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Odeon Cinemas offer its clients a satisfaction survey at tellodeon, where they can share their experience with Odeon’s offers and services.

Have you recently visited Odeon Cinema to watch your favorite movie? If so, then there is a stunning opportunity to win the limitless card.

If you are thinking about how to conduct an odeon customer satisfaction survey at tellodeon, then continue examining this post.


Rules And Requirements To Tell Odeon Take Customer Satisfaction Survey:

To participate in the odeon customer satisfaction survey at tellodeon, you need to meet all the below-mentioned rules and requirements to enter into the odeon sweepstake.

  • The age requirements for the telldeon cinema’s survey is set at eighteen(18)or +eighteen, which means it’s not conductible by minors.
  • You need a recent odeon cinemas ticket purchase slip that you received at the odeon cinema cash counter.
  • If you are the one who works for the Odeon cinema or has any connection with the theaters, then you are not allowed to participate in the survey.
  • The survey is only available in UK and Ireland meaning only United Kingdon or Ireland nationalists are allowed to participate.
  • Any reward you received from the Odeon cinemas survey cannot be changed to any other form such as money or exchange.
  • You need a valid email address to receive the odeon survey winner announcement.
  • You can only take one survey on one s single odeon ticket.
  • You need a smart device such as a phone or computer to visit the tellodeon customer survey official website.
  • Tell Odeon is an online survey, so you need an internet connection to conduct it.

How To Take Tell Odeon Customer Satisfaction Survey:

After meeting all the rules and regulations mentioned above, follow the below-mentioned procedure to participate in the Odeon cinemas online survey at tellodeon

  • To access the odeon customer satisfaction page, go to, the actual Odeon cinema website.
 access the odeon customer satisfaction page
  • You must indicate if you are 16 or older on the Odeon cinema webpage’s main website.
  • After choosing your Odeon Cinema Region, choose the one you most recently visited.
  • You must next input the Timeslot from the invoice number as well as the Date of Visit at Odeon theatres.
 Date of Visit at Odeon theatres.
  • You must now select “Start” and go through every question on the Odeon customer feedback.
  • Please rate the level of customer service at ODEON Cinema that you experienced on your most recent visit.
Please rate the level of customer service
  • Give ODEON Cinema’s visitor and movie-going experience a general satisfaction rating.
  • Don’t forget to complete the survey completely and accurately, considering your most recent Odeon movie-going experience.
  • You must then complete the survey procedure by clicking “Submit” after entering the necessary data in the corresponding fields on the Odeon cinemas website.
 clicking "Submit" after entering the necessary data
  • If you give the proper information, you will then have the opportunity to win a Boundless Voucher or 5 Combinations of Tickets as compensation.

Rewards And Coupons At Tell Odeon Customer Satisfaction Survey:

You have the opportunity to participate in the Odeon Prize Draw after completing the Tell Odeon Survey satisfactorily.

  • If you are the drawing’s first prize, you will receive a Limitless Card that entitles you to free movie entry at ODEON for an entire year.
 free movie entry at ODEON for an entire year.
  • If you are drawing for the second prize, then you can get a chance to win the next two Silver Odeon movie tickets.

The winners will be notified in writing within seven days of the Tell Odeon Prize Draw’s closing date. Also excluded from the benefits are any alcoholic beverages, meals, or travel expenses to the Odeon Cinema Venue.


What city and when did the first Odeon movie theatre open?

Answer: The first Odeon theatre opened in Birmingham in 1930, launching the company’s reputation as a destination for both seeing and experiencing movies. 

Why does Odeon provide its customers with visitor satisfaction surveys?

Answer: They consistently work to develop and enhance their accommodation and services since they are committed to providing each visitor with a wonderful experience, so they offer online odeon surveys.

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