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Do you want to win Petro-Canada $2000 Free Gift Card? If you want, then conduct the survey at and enter into the Petro-Canada Sweepstake Survey to win it. You should keep reading this article if you don’t comprehend how to perform the Petro-Canada Hero Questionnaire.

This post will show you the easy method to take Petro-Canada Guest Satisfaction Survey (Hero Survey). Also, this survey guide will show you the requirements and rules to be eligible for this survey at


Rules And Requirements To Take Petro-Canada.Ca/Hero Guest Survey:

You must adhere to certain guidelines if you want to participate in the Petro-Canada Customer Opinion Survey and leave comments.

  • A patron of Petro-Canada is required to be a local of Canada.
  • For the Petro-Canada Questionnaire, you are required to be at least 18 years old.
  • To comprehend the Petro-Canada Survey’s motivation, it is necessary to have a basic command of either English or French.
  • A net-connected computer, desktop, or smartphone to access the authorized Petro-Canada Census webpage.
  • You are demanded to have your Petro-Canada ticket on the pointer in order to conclude the online questionnaire.
  • Each Petro-Canada Survey volunteer is only permitted to engage in the survey once.
  • Participants in the study must not be Petro-Canada personnel or any of their direct close relatives or affiliates.
  • There will be no alternative conveyance of the Petro-Canada deal, for example, in money or in trade.
  • You must have a functional email address to receive the Petro-Canada discount offer on your buy.

How To Take Petro-Canada.Ca/Hero Guest Survey:

You are entitled to participate in this Petro-Canada Visitor Online Questionnaire if you meet the requirements listed previously.

  • Hit the “NEXT” option after choosing your favorite poll language on the authorized Petro-Canada Customer Survey Webpage.

Hit the "NEXT" option after choosing your favorite poll language

  • Select the “NEXT” button after selecting the kind of offer from Petro-Canada you got.
  • If you have a Petro-Canada invoice number, input it here, along with the day, hour, and receipt number found on your commercial invoice, and then click “NEXT.”

If you have a Petro-Canada invoice number, input it here,

  • If you’ve got a terminal & transaction code, input it here along with the day, hour, and terminal & transaction amount from your Petro-Canada commercial invoice, and then press “NEXT.”
  • There are several questions about your most recent encounter with Petro-Canada, so please answer them honestly and in accordance with your knowledge of the current visit.
  • The most frequently asked questions related to your trip and order, the company’s propensity for assistance, administrations, goods and amenities, the food and shipping options at Petro, the cost at Petro, the locales at Petro, the times at Petro, etc.
  • To finish the Petro-Canada questionnaire, now you have to fill in your personal details like your legal name, current residence address, working phone number, and confirmed email address.

Reward And Coupons At Petro-Canada.Ca/Hero Guest Survey:

Reward And Coupons At Petro-Canada.Ca/Hero Guest Survey:

  • Reward: A $2000 Canadian pre-paid card from Petro-Canada

After doing this internet Petro-Canada Questionnaire, you will have the choice of entering a contest for the possibility of winning a Petro-Canada code, which is a gift Card worth CDN $2000.


What company is Petro-Canada, and where is the main office?

A Canadian retail company connected to Suncor Energies is known as Petro-Canada. Up through 1990, it had the status of a Canadian crown company. Petro-Canada’s main office is in Calgary, Alberta. In August 2009, the Petro-Canada business amalgamated with Suncor Energy, giving Suncor Energy shareholders a 60% ownership stake in the business.

Does Petro-Canada include refineries?

Yes, one of Canada’s biggest corporations, Petro-Canada, includes refineries in Quebec and Newfoundland. Petro-Canada also owns a large number of oil fields across the nation and operates a large number of petrol stations. The Petro-Canada business launched Petro-Canada Mobility, a pre-paid mobile phone service for customers, in 2006.

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