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The Gramfree Dashboard Login is the Telegram Organization’s online website. It rewards its users a certain amount of Gram in exchange for doing simple activities on the website.

This page contains information on GramFree Login, including its benefits, usage, accounts, login, and more. To put it another way, everything about it, including its primary web. You can quickly skim the content table to get what you’re looking for, but it would be greatly appreciated if you read this article entirely.

Gramfree Dashboard Login
Gramfree Dashboard Login

Types of Portals and Accounts at Gramfree Dashboard Login:

At GramFree Website, there is only one type of online login site that anyone in the world can use to register an account and make money by performing easy tasks.

Gramfree Dashboard Login Requirements:

The following are the most important prerequisites for registering at the Gramfree Dashboard Login page.

  • You must have a graphical user interface device, such as a laptop, desktop, Mac, phone, or other similar devices.
  • It should be internet-connected.
  • The device must have a current web browser.
  • The profile is needed. You can make some if you do not have any. Continue reading to learn more. 
  • You must have your account’s credentials or the account details to login.
  • You should be able to communicate in English or use a translation.

Purpose of Gramfree Dashboard Login:

The goal of the GramFree Login online portal is to allow all of its customers and users to make money without making any investments. GramFree’s online portal enables users to stay connected from anywhere in the world, simply connecting to the internet.

How To Create Gramfree Account – Gramfree Signup

To establish a Gramfree Account for free, follow the instructions below:

  • To begin, go to to view the Signup page.
GramFree login process
Gramfree Dashboard Login
  • Then, select Sign-up.
  • Then, by clicking on the SignUp button, you will be taken to the Create Account page.

How To Create GramFree Account With Gmail Or Facebook:

Then you’ll have to decide whether you want to create a GramFree account with your Google account (Gmail) or with your Facebook account.

GramFree login process
Gramfree Dashboard Login

To Create Gramfree Account With Gmail (Google Account)

There are two ways to establish a GramFree account: Facebook and Gmail. However, if you choose to establish your GramFree account using a Gmail account.

GramFree login process through Gmail
Gramfree Dashboard Login

If you have multiple Gmail accounts, choose your preferred one.

To Create GramFree Account With Facebook Account

If you choose to register your Gram free account through Facebook, you will be taken to a similar page as given below —

GramFree through Facebook login process
Gramfree Dashboard Login

Make a Facebook account if you don’t already have one. Then click the ‘Continue as your Facebook Username’ button.

GramFree Features

The key features of the GramFree online website are listed below.

GramFree In terms of security

GramFree’s system is secure, much as Telegram’s, and it has sophisticated security against hacker attacks.

GramFree In terms of speed and agility

TON adds speed and scalability to GramFree’s multi-blockchain design, allowing it to perform millions of transactions per second.

GramFree in terms of Anonymity

GramFree’s total Anonymity of the customer base and the absence of a public transaction history rule out any outside involvement.

How To Earn In GramFree

  • 1. By Referring: Refer and earn 5 Gram immediately (5 gram is equal to $10)
  • 2. By Rolling For Free: Roll every hour and Earn from 0.1 Gram to 1000 Gram depending on the number you roll.
  • 3. By Clicking Uploaded Videos: Earn 0.1 Gram ($0.2) for clicking uploaded videos.
  • 4. By Uploading Videos About GramFree: Earn 5 Gram when you upload videos about GramFree.
  • 5. By Participating In Lottery: Win 10 Gram to 2500 Gram.
  • 6. Daily sign & confirm smart contacts get 1 to 5 gram

GramFree Reward System

GramFree offers a reward system in the form of points and Gram equivalents. Each point helps you advance to the next level, so racking up points as quickly as possible is a super-fast method to level up. As you accumulate points, the Grams equivalent is added to your wallet. The following are the point systems that will raise your level;

  • +1 Point: New day activity
  • +1 Point: Free-roll
  • +5 points: Invitation of a friend
  • +10 points: Referral reached 2d level
  • +2 points: Smart contact was concluded
  • +1 point: Smart contact was confirmed
  • +5 points: Smart contact was signed
  • +2 points: Play lottery
  • +1 point: YouTube video was watched
  • +10 points: New video review was approved.

GramFree Withdrawal Methods

So, after you reach 500 Grams, which is about $2,500 based on today’s assessment of the current Gram price, you can withdraw your money in a variety of ways:

  1. Withdraw Using Bitcoin
  2. Withdraw Using Smart Card
  3. Withdraw using Visa
  4. Withdraw using PayPal
  5. Withdraw using American Express card
  6. Withdraw using Payoneer
  7. Withdraw using Payer
  8. Withdraw using Skrill
  9. Withdraw using Neteller 
  10. Withdraw using Ecopayz

GramFree Alternative

Three Gram-Free Options I’ll tell you about Blocksmash, Freebitco, United4Africa, Zealous.

GramFree Lucky Number and Payout

Here is the GramFree lucky number and payment information.

  • GramFree: 1-980 number payout is 0.1Gram
  • GramFree: 981-993 number payout is 1Gram
  • GramFree: 994-997 number payout is 10Gram
  • GramFree: 998-999 number payout is 100Gram
  • GramFree: 1000 number payout is 1000Gram


Friends, let me inform you that if you keep up with frequent updates on this page, you will earn money on GramFree and withdraw it when you reach 500 grams. So, sign up now for a chance to win $75,000!

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Is GramFree really worth it?

GramFree is a legitimate website where you may earn money online. However, it might be a fraud. The website is not owned by a recognized company and is not a financial investing website. The likelihood of you generating a profit on the website is quite low since you would need to devote several months (or 60 days) to acquire enough money to withdraw.

Who is GramFree’s creator?

Durov, Pavel Entrepreneur and the creator of VK and Telegram Messenger.

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