Elon Musk's situation becomes complicated as news of the twins

Elon Musk’s situation becomes complicated as news of the twins

Elon Musk's situation becomes complicated as news of the twins he and a Neuralink executive expect surfaced.

An astonishing article on a former SpaceX flight attendant who asserted that the company paid her $250,000 to be silent after Elon Musk made sex advances to her in 2016 was published by Insider last month. SpaceX President and COO Gwynne defended Musk’s perspective in an email to the business writing. I believe the accusations are false because I have worked closely with him for 20 years and haven’t seen or heard anything matching these allegations.

Regrettably, Shotwell and all of Musk’s other executive members are now in a far worse condition due to a new and substantially worse Insider article.

The twins were born weeks earlier. Musk and Claire Boucher, the artist who works as Grimes, delivered their second kid through surrogata e in December, according to the story, which further states that a judge approved the order in Austin in May. 

Zilis has already taken her LinkedIn page and eliminated any references to Neuralink from a website detailing her past. 

Zilis, a Yale grad who began her career at IBM after working as an investor for Bloomberg Beta until early 2016, was mentioned on the same page as better recognition with Neuralink, Tesla, and OpenAI. Zilis, the youngest director on OpenAI’s board, first interacted with Musk in 2016, according to Insider, while she was a director. As a project director, she supposedly joined Tesla in 2017. Musk is a co-CEO of Neuralink, where Zilis works as operations manager and special projects. 

The informant also claims that Zilis has lately been suggested as a possible contender for Musk to hire as Twitter’s CEO, provided his proposed $44 billion takeovers of the firm continue as planned. 

TechCrunch has not thoroughly examined the Insider story. Musk, who is routinely active on Twitter and who did not answer to Insider’s requests for comment (neither did Zilis), is now staying silent, though he recently tweeted last month that the U.S.’s declining fertility rates are a “demographic disaster,” adding, “I mean, I’m trying my thing hehe.”

Although Tesla, Neuralink, and OpenAI do not have protocols in place forbidding sexual misconduct, this new announcement is quite alarming. It will certainly prove to be a major distraction for other employees for Musk to have hidden children with a direct supervisor. The chat at the water fountain comes to mind. It lowers morale, which Tesla, in particular, would appear to need the fewest of given its several other worker disputes. Additionally, if Zilis later decides that Musk misused his position as CEO, it might expose his firms to sizable lawsuits.

Not least, but probably least problematic, the development won’t be well greeted by the American government, which has already been antagonistic toward Tesla under the Biden administration. 

The report makes the executive board of Musk’s firms seem extraordinarily slack in the interim, and it forces executives like Shotwell to persuade staff that Musk has the same professional judgement, self-control, and laser-like concentration on his companies’ performance as he professes he demands of them. She will undoubtedly receive a request to do that tonight, maybe in a separate email to the organization.

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