It’s time to give your feedback on food lion, including how satisfied you are with your purchase and any other comments.

The following part includes a poll’s requirements and terms.

Food Lion Guest Online Questionnaire – Terms of Agreement

To be eligible to participate in the Food Lion Consumer Poll, you must fulfill specific guidelines and below requirements.

  • Have the ability to use a computer and the Website.
  • You should be capable of interpreting English or Spanish.
  • Get the latest Food Lion invoice with an offer to the questionnaire.
  • For registration, you must be 18 or older.
  • Any notebook, pc, or smartphone, including internet access.
  • During the questionnaire, you’ll provide a copy of your invoice.
  • Every respondent is allowed to fill in questionnaires a maximum of once.
  • This Poll isn’t open to Food Lion workers or their families or representatives.
  • There will be no other method to transmit the deal.
  • To receive a great deal on any order, you’ll need a functioning email address

History of Foodlion:

Food Lion is a U.S. grocery store company with its headquarters in Salisbury, North Carolina, and employs approximately 70,000 people across 12 states in the United States. Food Lion, a single-location food shopping in Salisbury, was established in the late 1950s. FoodLion added Several sites in North Carolina subsequently.

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Customer Service Phone Number for Food Lion:
For further information and specifics, contact the Food Lion helpline.
HelpLine Number: 1-800-210-9569


How are prizes distributed among winners?

The company will announce the reward in three separate draws. At each lottery system, ten winners will get a $500 Food Lion Promo Code.

Therefore, about 30 persons will have the opportunity to earn the bonus, with combined winnings of $1500.

Can you provide a tip to Food Lion when you have it delivered?

Food Lion collaborates with Instacart, so giving your curbside delivery customer is encouraged to provide the service person a tip.


Questionnaires of client satisfaction offer show the degree of consumer happiness. Users may openly speak their minds about one organization, its goods, and offerings by taking part in consumers’ feedback, which provides them with the opportunity to offer comments and suggestions. When consumers’ advice is analyzed, it helps in classifying them based on what the firm has to do to fulfill and surpass the standards, in other words.

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