Beats Flex Headphones Are Being Given Away For Free By Apple Music To New Student Subscribers:

Beats Flex Headphones Are Being Given Away For Free By Apple Music To New Student Subscribers:

Beats Flex Headphones Are Being Given Away For Free By Apple Music To New Student Subscribers:

Apple is giving free Beats Flex headphones to new student subscribers. Apple just launched it’s yearly Back to School promotion, during which the firm gives kids not only a discount on its goods but also a gift voucher worth up to $150 when they buy particular products. 

Beats Flex headphones are being given away for free by apple music to new student subscribers. Apple business is currently giving away a free pair of Beats Flex earphones to the latest iPhone Music plan members who are students.

Your enrollment in a bachelor’s, master’s, or equivalent university course is also a requirement. The offering, which includes a free set of Beats Flex headphones for customers in the US and the UK, will begin accepting new accounts on June 22 for Apple Music subscribers on the less-priced Student package.

According to the conditions and limitations of the offer, only academics from the two nations who have never annual service to any Apple Music subscription are eligible for the price.

You must have your status as a student verified by Apple or a supported third-party authentication partner in order to qualify for an Apple Music Student subscription.

What Is The Cost Of An Apple Music Student Subscription?

Apple Music subscriptions normally cost $9.99 a month in the US, but the business gives a discount to qualified students through the UNiDAYS program. The cost of the Apple Music student program increased from $4.99 to $5.99 per month last month.

The Itunes student subscription gives users complete access to the service’s song library on any screen. Members of the Apple Music student program also receive a free Apple TV+ membership at the top of the savings, although Apple warns that this deal is only available for a short time.

On Apple’s website, you can find further information on how to subscribe to Apple Music at a discounted rate for students.

What Type Of Headphones Are Beat Flex:

What Type Of Headphones Are Beat Flex

For those who don’t know, Beats Flex is the entry-level wireless headphones from Apple that fall under the Beats name. The Beats Flex earphones are not entirely cordless, unlike the AirPods and other more contemporary Beats earbuds.

In order to guarantee a more reliable connection and improvement was achieved with Android smartphones, the Beats Flex earphones also include Class 1 Bluetooth.

The earbuds include a microphone and volume control built right in, and the battery life is up to 12 hours. Through a standard USB-C cord, users can refresh them.

What Are The Perks Of Beat Flex For Students:

  • Those who do not wish to purchase AirPods. The Beats Flex is a good buy at this pricing because they offer many of the benefits of the AirPods without having a completely wireless design.
  • Those looking for gifts for others. The Flex is a terrific stocking stuffer for the holidays or birthdays and is available in four distinct hues.
  • Student users of iOS. Although these wireless neck buds are compatible with Android, pairing them with an iOS smartphone will give you the best value.

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