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Before going to wii roms download section, I want to give you an idea about Wii, so lets we move on Wii

What is Wii

Wii is a homing video game console that is launched by Nintendo Nov in 2006. It is seventh generation gaming console, the Wii contend with sony’s PlayStation 3 and X box 360. These console games execute on Wii optical disks. Game Cube is the predecessor product line of this game.

The console of Wii targets the wider demographic than the others. The Wii presented the Wii remote controller that can be utilized as a pointing handheld device that finds out movement in three dimensions.

The consoles execute those games which are available on Wii Optical disks. The service which the system supported is called Virtual Console, which can be downloaded from past Nintendo consoles.

Wii Roms
Wii Roms

Wii ROMs

ROM stands for Read-Only memory, which is used in video game pickups to be executed using a selected video games consoles. Wii make it possible to play Wii games on your systems. Some emulators are used to execute Wii ROM.

 Emulators have different types such as iOs supported emulators includes Dolphin, SNEX9x, Citra DS emulator, Emu Paradise emulator, etc.; the second type of emulator is Windows-based supported emulators includes RetroArch All in one, Emu paradise emulator that is suitable of your operating systems, and devices and Andriod supported emulators and all these emulators make the thing possible that you can download and play online Wii games on your different types of systems.

There is a link shown below which you can use to execute your Wii ROMs; you just visit this link by clicking, and this will take you to the site where you can easily download, the link is shown below:


Wii ROMs Download

If you are looking for something that shifts the way of playing video games so, what are you waiting for? Just follow the below links and have fun with many Wii video games on your devices; what will you have to do? First, you have to download Wii ROMs on your system; it would be possible when you followed these links which are mention below, just click on one of them and this will take you to the specific site where you just choose Wii and click and then click on Download button so simple.

Wii Roms
Wii Roms

Here is a first link to download Wii ROMs


This above link lets you play and download Nintendo Wii for completely free in the highest quality. This link has provided you a huge selection of Wii and also Nintendo Wii emulators.

Here is a second link to download Wii ROMs for your systems


this above link provides the mean to download Wii ROMs for your devices, just click on the above then choose the ROMs and click on the download buttonĀ 

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Here is a third link to download Wii ROMs for your devices


It makes sure that after visiting these above links, you will easily download Wii.

We will move on to what we will do after downloading these Wii ROMs to install Wii ROMs on devices, so let’s move on to the installation process.

Wii ROMs Installation Process

If you are facing some hurdles in the way to installed Wii ROMs on your system, then it’s not a big deal; what you have to do? You just have to follow some concrete steps then you can easily install Wii ROMs on your device; these concrete steps are written below:

  1. Plugin your SD-card into your PC; it should be fit into the SD card slot angled side in.
  2. Open the files you have downloaded, and these will be in the form of a .zip folder.
  3. Now, extract these files by right-clicking on the .zip folder and click on the extract, and it will ask to give the location of your device where you want to keep these files after extraction.
  4. Now, open the files when the extraction process is completed and then double click on the USB loader GX folder at the top of the (next) window.
  5. Copy all the files. Click on one file into the folder and press Ctrl plus A to select all the files and then press Ctrl plus C to copy all the files.
  6. Now click on your SD card name, which lies on the left side of the window.
  7. Then paste all the files into your SD card by clicking on the blank space in the SD card window and press Ctrl plus V.
  8. When the files are copying process finish, you can remove your SD card from your device.
  9. Now, you have to plug in your SD card into your Wii.
  10. Press your Wii button to turn on your Wii or press the power button of your remote.
  11. Now you have to press A when Prompted, and it will take you in the main menu.
  12. Go to the homebrew channel into the Wii main menu, then press start.
  13. Go to the middle menu and select the iOS263 installer, then the pop-up menu will be shown and press load and select the install option by pressing I.

This will take you some minutes, and that’s all. Now you can play and have a lot of fun.


This is all about Wii ROMs, I explained everything in details regarding Wii ROMs, and it is making sure that after reading this post, you will be able to download and installed Wii ROMs on your device; if you have further queries related this, then you can contact us through writing your comment in the below section.


Q: How do you download Wii ROMs?

Ans: It is an easy process; just go to the above Download Wii ROMs section and read the guidelines and implement it.

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