MOH HTI Login Portal | Step by Step Guide 2022

The Ministry of Health MOH HTI Login Portal is now open for admissions applications as well as reviewing admission lists and statuses. The Ministry of Health’s (MOH) Online Application Portal for Admissions is available at

The Ministry of Health (MOH) Authority has enabled the admission site. The MOH Online Admission Application Portal was designed for potential students of the Ministry of Health Nursing Training Institute to apply for admission.


This article contains thorough instructions for the MOH HTI portal, such as how to log in and reset your login credentials, among other things. You are required to read the article completely.

Health Training Institution — HTI Portal:

The Ghanaian government has made the HTI platform accessible to all medical practitioners. The Online Portal was established to allow all Ghanaians to easily register an account or log in to execute various operations.

This is an official admission application and college administrative portal for the Health Training Institution. Log in to get started on your journey to becoming a qualified health professional. HTI students and candidates can also apply, check admission status/list, examine interview results, and access other academic information.

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Instructions For Applications Into MOH HTI Login:

Individuals who meet the qualifications should apply for admission to any of Ghana’s Health Training Institutions.

Applicants are required to:

  • Purchase application codes for One Hundred Ghana cedis (GH100.00) from any Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) or Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) branch. (This includes the cost of results verification, SMS alerts, and all other correspondence.)
  • Applicants will get a voucher with a unique PIN after making a payment.
  • Create a unique phone number and email address.
  • To access the application form on this portal, enter your PIN code.
  • Please be aware that only applicants who match the admissions standards will be invited to a competitive interview at their preferred institution.

How to Apply:

  • Navigate to
  • At the main page Click the apply button.
  • Enter the PIN and serial number from the voucher.
  • Complete the form with your information.
  • Include the certificate(s) and a photograph.
  • Submit the application summary and print it.
  • Check the status of your application on a regular basis using your PIN and serial number.

Steps To Login Into MOH HTI Login:

If you want to access the MOH HTI portal, follow the step-by-step instructions provided below.

  • Launch your web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc. 
  • Navigate to the HTI Login Portal at
  • You’ll be directed to the main login page of the portal. 
  • Then, to login, enter your correct User ID and Password.
  • Then, to access the portal, click the login icon.
  • After you’ve logged in, scroll down to see your dashboard.           

Steps To Reset MOH HTI Login Password:

If a user loses their Portal account password, it may be reset by entering the username or email address is given when the Portal account was created.

  • For example, start your online browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox.
  • Go to to access the MOH HTI Login Portal.
  • Click the ‘Reset Password’ link on the Portal Home page’s login box to reset the Portal password.
  • Then, in the box, enter your registered email or username.
  • Then click “generate code” to send the password reset instructions to your email address.
  • Take the following steps outlined in the email you received.
  • Create a new password that meets the portal password requirements.
  • You have now successfully gained access to the portal.

Troubleshooting Steps:

The majority of the time, users have login troubles as a result of extremely simple mistakes. We’ve included troubleshooting tips, or a checklist, below to assist you in resolving login-related difficulties.

  • When filling out the login box, make sure you use the most recent password and not an outdated one. It may appear apparent, yet it is the most prevalent cause of authentication failures.
  • Users may have several email addresses and use them on different websites; Check that you’re using the correct email and password configuration when you log in. A bad mixture would not work.
  • Check that your keyboard’s CAPS Lock is turned off. Because passwords are always case sensitive, “PASSWORD” and “password” are two distinct passwords.
  • Sometimes the internet connection goes down without our knowledge. In the event of a login problem, ensure that your internet connection is operational.
  • The website you’re attempting to access may be down for maintenance. You might try to access it again when some time has passed. Server administrators frequently send emails to all registered users informing them of forthcoming maintenance, especially if you use an academic or employee portal.
  • Some websites do not let users to connect to them over a Virtual Private Network. Do not use a VPN to ensure that you are not experiencing problems as a result of this issue.


HTI is the Ministry of Ghana’s official website, which citizens and medical practitioners may use to log into the portal and apply online and monitor their application progress and interview details from anywhere with internet access.

In this article, we provided detailed instructions about the MOH HTI Login webpage. If you are still unable to use the site or are experiencing any other problems, please contact us. You can submit your concern in the comments below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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I misplaced my username. How do I get it?

Go to the HTI Portal login page, then click the forgot username link. Input your email address, and your username will be sent to you shortly.

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