Delete Cougarlife Account

How to delete Cougarlife account

Cougarlife is an online dating website, which allows the women to find a younger partner for them, but if you’ve already found one and want to delete Cougarlife account then you’re on the right place because in this article we are going to tell you about the deletion of Cougarlife account. All you have to do is to follow these steps in order to delete your account.

Solution- How to Delete Cougarlife Account

In this solution, we will be showing you the easiest way of deleting your Cougarlife account. If you’re using Cougarlife for a longer period and consider Cougarlife an easy thing to use then these steps are for you. But, if you’re a newbie and don’t have enough knowledge about Cougarlife account then we will be discussing the detailed solution after these quick fires.

Now then, all you have to do is to follow these steps so that you can delete Cougarlife account in a flash. So here we go!

  • Go to the official website of Cougarlife
  • Login to your account
  • Go to the settings and then select account settings
  • Scroll down the page and you’ll see delete account button
  • Click on it and confirm it
  • And you’re done

Wait, have you decided to delete the Cougarlife account for sure? If not then you can temporary disable the Cougarlife account as well because you never know about the breakups, they can come up to you like your mood swings. So, it’s better to delete Cougarlife account temporary rather than going for permanent deletion. Do you know the way of delete Cougarlife account temporary? We guess NO!

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Here’s the way of deleting Cougarlife account and probably you’re going to change your mind after going for these steps. So here we go again!

  • Write the official website address of Cougarlife account in your browser
  • Login to your account of Cougarlife
  • Go to the account setting and scroll down to the end of the page
  • Click on the delete account button
  • Select temporary delete account and select the date of re-activation
  • And you’re done

Isn’t it the best way of removing your account from your life for some while? Because we can’t take anything for granted in our lives. So, this temporary deletion of account is totally worth it.

Now it’s time to discuss How to delete Cougarlife account in detail, so that newbie account holders can get to know about how to delete Cougarlife account as well. So without wasting further time, let’s quickly go to the details. So here we go!

How to delete Cougarlife Account in Detail

As you guys know that in this section we will be discussing each and everything in details. So here we go!

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1. Go to the Official Website

The very first step of deleting Cougarlife account is to go to their official website so that you can log in to your account and can process the next steps in them. All you have to do is to find a laptop and enter the browser in it, but make sure that your laptop is connected to the internet.

Now quickly type the official website of Cougarlife in it and press the enter button. You’re done with the first step of knowing how to delete Cougarlife account.

2. Login to your account

As we all know that you can never delete an account unless you login to it, so if you’ve opened their website and found a login button on it then click on the button. Once you’ve clicked the button, a form is going to open containing USER NAME and Password section.

Enter your credentials in it and hit the login button again in order to get into your account. Once you click on the login button, you will proceed to your profile. But make sure that you’ve entered the right credentials because you’ll never be allowed to view your profile unless you enter the right username and password.

Delete Cougarlife Account
Delete Cougarlife Account

3. Go to the Settings

If you’ve successfully entered into your account, then you’d probably be able to see the setting button in the menu section. If you see a glimpse of menu anywhere in your account just tap it and you’ll be able to have a settings button there.

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Click on the settings button and then go for the account setting button. You’ll see a lot of options related to your account in the account setting option, you can go and check one by one and they return back. Once you checked all the information related to your account, just scroll down the page.

4. Scroll down the Page

Scrolling down the page will take you to the delete your account button, and all you have to do is to click on the delete button option. Once you click on the option, you’ll be asked a reason to delete your account. If you have that reason in your mind, then simply type that reason in the reason box and click on the delete button.

After clicking the delete Cougarlife account button, you’ll be asked about the confirmation of deleting your account. If you’re okay with it then click on Yes button, but if you’re not okay with deleting your Cougarlife account then click on No Button.

In a Nutshell

Deleting an account can never be a solution of any problem, but keeping it out of your life for some time can be the solution because if you ever need the Cougarlife again in your life, then what would you do? Do you make a premium account again and waste your money again? We guess that’s not the best of the option for you to be very honest.

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You can act upon our suggestion of delete Cougarlife account temporary because you never know when you’re going to need this account. It’s good that you want to be loyal with your partner, but what if your partner is cheating on you? Haha!

The choice is yours and if you have any question regarding how to delete Cougarlife account, then feel free to write any query in the comment section. We will try to answer you in a flash! Cheers

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