How To Activate Trakt Tv On Fire Stick

How To Activate Trakt Tv On Fire Stick – Complete Guide

Trakt tv streaming channel is one of the famous networks that offer thousands of programs to their users. Are you thinking about how to activate trakt tv on fire stick and other streaming devices?

If you are, keep reading this post to find out how you can activate trakt tv on fire stick and other streaming sticks and what requirements you will need to activate trakt tv to start watching all of your favorite streaming content without any limitation.

How To Activate Trakt Tv On Fire Stick

Requirements For Activating Trakt Tv:

To start the trakt tv activation procedure and start streaming limitless trakt tv on your connected display, you must satisfy all the trakt tv activation conditions listed below.

  • A trakt tv subscription package is required if you don’t already have one; you can purchase a trakt tv subscription bundle on the trakt website to start the initialization.
  • You need a compatible streaming device to view Trakt TV without stuttering or lagging.
  • You’ll want a smartphone or desktop equipment to accomplish the final steps of the Trakt TV setup process.

Activating Trakt TV On Fire Stick Streaming Device:

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to activate Trakt tv on your Amazon fire stick. You need to follow the procedure steps to stream all of your favorite movies on your fire stick device.

Trakt tv provides you with a range of streaming services to choose from, their subscription costs, and much more. With the help of this technique, you can quickly install and turn on Trakt TV on your Firestick. Before beginning, make sure you have a Trakt TV account. Let’s start the Trakt activation procedure.

  • First, start by turning on your Firestick and use a high-speed internet connection for your Firestick.
  • From your fire stick, go to the Amazon Store and look for the Trakt TV app to start the procedure.
  • After the Trakt app is installed on your device, launch the Trakt app and select the Sign In option from the page.
  • A trakt activation code is shown on your smart screen; all you need to do is copy the activation code and save it to complete the trakt tv activation procedure.
  • Open your mobile or computer web browser and put the provided link in the search box to go to the trakt activation page.
  • Now put the Trakt tv Activation Code in the available box and press the Activate button to finish your trakt tv activation procedure. 
  • When the trakt activation process is complete, you will be notified that you can start trakt unlimited streaming.

Activating Trakt TV On Kodi Streaming Device:

A popular media player for streaming high-quality videos, games, images, music, and other content is Kodi, which is free and open-source. Android, iOS, Windows, OS X, and Linux all support Kodi. So are you looking for how to add trakt tv to your Kodi device? Then read this section carefully.

To stream trakt tv programs, you need to activate trakt tv first; if you willingly want to activate trakt tv on your Kodi streaming device, then follow the below-mentioned procedure instructions on how to download and install the Trakt TV plug-in from Kodi; see the steps below.

  • Start by turning on your Kodi device and look for the “Search icon” from the Kodi home menu (You can find it on your screen top left).
  • After that, click “Search add-ons” and enter “”
  • After typing in the search term, press the “Enter” or “OK” button.
  • A few alternatives will be displayed on the screen. Just choose the Trakt application.
  • Now choose “Install” from the menu (Located at the top of your screen).
  • You need to watch for the phrase “Trakt Add-on enabled” in the upper right corner of your Kodi device.
  • You should see a popup with instructions on linking your Trakt. Tv account. If you don’t see this message or the instructions on the screen, you can select “Configure.”
  • Select “How do I authorize…” after that to look for further instructions to proceed to the next step.
  • After conducting the previous step, you’ll get an eight-digit trakt tv activation code. Write it on paper or copy it on your Kodi device.
  • Now you will need to use your desktop or mobile device to drive to trakt. Tv/activate after copying the code.
  • After entering the trakt tv activation code, press the “CONTINUE” button.
  • You can choose to “Allow Trakt for Kodi to use your account” on the next screen. Select “YES” from the menu.
  • Then, a “Woohoo!” message will appear.
  • Your device is currently connected, and a refresh will happen automatically in a few seconds. You have to go back to Kodi to restart the trakt tv application.
  • Finally, open the trakt tv programs and watch your favorite streaming content on the Kodi device.

Activating Trakt Tv On Apple Streaming Device:

Your watch history may be managed manually or automatically with the Trakt TV app, which is its best feature. You can add a certain movie to your watched history by ticking the purple checkbox. 

To get this advantage, you need to activate trakt tv on your apple streaming device, which can be done by following the below-mentioned method. (You need to cover all the steps below in their placement; if you didn’t, don’t waste your time starting from scratch).

Let’s look carefully at the trakt tv procedure for using your Apple TV to use these functions.

  • Make sure your Apple TV is connected to the internet before turning it on.
  • Install the Trakt TV app from the Apple App Store concurrently.
  • After the installation, open the trakt app, and to receive the trakt tv activation code, copy the Activation Code before it vanishes.
  • Take your other device and go to, the company’s official website.
  • When you get to the trakt tv official website, type the trakt tv activation code into the appropriate box.
  • Finally, press the Activate button and wait a while to finish the trakt tv activation procedure on your apple streaming device.

Final Verdict:

To activate trakt tv on your compatible streaming device, follow the steps below to complete your trakt tv activation process successfully.

Step1: Turn on your streaming device and look for a trakt tv application to install it on your device.

Step2: Now launch the trakt application on your device to obtain the trakt tv activation code.

Step3: Open the browser on your other device and visit the official trakt tv website to go to the activation page.

Step4: Finally, enter the received trakt tv activation code in the given field and tap on activate logo to finish your trakt tv activation procedure.


Is Trakt compatible with Apple TV?

Answer: Seen movies and TV shows are instantly “scrobbled” back to your trakt Tv profile thanks to the Apple TV’s interaction with trakt. Tv. Additionally, you will be able to rate each video directly from the Apple TV interface.

Is there an application for Trakt?

Answer: All well, but when for Android? The software will be iPad-optimized, and an Android version is also in the works. VIP subscribers will continue to receive beta versions of new features before they are made available to the general public.

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