Discord Text Formatting

Discord Text Formatting Guide | Color |Bold | Italics | Underline

Discord Text Formatting Guide: Bold, Italic, Colors, Strikethrough

If you are a newbie, you probably want to learn Discord text formatting.  In this guide, you will learn the basics behind Discord’s formatting engine (Highlight and Markdown), basic formatting commands, including bolding, underlining, italicizing, etc. You will also learn how to type out text in code blocks and boxes in any color.

Discord Text Formatting
Discord Text Formatting

Behind the Scenes of Discord Text Formatting

While you sit there and chat away on Discord daily, there’s a lightweight engine working in the background that formats all of our text, is called Markdown.

The rundown on Markdown on Discord

Discord Text Formatting
Discord Text Formatting

Discord Markdown is a markup language built to be light-weighted and straightforward to read and write. It is entirely text-based and uses smartly placed symbols on formatting text in italic, bold, underlined, etc. Usually, it is used to format forum discussions, readme files, and to format plan text into a precious document in basic text editors. Seeing Discord’s potential, Discord developers brought it into the core software. 

We’re going to jump into Discord Markdown in the next segment to show you how to properly format all of your text in any way you had like:

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Highlight.js Feature

Before we jump into Discord Markdown, I want to include another feature the Discord developers added on, that is called Highlight.js

Remember, Discord doesn’t have full-text highlighting. For example, you can’t format text like “I want this word to be in yellow, and this one to be in green.” What does exist in Discord coloring-text purposes, is a hacked version of highlighting the text using syntax color tricks from highlight.js.

For highlighting the text in Discord, we use a code-block and point it towards a specific highlighting syntax profile that is included in highlight.js, and then to use that by wrapping our text in suitable symbols. You will understand it better when we get to some fascinating examples down below:

How to Format Text in Discord

below you will get all the details about bold, italic, under and other discord formatting footprints.

Bold Text in Discord

If you want to create bold text in Discord, start and end your desired text with double asterisks (*). For example, type your text as This is an example of **Bold Text**

Italicizing the Text in Discord

If you want to create italicized text in Discord, all you have to do is type one asterisk key before the text which you want to format in italic. For example, Here is an example of *Italicized Text*. It will stylize your text into Bold Italic format.

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How to Underline Text in Discord

To format your text as underline, you need to use two underscore keys ( _ _ ) by pressing (Shift+underscore) key on your keyboard. Below is an example of underlined text; I want this text to be __underlined__

Creating Strikethrough text in Discord

For Strikethrough text in Discord, you need to press the Shift+tilde key on your keyboard (~~) For example; Here is an example of ~~Strikedthrough~~ text.

Discord Text Formatting on International Keyboard Layouts

For international keyboard user, here are some additional keyboard layouts that will enable you to format your text with ease in Discord:

  • German: Shift key+ [+] (key right of U)
  • Spanish: Shift key +[+] (Key right of `^ (Spain) or ‘.. (Latin American))
  • French: *(Key right of u%)
  • French (Belgium): Shift+$ (Key right of ^..)
  • French (Switzerland): Shift+3
  • Italian: Shift+[+] (key right of e e)
  • Swedish: Shift+’ (key right of A)

The majority of users used standard English keyboard, but we want to acknowledge alternative layouts so that all of this can be done regardless of what type of keyboard layout you are using.

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