Epubor Ultimate Review

Epubor Ultimate Review | Best E-Book Converter And DRM Remover

Introduction of Epubor Ultimate and Epubor Ultimate Review

Epubor Ultimate Review is a one-stop solution that helps you to manage your books from different sources. Epubor ultimate provides you with help to modify, classify, convert, and transfer your ebooks, and you can easily manage your ebooks collection.

Epubor Ultimate Review
Epubor Ultimate Review

Some Key features of Epubor Ultimate Review

Epubor Ultimate Review Sorting Sequence

By using Epubor ultimate, you can sort out your ebooks by languages, authors, publishers, and format. Epubor ultimate is also an essential tool for encrypting and transferring ebooks without losing quality.

Epubor Ultimate Zoom in/out and Brightness Adjustment

Another fantastic feature that Epubor ultimate has is, you can adjust the level of brightness and zoom in and out on a page with ease and make the study more enjoyable for everyone.

Epubor ultimate Format Compatibility

To avoid compatibility issues, Epubor ultimate can convert ebooks to any format depending on your preferences and needs.

Epubor Ultimate DRM Removal

Epubor Ultimate is also an essential tool to get rid of the DRM issue, which prevents ebooks from being read on any app or device that supports their format.

Epubor Ultimate Well-Designed Interface

Epubor ultimate is designed so well, and in addition to its latest update, Epubor makes sure that users, even with lost vision, can navigate Epubor very easily.

Epubor ultimate Time-Saving Drag and Drop Conversion

Another great feature that Epubor Ultimate has is that you don’t need any unique practice or tutorials to learn how to convert ebooks. You can save your ebooks by just dragging the ebooks that are displayed on the left section to the right and select the output format, including (AZW3, Mobi, EPUB, TEXT, and PDF) that depends on your preferences and needs and then click on convert option. To save your time, if you want to convert more than one ebook, you can select all of them and turn them all at the same time.

Epubor Ultimate Auto Detection

Epubor Ultimate doesn’t need any special instructions to detect ebooks in the device or app. When you connect, Epubor automatically will detect and display all the ebooks in the device or app.

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Epubor Ultimate Review E-Book Converter and DRM Remover Customer Support

Another great and most useful feature that Epubor has is, you can live chat and get answers to your concerns about bugs, software up-gradation, licenses, and anything else that relates to Epubor. The Company also provides a comprehensive how-to online guideline to its customers that contains 27 pages and covers 500 articles.

Epubor Ultimate Compatibility (Epubor Ultimate Review)

Epubor Product is compatible with Windows and Mac.

Epubor Ultimate Review Windows Compatibility

Epubor will not support the Windows OS that is older than Windows XP. Luckily it’s going to be very rare that someone still has an old OS than Windows XP.

Epubor Ultimate Review Mac Compatibility

Mac user relatively needs the latest Mac OS as Epubor will not support Mac OS that is older than OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. Epubor will only work on Mac OS that is released at least from 2012.

Epubor Ultimate Review Other devises Compatibility

Epubor is compatible with the Windows version of Adobe Digital Edition, Kindle App, Kobo App, and the Nook App.

For Nook, it is a good idea to uninstall these as Barnes and Noble have stopped providing an update for its Nook App on both Mac and Windows.

Epubor Ultimate Review Compatibility for Ebooks

Epubor will detect all kinds of ebooks, whether you bought it on Sony, Amazon, Kindle, Google Play, or even Fictionwise from Barnes and Noble.

Epubor Ultimate Review Pricing

Epubor ultimate Free Trial

Epubor offers a free trial of 30 days, and you can test the Epubor features in detail before buying.

EEpubor Ultimate Review Plans for Windows Pricing

Epubor one year license full and actual price for windows is $59.99, but the good thing is a significant margin has reduced its current price, and now it’s down to just $24.99 for a year license. A much better and what’s even better is the lifetime license priced at $49.99 and is arguably the best deal here as Epubor lifetime license covers any future version of the software as well.

Epubor Ultimate Family Plan

If you want to use Epubor on more than one device, you can choose a family license plan of Epubor. Epubor family plan license price is just $99.99, and you can use it on up to five devices. If you want Epubor for your Company and wish to provide licenses to multiple employees, you can request a quote to buy the best deal from them.

Epubor Ultimate Pricing Plan for Mac

Epubor offers the same licenses to Mac users as well one-year license plan, lifetime license plan, and family license plan, and you can ask for enterprise plans as well. Epubor one year Mac plan has a full price of $65.99, but now you can get it for only $29.99.

Epubor lifetime license Mac plan is $54.99 while you can buy the Epubor family license for only $109.99.

Payment Methods of Epubor Ultimate

Epubor payment methods are the same for both Windows and Mac. You can pay via:

  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Master Card
  • JCB
  • UCB
  • PayPal

Or you can also pay by using Wire Transfer, SOFORT Banking, Diners Club, GiroPay, WebMoney, AliPay, and UnionPay. Upon checkout, the cost will be converted as per your country’s currency.

Epubor ultimate License Transfer

You don’t have to pay for a new license. If you had replaced your device, you could de-register from your previous device and install Epubor on your new equipment, and you will get your consent again.

Epubor ultimate Privacy

For Epubor use Wuhan Jindu Technology Co., Limited that offers reliable security measures. Wuhan Jindu Technology works with two checkouts, an online payment platform with a PCI level I certification for security standards.

With the Second checkout, it’s difficult for any individuals to commit fraud and steal personal information during online payment transactions. We assure you that it’s a clean installation and has no virus or malware whatsoever.

Epubor ultimate Money-Back Guarantee

Epubor also offers you a Money-back guarantee option. If you didn’t like the software, Epubor would provide you with a full refund. You could avail of this offer if you purchased Epubor within the last thirty days. The process is easy and straightforward, first, go to settings and de-register it, then send an email to the customer service and customer service will reply you within 24 hours.


If you are shifting from paper to digital, Epubor Ultimate is a worthwhile application to have. With Epubor ultimate, you don’t have to worry about the ebook format or buying from the same online store as you can easily change the book format by Epubor. Epubor Windows and Mac licenses are quite affordable, and considering features that Epubor offers, getting the lifetime license at its current price becomes a no-brainer. Epubor customer support is excellent, and you can ask for any help related to Epubor. Overall, Epubor sets the standards for how an ebook converter should function and look.

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