Uninstall Cygwin

How To Uninstall Cygwin On Windows – Complete Guide

If you have decided to go from Windows 64x version to the 86x version then you must be facing an issue related to the shortcut in the start menu. If you want to uninstall cygwin, then you might face some problem in removing this file from your PC. But don’t worry we have a complete guide on How to uninstall cygwin on windows. Let’s get started!

Uninstall Cygwin
Uninstall Cygwin

Step by Step Guide to Uninstall cygwin

You can uninstall Cygwin by going to the control panel and remove it but if you need detailed instructions on uninstalling cygwin, then you have to see all the instructions below.

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  • Press CTRL + ALT + DELETE in order to go straight to the Task Manager
  • Stop all the background programs/applications which are running under cygwin file and stop X11 Server as well
  • Now go to the Control Panel of windows
  • Go to the Programs and then to Uninstall a Program
  • A list of all the programs and applications are going to load in front of you, find cygwin
  • Uninstall the program by right-clicking on it and choose to uninstall cygwin
  • You will be asked for the confirmation whether you really want to delete it or not
  • Just hit the confirm button and you’re done!

If the program is uninstalled, then congratulations but if you’re facing a program like ‘You don’t have permission to delete/Permission Denied” then you have to follow another method so that you can get rid of cygwin.

Uninstall Cygwin after Denied Permission Option

In case of getting Permission denied message, you have to modify some setting so that you can uninstall Cygwin intentionally. To change the ownership of the files and folder, you have to follow some of the instruction that we are about to break down. So here we go!

  • Restart your PC to get into the safe mode of windows
  • Click on the Cygwin Folder>Properties>Security Tab
  • Select Advanced option from the Security Tab
  • Now go to the owner’s account and set your account as the owner account in order to uninstall Cygwin
  • Now Click on Replace Owner and you’re done!

Now you can go and uninstall Cygwin from the control panel and get rid of shortcut from the menu.

As your Cygwin file has been deleted now from your computer but there are some footsteps of this file which needs to be deleted as well. But for that purpose, you have to follow another method related to Windows registry. Let’s quickly get into the solution!

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Uninstall Cygwin with changes in Windows Registry

This process is a bit tricky and risky, so you have to follow each and every step carefully in order to delete remaining files of Cygwin tool from your computer. So let’s get started!

  • To get started with the windows registry, press  Windows Key + R
  • Type Regedit to get into the Windows Registry Center
  • Now you have to look for two things in that section
    1. “HKEY_CURRENT_USER_Software_Cygnus Solutions
    2. “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE_Software_Cygnus Solutions
  • Right click on each of the Solutions and delete them one by one
  • Now go to File Explorer and unhide all the files and folder
  • Now in the find option, look for the below-given files
    (C:\\Program Files\\Cygwin)
    (C:\\Document and Settings\\All Users\\Application Data\\Cygwin)
    (C:\\Documents and Settings\\%USER%\\Application Data\\Cygwin)
  • If you’re going to find any of the above-given file then delete them without a second thought
  • Now close all the files, folder and programs which are currently running on your computer and restart your computer straight away

You’ll never see Cygwin file in your computer and the manual method has already helped you in achieving what you were looking for. But if you have any question regarding How to uninstall Cygwin on windows then feel free to ask us in the comment section. We will try to answer you in a flash.

Now it’s time to discuss the features of x86 versions of the windows and x64 version of the windows. So, without wasting further more time, let’s quickly jump into the discussion.

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Features of Windows x86 Version

There are a lot of features that you’re going to get from the internet but we are highlighting some of the major features that people know before using this version.

  • You can have Windows Admin center
  • You will get storage Migration Services
  • You can get Data Center of your storage
  • You can get system insight feature
  • And you can get Linux on Windows Server

These are the top 5 features of Windows x86 version that you’re going to get after the installation. You can enjoy many other features but you have to install the windows first and then explore it.

Features of Windows x64 Version

As Windows x86 version, x64 version of the windows also has a lot of features but again we are highlighting the major ones which are new on the server of Windows x64 version.

  • You’re going to get Admin Control Center
  • The Desktop experience has improved
  • The security of Windows has improved
  • You can enjoy storage migration services
  • You can get encrypted Networks

That’s all from the features section of windows and we really hope that this article has helped you in achieving what you’re looking for. Please don’t forget to share it with your friends and family because that’s how you can help us in achieving more. Cheers!

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