FDA Lifts Temporary Ban on Juul E-Cigarettes

FDA Lifts Temporary Ban on Juul E-Cigarettes

White House In reaction to the vaping firm Juul’s petition to suspend its electronic cigarettes from distribution, the United States Food And drug last month imposed an administrative stay. 

They will temporarily block the marketing prohibition order while the agency conducts more reviews, the agency tweeted, but they will not revoke it. 

On June 23, the FDA announced its inaugural restriction on selling Juul products. The government embargo was temporally stopped a day later by an appeals court.

Thus, the restriction on Juul’s products is being temporarily postponed instead of just being lifted permanently. 

On June 23, the order had first been granted, but a federal court stopped it the next day. During the appeals phase, the FDA will maintain its hold. Juul must establish that its e-cigarettes and other goods assist adult smokers (by aiding them in quitting or reducing their use of regular cigarettes) and are unlikely to cause addictions in young users before the manufacturer can maintain the accessibility of its products on store shelves.

Joe Murillo, the chief legislative officer of Juul Labs, claimed in a statement to ABC News that “with this administrative stay from the FDA currently in place, we continue to provide our products for adult smokers while they pursue the Agency’s approval process.” “We remain confident inside this caliber and content of our submissions and feel that ultimately we would be able to prove that our goods fulfill the constitutional criterion of becoming appropriate for the protection of the health.”

We now envisage re-engaging with the FDA to guarantee a marketing license for Juul goods the significant occasions. 

Politicians and anti-tobacco activists have criticized the corporation for exploiting tastes like creme, mint, and menthol, as well as an elegant design that resembles a USB flash drive, to promote smoking to children and teenagers in the United States. 

According to the FDA, contemporary finish 2 million American middle and high school students smoked e-cigarettes in 2021, with 80% of students reporting flavor consumption. 

According to the 2020 National Longitudinal Survey Of youth, Juul is the most widely used e-cigarette brand among adolescents, with 25.4% of high school and 35.1% of middle school consumers citing it as their usual choice.

According to the Centers for Disease and Prevention, nicotine exposure from e-cigarettes can impede brain development in adolescents and young adults, persisting until the mid-20s. 

According to the manufacturer, only one Juul pod contains the same amount of nicotine as a pack of 20 regular cigarettes. 

E-cigarettes may also include toxins and other substances that might harm the lungs, according to CDC. 

Congress gave the FDA the authority in 2009 to control electronic cigarettes’ production, marketing, and sale. 

Manufacturers of e-cigarettes, including Juul, were obliged to disclose their goods for FDA examination by September 2020, so they were allowed to continue selling goods during the same time.

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