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How To Delete Ashley Madison Account

How to delete ashleymadison account is the most asked question from an Ashley Madison account holder because once they get a girlfriend then there’s no point of staying on this website. In this article, we will be showing you the way of how to delete ashleymadison account with easy steps. And yes, after reading the entire article, you’ll finally be able to delete your account.

How to delete ashleymadison account – Solution

If you’re going to follow these steps which we are going to discuss in a while then it won’t be a difficult task for you to delete ashleymadison account. Let’s quickly go to the solution of How to delete ashleymadison account. Here we go!

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1. Go to Ashley Madison Website

Ok, if you’ve finally made your mind about deleting your Ashley Madison account then you’ve to head towards the website and after entering the website in the browser press the enter button to load it. All you have to do is to enter the required information which is User Name and Password. After entering your credentials, click on the login button to go to the dashboard of your account.

But you’ve to make sure that you’re entering your own account because once the account is deleted, it can’t be recovered. This is why it is important to think twice before entering all the information.

Ashley Madison Account
Ashley Madison Account

2. Go to Manage Profile

After logging into your account, just go to the dashboard and you’ll see a lot of options related to your profile. All you have to do is to head towards Manage profile option which you’ll find on the pink search bar in the dashboard of your profile. Well, you can check all the other options from your profile but after checking all the information of your profile just simply click on Manage your profile.

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After clicking on this button you’ll get one step closer to how to delete ashleymadison account. Here’s the screenshot of where you’ll find out this option.

Ashley Madison Account
Ashley Madison Account

3. Go to Delete Profile

Now, it’s time to delete ashleymadison account, once you click on the manage profile button a drop-down list will be opened. The list will contain the information of your profile, for example, your contact options, credit history, manage posts and a lot more options. You can check them one by one if you want to delete your post before deleting your account.

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Once you check up all the information related to your profile, simply click on delete profile and you’re almost done in doing how to delete ashleymadison account. Here’s the screenshot if you didn’t find the option yet.

4. Delete your Profile Button

Okay, once you clicked on the delete profile button, you’ll be shown a new tab in which a lot of information will be carried about what will happen if you delete an account. Read them carefully if you want to read them otherwise just ignore them. Simply head towards the option of Delete your profile and you’re done.

Here’s the screenshot if in case you didn’t find that button.

5. Confirmation about Deleting your Account

Now then, once you click on delete your profile it will ask you for the confirmation whether you’re sure about this decision or not. If you’re sure and wants to delete your account permanently then without any hesitation click on yes button, and your profile will be deleted permanently.

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Note: It can take up-to 48 hours to remove your account information from their server, so you don’t have to panic out regarding this thing.

You still have an option of declining the request of deactivating your account if you logged in to your account within 48 hours. And we have heard that Ashley Madison is charging 19 Dollars for deactivating the account and that’s totally injustice.

According to some resource we have get to know that they are using your information for some other purpose as well, we are not sure about this information but we have seen different posts regarding this topic on social media as well. The choice is absolutely yours whether to believe this information or not.

Let’s discuss the advantages of and disadvantage of delete ashleymadison account. So here we go!

Advantages to Delete ashleymadison account

Delete ashleymadison account may have some advantages which you should know. We have break down some of the advantages and here they are.

  • Once you delete your account you’ll finally not be able to see any notification from Ashley Madison.
  • After deleting the account, you won’t be receiving any email from Ashley Madison related to their events or promotions. Because we know that they are irritating sometimes and seems like they are doing some sort of spam.
  • After deleting your account, all your information which was written in your account will be vanished off as your account got deleted. The fear of leaking your information through Ashley Madison will move away once you delete your account.
  • Your partner will feel much better and he/she will trust your more after deactivating your account because there will be no sign of cheating your partner and this is so soothing.  

Well, that’s all from the advantages section of delete ashleymadison account, now we are heading towards disadvantage of delete ashleymadison account. So here we go!

Disadvantages to Delete ashleymadison account

It’s time to discuss disadvantages of delete ashleymadison account and here we go!

  • After deleting your account, your profile will completely be deleted from search results of Ashley Madison website
  • Your profile will permanently be removed from the website and server as well if you didn’t log in within 48 hours of deleting your profile.
  • All the messages and your friends will be removed from your account and will no longer have access to them if you need them
  • All the photos will be removed from your account which you have uploaded them on your profile. Make sure that you download all the photos before deactivating your account.

So, that’s all from the disadvantages section of delete ashleymadison account.

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We really hope that this article helped you a lot in understanding how to delete ashleymadison account, and if you’ve any questions related to delete ashleymadison account then comment down below. Cheers!

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