Delete a Youtube Channel

How to Delete a Youtube Channel in Android and iPhone

If you’re a newbie and using Youtube with absolutely no experience, then you’ve asked a valid question which Is How to delete a Youtube channel? Because adding the video on Youtube is very easy but when it comes to suppressing the video/account, there are few complications which you need to understand. So without wasting further time, let’s get into our topic.

Delete a Youtube Channel
Delete a Youtube Channel

How to Delete a Youtube Channel

The answer to your question has different steps which you’re bound to follow in order to delete a Youtube channel but first, let’s quickly go to the most frequently asked question about the same problem from our fellows. So here we go!

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  • How to delete a Youtube channel in 2018? – To delete a Youtube channel in 2018, you need to login to your Youtube channel>click on your profile icon on the right top corner of your browser>Click on settings>Click on advanced setting>Scroll to the bottom of the page>click on Delete Channel. You’re done!
  • How to remove a video from Youtube channel? – The answer to this question is very simple, just navigate to the video which you want to delete>hover your mouse to the menu button of the video> Select “Delete” and you’re done!
  • How to unsubscribe a Youtube channel? –To unsubscribe a Youtube channel, you need to open a Youtube channel which you want to unsubscribe; you’ll be shown a red button and Unsubscribed must be written on that. Click on the red button and you’ll be unsubscribed to that channel.
  • Who are the most subscribed channels of Youtube? – The names of the Youtube channels are given below.

1. PewDiePie (93 Million Subscribers)

Delete a Youtube Channel
Delete a Youtube Channel

2. T-Series (92.6 Million Subscribers)

3. 5-Minutes Craft (53 Million Subscribers)

4. Canal KondZilla (48.1 Million Subscribers)

5. SET India (45 Million Subscribers)

  • Who is the wealthiest Youtuber of all time? – The richest Youtuber of all the time is Logan Paul who has a net worth of 15 Million US Dollars and the second in the list of richest Youtuber of all the time is PewDiePie with 14.5 Million US Dollars of net worth.

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So, we are done with the frequently asked question and now we are heading towards the solution of our real problem which is How to delete a Youtube channel. So, here the solution comes

Delete a Youtube channel in Android and Iphone

You need to follow these steps in order to make sure that your Youtube channel is deleted.

  • Go to and Login to your account
  • Select My Channel after clicking on your profile and then go to the Settings
  • Go to the advanced setting and scroll down until the page ends
  • You’ll see Delete Channel (All your Content) and then click on it
  • Select I want to delete the channel permanently with some reasons and you’re done.

How to Delete a Youtube Playlist

Follow these steps and your playlist will be removed permanently.

  • Login to your Youtube account
  • Select the playlist which you want to remove permanently
  • Click on the dots which are present on the right side of the playlist and select delete playlist from it.
  • Your Playlist will be removed, and now you can create a new one.

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How to Delete a Youtube Account on Ipad

If you’re willing to delete a Youtube account on Ipad, then you don’t have to worry about. We have got your back just follow these simple steps and you’re done.

  • Go to your Youtube Channel and click on My account
  • Click on Setting and then go to Advanced Settings
  • Scroll Down your page until you see Delete your Youtube Channel button and then click on it
  • You’ll be asked whether to delete your account permanently or not
  • Choose the option as per your choice and then click on Delete account.
  • And you’re done.

How to Delete a Youtube Account in 2018

To delete a Youtube account in 2018, you need to follow these steps

  • Open your laptop and open the web browser in it
  • Make sure that you have logged in to your Youtube account
  • Head towards your profile and click on it
  • After click on your profile, click on setting button
  • In the settings tab, hover to advanced settings
  • Now scroll down the page and at the end of the page you’ll be shown a button named as deleting your channel
  • Simply click on it and you’ll be asked about Permanently delete your channel or not
  • Choose the option as per your choice or need and then click on Ok.

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Disadvantages of Deleting a Youtube Channel

There can be a lot of disadvantages of deleting a Youtube channel but following are the mainstream disadvantages that you’re going to suffer for sure.

  • You’re going to Lose all your content (Videos, Statues, and Posts)
  • You’re going to Lose all your subscribers and we all know how difficult is to get subscribers these days
  • You’re going to Lose all the subscription that you’ve made on your channel to view other contents and your new Youtube channel would be so boring for you

If you consider our advice in your account, then we would recommend you to create original and eye-catching content if you want to make Youtube channel your career because nowadays people are moving to Youtube to showcase their talent, then why not you? Think before you delete your channel but if you’re doing it for any other purposes, then the choice is absolutely yours!

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In a Nutshell

We really hope that the above article on How to delete a Youtube channel has really helped you in achieving your purpose. If you have any question regarding How to delete a Youtube channel, then you’re free to ask us by commenting down below. You’ll be given an answer immediately because for us your smile matters a lot and smile can only come when you get a solution to your problem. Cheers!

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