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UltiPro is one of the famous product of the Ultimate Software, it provides a vast coverage of Human Capital Management (HCM) resources to the people. Well, UltiPro ties all the facts of human resources, payroll, and talent supervision in one broad cloud firm that helps in conveying important business profits for your industry or any organization.

It delivers the assistance in labors and their time management factor. And it constitutes several characters such as HR manager, HR supervisor, payroll professional, executives and hiring manager. It is a kind of resource that most firms demanded so that they can complete their tasks properly.


Now we will discuss the resources and its features one by one. So let’s have a look:

UltiPro Solution Features

There are lot of features of ultipro, some of them are discussed below:

Global HCM |UltiPro Feature

For business fields and their vast coverage, it is very challenging for the firms to manage their tasks and working employees. It is very difficult for them to consistently and efficiently manage their progress, so for this UltiPro offers HCM solution that assists to simplify procedures, manage data of people, meet local agreements, and support the entire global staff with one common system. You can connect your people all over the world with material and resources they need to work more efficiently.


Human Resources

UltiPro’s human resources solution effortlessly join workers with the information and resources they need to work more efficiently, while assisting to enhance output, partnership, and commitments across the organization.

Made with an essential focus on people, UltiPro made things easier via HR processes and aids in improving the employee experience for HR, managers, and all employees. This software even assists in handling people, decreasing paperwork, employing the right person at the right faculty, payment management, on-boarding, sequential management, and performance management.

Payroll |UltiPro Feature

It is the easiest, active payroll engine on the marketplace, UltiPro manages even the most complicated payroll calculations and necessities for workers in the U.S. and Canada in just a few modest steps. For a company, payroll is one of the most common business procedures. UltiPro assists in managing large no. of payroll-related calculations without any extra investment or going through any costly encoding.

UltiPro Benefits Prime

It Permit your workers to make self-assured and knowledgeable business judgments with UltiPro Benefits Prime, a modern and in-built benefits shopping experience for your entire workers. Picking the right benefits choices should be easy and pressure free, but most frequently, it become complex and anxious. With UltiProbenefit prime, you can allow your employees to make confident and informed benefits decisions. UltiPro Benefits Prime offers a modern and intuitive benefits-shopping experience for your entire workforce. Take the stress out of selecting the right benefits by giving your employees access to helpful educational tools, along with the ability to set partialities and receive personalized references.


UltiPro Recruiting can support you to grow your employing procedures by supporting applicant appointment and personal affairs as well as inviting, hiring, and emerging the best talent for your profession.

It offers with:

  • Delivering an attractive and custom-made experience to contestants.
  • Permit candidates to control their ideal mobile devices and familiar social gears when searching and applying for chances.
  • It allows not only the Evaluation of expertise and experience, but also potentials that more efficiently control long-term success and fit performances, inspirations, etc.
  • It Unlock new talent opportunities by permitting applicant’s personal links.
  • It Certify compliance with nondiscrimination laws through easy availability to reporting and tools.


UltiPro Onboarding also provide assistance to your new workers to connect with your firm in a way that’s individual and impactful assisting you to shape successful contacts, increase visit, and enhance performance for your business.

It offers exclusive, cooperative technologies that aid you in the following things:

  • Influence UltiPro’s useful dashboard to view new employs and estimate the onboarding procedure.
  • It Outline all obligatory tasks that should be figured out before and after your new employ’s joining day, in a clear, visual sheet.
  • Permit new hires to work together with their team even beforehand their joining day.
  • Motivate new individuals to create a personal goal and aim to achieve in the first few weeks of service.
  • Simplify the achievement, appraisal, and signing of electronic employee onboarding documents such as tax forms, policy papers, and employment-eligibility papers.

Career Development

Enhance your business for the future, with UltiPro’s career progress apparatuses, you can graph certified growth and manage development chances across your entire employees.

Through this you can easily train your employees about skills and knowledge about related field. It helps in encouraging the staffs. This factor helps the individuals to recognize their expertise and strength and motivate them to set their own goals which will resultantly enhance their progress in profession.

Employee File Management

UltiPro makes it easy for HR to dynamically cope with employee papers with UltiPro Employee File Management. You can also increase security, amenability, and efficiency with the skill to create, access, share, or delete files at any time, from anyplace.

Through employee file management you don’t need to go through files and whole data to find any particular detail. It helps in managing the files and provides convenience to them to share file anytime anywhere.

Performance Management

UltiPro Performance Management is an extremely manageable solution that allows you evaluate performance and collect reviews on a continuing basis to grow the best possible results out of your workers.

In every kind of firm, it’s very important to maintain their progress and grow their results while in that case they need to hire new talents and grow expertise of the workforce in their organization. It helps in growing the skills of employees and fill the gap and organize future growth plans.

Succession Management

UltiPro Succession Management can help you create an active, professional plan for professional growth and career progression for all employees. UltiPro can help raise employee commitment, and make a big difference in your business.

It supports in discovering, pursuing, and comparing persons to find and evaluate possible success employ for exact roles. This thing even aids in describing the professional goals and even develop a willingness to step into the management point. Assess talent features like performance, control potential, and progress able.

System Administration

UltiPro’s technology platform and vast distribution makes you enable to easily shape the key to meet your business necessities and requirements. It assists in organizing the content and appearance, which even comprises, links of the website, corporation logo, and much more.

UltiPro Dashboard

A principal entry to business actions, the UltiPro portal keeps everyone in your association attached and authorizes your staff to operate at highest competency.

Though dashboard facility it permits the staff too easily and quickly get info about company administrators about anything. It offers quick access to reporting across the firm and current business intellect.


UltiPro allows you to fulfil with HR, payroll, and employment regulatory requirements and easily record key evidence for government agreement, reporting, and analysis in the United States and Canada.

Mobile App

To Meeting the needs of today’s labor force can be challenging. With the UltiPro mobile app, your employees can have ease at their fingertips, serving to increase output and engagement throughout the society. Here are the links to download app:

  • iOS – https://apps.apple.com/us/app/ultipro/id1146945670
  • Android – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ultimatesoftware.ultipromobile&hl=en_IN

Integration Hub

With UltiPro Connect, you can easily figure incorporations with other business systems without having to start from scratch, and even pursue extra support from the UltiPro operator community.

Business Intelligence

Acquire complete reflectiveness and insight into your staff with UltiPro’s comprehensive reporting and business intelligence gears. UltiPro lets you appeal data through all zones of your people super vision to get key solutions in an instant.

Predictive Analytics Tools

You can also attain a balanced approach to recognizing your company’s top players and flight hazards with UltiPro’s predictive analytics tools. This new group of insight-driven tools can help efficiently and indirectly effect an employee’s achievement and holdings.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Made on natural language processing and machine learning, Ultimate’s AI stand permits UltiPro to habitually understand, predict, and recommend modified actions from related HCM data within the solution, aiding organizations to better comprehend their people and determination change.


UltiPro Learning key brings a modern learning management practice and a convincing, person figured style to prepare and emerging your folks. Also provide employees with expendable, on-demand content, common and cooperative tools, and complete mobile facility.

Workforce Management

UltiPro Workforce Management sorted it relaxed for your people to execute time and planned tasks rapidly and professionally. Instinctively designed with employees in mind, this solution will aid in up surging efficiency and expand compliance.

Touchscreen Time Clock

UltiPro Touchscreen is a freehand, tablet-based time clock, worker’s data gathering platform, and employee useable device. In addition to bring the on time entry, UltiPro Touchscreen also offers your hourly workers with kiosk-based access to serious HR and payroll data from a touchscreen method, serving to make work experience more simpler.

Standard Time Clock

UltiPro Time clock is very easy to use and resourceful time clock for productions in need of a straight forward time clock convenience for their hourly labors. Certify your people involve in their work earlier, and without any interruptions.

Employee Surveys and Sentiment Analysis

If you go beyond old-style employee survey tools and get the vision required to enhance the worker experience. With UltiPro Perception tool, you’ll get a better understanding of what staffs are saying, including how they truly feel about the work.

Employee Case Management

To advance the worker experience with modified, on-demand support for HR-related appeals through UltiPro Employee Case Management. Employees can explore the complete knowledge or submit requests as required.

Compensation Management

UltiPro Compensation Management conveys a well-organized and configurable procedure for assigning rewards to workers. A rich and natural experience permits managers to easily cross through the procedure and retain the attention on their workers.

Additional UltiPro service

The ultimate software originates with the changed kind of specific service to aid the business to raise and alter and if you are one of the HR or company administrator then you have perfect picture that how UltiPro will service your business.

Final Words:

Well this were all about UltiPro and its features, if still you have any questions or queries feel free to comment below. We will surely response you with authentic details. Thanks!

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