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WGU Login and Signup | Complete Guide

A Western Governors University (WGU) is a large wired platform which is offering online education to millions of students since 1997. WGU is a private and non-profit online university which is providing competency-based learning opportunities to people at home.

The degree programs of WGU are ascribed by recognized regional and national sanction bodies such as NWCCU, ACBSP, CAEP, CAHIIM, CCNE, and the NCATE. After introduction, we will discuss how you can do WGU Login. Keep Reading 😉

WGU Login
WGU Login

Initially, the WGU was founded by governors of US states in 1997. Later on, they extended their campuses in different states and enlarges the online study portal for the ease of students. The online campuses of WGU offer the same courses and curricula as the national WGU student body receives, and recognition is through WGU. The extended online campuses affiliation are as follows;

  • In 2010, WGU Indiana
  • In 2011, WGU Washington and Texas
  • In 2013, WGU Missouri and Tennessee
  • In 2015, WGU Nevada
  • In 2017, WGU North Carolina
  • In 2018, WGU Ohio

Academics of WGU Login

If we talk about the degree programs, then currently WGU is offering the bachelor’s and master’s programs through four colleges;

  • College of Business
  • College of Information Technology
  • Teachers College (Education Program)
  • College of Health Profession

There are unlimited options in bachelor’s and master’s programs in these four domains. It offers a semester system of six months and moral thing is that each program begins at the first of every month. Students of WGU are assigned with their mentors and work under their supervision. Mentors of the students are the faculty members of WGU and together they design Academic Action Plan (AAP) for degree programs.

There is a specific AAP of each degree program. In AAP of degree, all the assignments, quizzes, workshops, researches and courses are described, it is a kind of course outline of any degree. The mentors assist and guide the students from registration to the completion of the degree program.

WGU offers competency-based programs for students. Through these programs, the student goes through various assessments to check the level of knowledge, skills, activities, etc. Students are tested through Performance-based tasks and Objective-based tasks so that they can apply their skills and knowledge in education.

In Performance-Based Tasks, they have to prove their skills and knowledge through the submission of assignments on various topics. While in case of Objective-Based Tasks they have to qualify the exams and quizzes created by the university which includes multiple-choice questions, true or false and matching questions.

Admission Process of WGU & WGU Login Process

The academic process differs depending on the program in which student wants to apply. For applying in Graduate programs students must have a bachelor’s degree and should be able to qualify an interview.

While in case of applying for Under Graduate programs, the student must have an associate degree from recognized college or amount of specific associated work experience.

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Step by Step Process of WGU Login

If you want to study online and also through the highly recognized university then WGU is the best option. Through this platform, students can acquire education with ease and of their own choice by managing other perspectives too.

As I’ve mentioned this from the beginning that it is an online Platform so before initiating anything here you need to register yourself first. For WGU Signup, I will describe a whole process step by step.

  • First of all, open the Westerns Governors University Official Student portal through my.wgu.edu
  • Then you will be redirected to a web page like this.
  • Click on the option below “Create an Account”.
  • Now you will be redirected to the next page like this.
  • Here you’ll fill the spaces with your First Name, Last Name and Application Pin in the blank boxes and click the next.
  • After completing this, you will be referred to the next page.
  • On the next page, you have to fill the spaces with your Username and Password.
  • Afterward the whole process, WGU will send you an email for verification of your student login account.
  • So you need to open your email and click on verify my account to get started.
  • These are the only steps of registration at the WGU student portal.

Steps to to do WGU Login on WGU Login Portal

To do WGU Login on wgu website follow these simple steps;

  • Click on the below-mentioned link.
  • my.wgu.edu
  • You will be redirected to a page like this.
  • If you don’t have any account then follow the above-mentioned steps of registration at WGU.
  • If you already have a registered account then fill the Options of Username and Password.
  • Click next on the Sign In option.
  • After this, the new web page will be opened and you can manage all your study materials, assignments, notes and more from this portal.
  • So these are the only easy steps through which you can log in into your portal of WGU.

How to Reset Password and username of WGU Login Portal

In case you forget your password or username of the WGU student portal account. Follow these steps to get back your account:

  • Open the WGU Student Portal Login page.
  • Visit WGU Login Section
  • Click on the Reset Password.
  • Enter the correct username.
  • After entering username click on Next.
  • Then through some verification phases, you’ll get the Create new password option.
  • And then you can create a new password and enter Login.

Retrieve Username of WGUWGU Login Portal

  • If you forgot your username then click on the option Username retrieval.
  • After this, you will be shifted to the next page like this.
  • Put your email in this box and click next.
  • Next, you’ll receive a new username at your email address.
  • So these are some steps to follow if you forgot your username and password to get a new one.

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Pro’s and Con’s of WGU Login Student Portal ( You are reading WGU Login Guide)

There are benefits as well as drawbacks of the things. Same as that there are many advantages of WGU as well as the disadvantages that people can encounter.

Pro’s of WGU Portal;

Two Ways Of Joining:

WGU has two-way benefit options for people, you can join this Place as a Student and as a Teacher too.

Learn From Home:

First of all, you will be able to learn at your place in case you are not able to join any university or attend classes.

Assistance In Study:

Afterward the registration process you get assistance through your mentors as well as other students.


WGU offers many Scholarships so that you can easily choose your desired field and course.

Free Material:

It also provides you many learning materials totally free to help you in your study.

Easy To Join:

If you’re a worker or job individual and not able to join any university due to a shortage of time and facilities of life then this is the best place for you to join.

Semester Ease:

At the end of each semester, a student will be able to choose his lecturers, classes and more.

Student Loan Service:

Most of all if you have a desire for learning but also having financial issues then WGU also provides you a Student Loan Service.

Each Month Semester Start:

You can join this university at any time because WGU programs have start dates on the 1st of every month. So you don’t need to wait for spring or fall to initiate your study.

Con’s of WGU Student Portal

As well as benefits, the WGU student portal also has some drawbacks for people.

No Face to Face Interaction:

This place is not ideal for people who are looking for a face to face interface. Some people need face to face interaction with their mentors or fellows to learn something so this is not the right place for them.

Difficult For Non-Serious People:

Online study can be beneficial on behalf of your busy schedule but is not that much easy.

Need Self-Motivation:

You’ll need a serious extent of Self-Motivation to join this place because it is a competency-based education system, not a time-based.

Prolong Computers Exposure:

If you are able to watch your computer or Laptop screens for a long time then you can join otherwise DON’T.

Video Tutorial for WGU Login

Final Words:

That’s all about WGU Login, signup academics. if you guys still have any confusion regarding this you can ask us in the comment box, we will try to answer your queries ASAP.

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