Russia's McDonald's competitor said, "Quality Top Priority."

Russia’s McDonald’s competitor said, “Quality Top Priority.”

After customers were delivered rotten burgers, Russia's McDonald's competitor said, "Quality Top Priority."

Despite its McDonald’s-like appearance and fragrance, it is Vkusno & tochka currently. The brisket of fish is just a fish burger; these same golden arches have disappeared. The Big Mac has disappeared from Russia. 

The reopening of Chain restaurants in Moscow on Sunday underneath new Russian management and a new moniker that corresponds to “Tasty and that’s about it” symbolized the start of Russia’s high-speed companies and industries. 

Three decades after the American burger behemoth was first established in Moscow, metaphorically thawing relationships between East and West, the rebranding of the locations seem to be another strong demonstration of a new global arrangement.

The effectiveness of the redesigned business, which McDonald’s purchased when it left the state due to the fighting in Ukraine, could serve as a barometer for how well Russia’s economy can become more self-sufficient and withstand International sanctions. 

Hundreds of people waited in line on Sunday outside what formerly served as McDonald’s flagship restaurant in Moscow. The establishment had a brand design that included a sstylizedburger and two fries, along with the slogan “The name change, affection stays.” 

The line was considerably shorter than when the first McDonald’s opened in 1990, during the Soviet period when huge numbers of people flocked to the location.

The Big Mac and various other burgers were not on Vkusno & Tochka’s menu since it was smaller. The price of a fish burger was 169 roubles ($2.31), amounting to approximately 190 previously, while that double cheeseburger was 129 roubles ($2.31). 

According to Alexander Merkulov, technical director at the new business, neither McDonald’s ingredients nor the technology has altered. 

Young consumers like Sergei, 15, didn’t even notice much more of a change. 

As he devoured a chicken burger and fries, he said, “The taste hasn’t altered. The burger seems almost comparable. However, the cola is unique. 

On Sunday, 15 newly rebranded locations will launch in or around the capital, including the iconic Moscow restaurant. Vkusno & Tochka’s CEO, Oleg Paroev, stated that perhaps the business expected to reopen 200 locations throughout Russia by the end of This month and all 850 by the end of summer. 

Thus according to Paroev, who was appointed CEO of Russia’s McDonald’s weeks before Moscow pushed tens of thousands of troops into Ukraine on February 24, the firm would retain the interior of its previous Chain restaurants but will remove all allusions to its original title.

The restaurant’s media conference was held there, and Paroev stated, “Our objective is that our visitors do not detect a difference in quality or ambiance.” Although he stated that the company would maintain “cheap costs,” he did not completely exclude brief price increases shortly. 

On March 14, McDonald’s Russia shuttered its restaurants, and in mid-May, the business said it would no longer be functioning there. 

Ruzanna, the administrator of a Moscow branch that should open in July, claimed that her company remained inactive for three months. “Everyone here is very happy,” 

Up to 7 billion roubles ($125.56 million), according to the chain’s current buyer Alexander Govor, would indeed be invested in the business this year. Fifty-one thousand people work for a company.

“First and most importantly, the company requested me to preserve the employment and continue recruiting. I’ll carry out whatever plan, they concluded. 

As Coca-Cola confirmed it was suspending business in Russia, Govor announced that the organization was investigating substitute soft drink providers. 

Just as the press conference drew close, a guy approached the camera while holding a placard saying, “Bring back the Big Mac.” Members of staff frequently lead him outside.

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