Cydia Impactor Error

Cydia Impactor Error | Fix All Errors in 5 Mins (Complete Guide 2022)

The most helpful utility created by Jay Freeman for iOS devices is Cydia Impactor Error. Apple does not allow customers to install unapproved or third-party applications on any of their handsets, as you would know.

iOS’s restricted nature encourages users to only download and install apps via the App Store, which is inconvenient. In order to combat this issue, a utility called Cydia Impactor appeared on the web, specifically for iOS devices.

Individuals may use the program Cydia Impactor to jailbreak their iOS devices for free on the internet. The technique has grown more important in recent years for downloading premium apps that aren’t available on the App Store.

Cydia Impactor Error
Cydia Impactor Error

Well, we’ve just heard that several Cydia customers are experiencing difficulties while utilizing the Cydia Impactor utility to conduct any operation. Among the most common mistakes seen by Cydia impactor customers is error 173.

Today, in this article, I’ll go through every conceivable solution for Cydia Impactor Errors like 173, 42, 81, 168, and many others. Several  Cydia Impactor Errors have been enumerated, each with a workable remedy. So, if you’re having trouble with the same Cydia Impactor Error, keep reading.

About Cydia Impactor Errors

If you’re a frequent user of the Cydia Impactor program, you’ve probably run across issues like provision cpp 81 error, installation. cpp:42 error, or installation.cpp:51 error, or something along such lines.

As a consequence, you will be unable to use certain aspects of the tool. In case you’re wondering why such problems occur in the first place, even though the tool has been correctly configured.

Whenever there is a disparity between both the computed value and the actual generated value, such errors happen. In certain circumstances, you may need to completely reinstall it all in order to restore the damaged value.

You may not realize it, although there are methods to correct such issues by making a few minor adjustments and alterations in between. We’ve addressed all of these Cydia Impactor problems in one post, along with how to fix them. Carry on with the instructions outlined in the relevant error sections.

Step by Step Methods To Fix Cydia Impactor Errors

We’ve included solutions for virtually all of the faults we’ve encountered; discover the error you’re having and its remedy in the list below to address the issue.

Fix for Installation.cpp:42 error

It’s likely that this problem will appear if you drag the IPA files further into the Cydia Impactor program simply from their source location. To resolve the issue, save the installation file to your computer and afterward drag and drop it onto the tool.

You can also use any VPN software to alter your location while using the Cydia Impactor app to install the program.

If it doesn’t work, the only other alternative is to follow the instructions below to fix the problem.

Cydia Impactor Error
Cydia Impactor Error
  • Start your Safari browser and go to
  • To identify the necessary applications, type unc0ver -new beta into the search window.
  • To install software, select it from the options and hit the “Get” tab.
  • To continue, you may just need to deactivate the “System Reload” feature.
  • Reinstall Cydia and attempt to jailbreak again.

If you see an error notice on your screen, try again and again until you succeed.

Fix for Installation.cpp:51 error

  • Unsupported or obsolete IPA files are most likely to be the source of such problems.
  • To resolve the issue, keep in mind the IPA file you’re trying to install from a reputable source.
  • If your phone’s iOS version isn’t already up to date, you may need to upgrade it.
  • The problem isn’t difficult to fix, but be cautious when obtaining IPA files from unverified sources.

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Fix for Lockdown.cpp:57 error

It’s a typical blunder that most of you may make while installing Cydia Impactor for the first time. To fix the problem, follow the instructions below.

  • Install the most recent versions of the iTunes App on your iOS devices to re-sign with Apple ID.
  • Exit the Cydia Impactor program, turn off “Wi-Fi” or internet access on your iPhone, reopen the Cydia tool to complete the procedure.

Make sure you’ve downloaded all of the Impactor tool’s required files; otherwise, the issue may reappear.

Fix for RunTime Error on Cydia Impactor

If you’re getting this issue, your computer is most likely running Windows OS. Although the Windows operating system will automatically install the most recent versions via updates, you may need to install software particular drivers in some circumstances.

Cydia Impactor Error
Cydia Impactor Error
  • Get the newest version of Visual C++ Redistribution from Microsoft’s actual website, then attempt to launch the Cydia Impactor program.

Following the successful installation of the Visual C++ driver, your computer will need to be rebooted.

Fix for Provision.cpp:81 Error

This problem is most likely caused by the application you’re attempting to install’s awaiting certificates. Follow the instructions below to address the problem.

Cydia Impactor Error
Cydia Impactor Error
  • Go to another “Xcode” tab in the Cydia Impactor.
  • Choose “Revoke Certificates” from the drop-down menu.
  • To terminate the licenses, enter your Apple ID credits.

Reopen the Cydia Impactor program on your computer, and you should be able to do whatever you desire.

Fix for Provision.cpp:71 Error

Cydia Impactor Error
Cydia Impactor Error
  • When a previous version of the software has already been installed on your apple device, this issue frequently happens.
  • Before using the Impactor application to install the.iPA file, you must first delete the previous versions.
  • It’s also possible that the application you’re attempting to download currently exists on your iOS device under various names.
  • Make sure there are no such Apps on your system.

Fix for Provision.cpp:158 Error

If you don’t “Trust” the software you’ve put into the Impactor tool, you’ll get Error 158. Follow these instructions on your iOS device to resolve the problem.

Cydia Impactor Error
Cydia Impactor Error
  • Choose the IPA file you want to install from the list.
  • Drag it into the Cydia Impactor Plugin and drop it in.
  • Visit Settings->General->Device Management right away.
  • Choose the application you just installed and give it your trust.

Fix Cydia Impactor error provision.cpp:173 (Video Guide)


Only the above-mentioned mistake in the Cydia Impactor Program has been discovered so far. The procedures for resolving these Cydia Impactor problems are also described. If a certain error continues, try doing the remedy suggested many times to resolve the issue. If you still have any doubts, please use the comments box to contact us.


Is it going to take a while to fix these mistakes?

Most problems need you to know what is happening, and when you do, it will only take you a few seconds to correct them.

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