Meetme Account Recovery

What is Meetme Account Recovery?

You are at the right post if you are seeking the best way of Meetme Account Recovery. Your Meetme account was erased, and you’re wondering how to get it back. This guide will introduce you to all the requirements and steps involved in recovering a lost Meetme account.

What is Meetme, exactly?

The Meetme mobile app allows users to sign up for the dating service without paying anything. To recover a lost Meetme account, there are two options.

Meetme Account Recovery
Meetme Account Recovery

Actually, it was lost because you ordered us to deactivate your account on your behalf, and we failed to notice. That particular account is still accessible if you removed the Meetme app without starting the deactivation process.

The owner won’t need to understand how to retrieve a deleted Meetme account. It will be extremely convenient for you to sign in to Meetme with the same registered credentials by just logging onto the sign-in page.

You should try to retrieve passwords using Facebook or your email address if it turns out that the account is incorrect or there was a sign-in issue.

Meetme Account Recovery:

Follow the below steps to recover Meetme account:

Meetme Account Recovery
Meetme Account Recovery
  • Use a web browser to access and log in there.
  • Specify your Meetme username here.
  • You can enter your account password on the following page.
  • Click “Forgotten password” if the password you just recalled isn’t functioning or doesn’t match the account password.
  • To get an OTP that has been sent, enter the registered email address and log in.
  • After copying the code, paste it into the proper column.
  • Validate your identification before choosing a new password to replace the old one.
  • Try logging in with the newly established password after clicking Submit.

Let’s try a different approach to recovering your deleted Meetme account. This is an opportunity to retrieve a deleted Meetme account using a Facebook account.

How Can MeetMe Be Recovered With A Phone Number?

You’ll attempt to sign in using Facebook at this point. The link will open a platform where you may provide your Facebook information as a means of verification. Let’s begin;

Meetme Account Recovery
Meetme Account Recovery
  • Open the official Meetme website.
  • Try to log in with a password you can recall. Go to the Forgotten Password link and click if it isn’t functioning.
  • A new page will ask for your Facebook phone number and email address.
  • Enter one of them; just make sure it’s the one that’s still around.
  • Go to the phone number or email address to get the confirmation code.
  • Enter the verification code that was received; at this point, you should establish a new password.
  • Log in to reactivate your account.

The prerequisite for opening a Meetme account is an email address. You can’t use the same Meetme account twice if you forget the email address linked to it; instead, you must establish a new one.

There is no way to get a Meetme confirmation code, even if you recall the email address but still don’t have access to it. Therefore, it is still useless. Just that!

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How Can I Recover My MeetMe Profile?

It will be challenging to retrieve your account if you signed up and logged in using your Facebook account.

For this, you must use the email address linked to your Facebook account. You must continue to use the email account you used to sign up for MeetMe if you previously used another email address. These activities won’t work if something happens.

To reclaim your account if you signed up for MeetMe using a Facebook account, follow these instructions:

  • Visit the MeetMe password reset website that we already referred to above to proceed.
  • Your Facebook email address should be entered in the form.
  • You may access Submit by clicking or tapping it.
  • Note the confirmation code from the email.
  • Go to the page where you may reset your password.
  • From the drop-down box, choose “I already have a confirmation code.”
  • The confirmation code should be entered in the second field after your email address.
  • Clicking “Submit” is required.
  • You should follow this step to access your Facebook account.


How can I get my MeetMe account back?

You may reset your MeetMe password if you follow these instructions if you’ve forgotten it:

  • Click “Forgot your password?” on the MeetMe login screen.
  • Click “Submit” after entering the email address linked to your MeetMe account.
  • Check your email for a message from MeetMe that contains a link to change your password.
  • Enter a new password after clicking the email’s link.

How can I modify my MeetMe password?

Log onto the website first before changing your MeetMe password: Once you have logged in, select “Profile” from the menu, and then click the “Settings” option. You may then input your new password from there.

Without a password, how can I remove my MeetMe account?

Sadly, MeetMe does not offer a method for password-free account deletion. You should get help from MeetMe support if you don’t remember your password.

Where can I locate my MeetMe email address?

You must first open the app and login before you can discover your email address on MeetMe. After logging in, select “Settings” from the menu that appears when you click the menu symbol in the top left corner of the screen. Your email address will automatically be validated if you already have a MeetMe account.

Final Words

That’s all we have to say about Meetme Account Recovery. One of these programs that puts user security first is MeetMe. They could think you’re a social engineer attempting to take over an account.

So don’t be surprised if they decide not to restore your account. The best ways to retrieve a MeetMe Account are given here in this post.

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