How to Delete Garena Account

How to Delete Garena Account | Complete Guide 2022

Are you seeking the answer to how to delete Garena account, then you are at the right spot? This article will make you clear everything about deleting the Garena account.

How to Delete Garena Account
how to delete Garena account

Do you want to cancel or deactivate your Garena account because you’re tired of using it? If this is the case, don’t worry since you’ve come to the perfect spot to discover how to cancel or deactivate your account.

There are a number of reasons why you would want to remove your Garena account, one of them being the company’s email spamming.

Meanwhile, Garena is a South East Asian-based digital services corporation that specializes in gaming, esports, eCommerce, and digital banking. Forrest Li, the current Chairman and Group CEO launched the company in Singapore in 2009.

Sea Limited, which was formerly known as Garena, is Garena’s parent firm. We’ll walk you through the answer to how to delete Garena account in this guide. Let’s get started:

What exactly is Garena?

In the year 2012, a Singapore-based publishing business established Garena, a gaming platform. The key benefit of this service is that it uses a VPN to build a local network on top of the Internet.

How to Delete Garena Account
how to delete Garena account

The service has a robust security strategy in place to prevent cheating on the site. Cheating in games is extremely tough because of this feature.

Garena, as a gaming platform, provides a variety of worldwide titles, including Call of Duty and League of Legends, both of which have a global following.

This feature allows the business to host online tournaments and gaming leagues. The site has a very user-friendly layout; thus, registering a new account is as straightforward as making one on any other gaming platform.

If you wish to delete your account, you should know that it will be hard to do so manually.

There are only two methods to remove your account: either it will be terminated automatically after 6 months of inactivity, or you may contact support.

Garena Products:

Garena is an online gaming and social platform with a user experience that is similar to that of instant messaging services.

Gamers may create buddy lists, interact with pals online, and track their gaming progress and accomplishments with Garena+.

Gamers may customize their avatars and change their names to establish their own distinct identity.

Gamers may also establish groups or clans and talk with several players at the same time using Garena+’s public or private channels. Shells are a virtual currency used by Garena+ users.

Garena introduced the Garena Premier Competition (GPL) in May 2012, a six-month online professional gaming league including over 100 matches.

The GPL’s inaugural season is a League of Legends tournament featuring six professional teams. Matches from the GPL are recorded and aired online, along with commentators, which may be viewed on the GPL’s official website.

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How to erase all personal data from your Garena account before you delete it and why you should:

Before keeping your Garena account dormant for six months, you should complete the measures outlined below to protect your personal information from being compromised:

How to Delete Garena Account
How to Delete Garena Account

First and foremost, you need to go to the Garena website.

Then, once you’ve signed into your account, go to “Account,” which may be found in the right upper corner of your screen.

After you’ve double-checked that you’ve arrived at the correct page, go to the “Security” tab and change all personal information to Unreliable, then save the modifications to complete the procedure.

After you’ve completed all of the procedures above, you shouldn’t use your account for at least six months; it should be automatically terminated at the conclusion of that time. You can also contact customer service and request that your account be deleted.

You should also be certain that no one else will have access to your account during this time.

Their continued usage of the account may prevent it from being deleted. Make sure you’ve logged out of your account on every device you own.

How to delete Garena Account

Follow the steps below to delete your Garena account:

  • Step 1: Go to the Garena website and log in to your account.
  • Step 2: Go to the “Garena” tab and choose “Account Settings.”
  • Step 3: Delete or remove all of your personal information from your profile and account manually. Make a backup of your modifications.
  • Step 4: Deactivate the account for six months. Garena accounts that are no longer active are removed from the system.
  • Step 5: To change your username, go to “Store” and then “Garena Shop.” Underneath the Name Changer, click the “Buy” option. Changing your name will cost you 290 Shells.

Shells are a sort of money used in Garena games that must be purchased using a credit card or other electronic payment method.

How to Delete Garena Account


How to delete Garena files?

By navigating to the Control Panel and selecting ‘Uninstall a Program,’ you may erase the Garena files. Double-click ‘Garena’ under ‘Programs and Features,’ then select Uninstall.

How Do I Delete Garena Forever?

Log in to your Garena account on the website. Select “Account settings” from the “Garena” menu. You can clean or delete all of your personal information from your account. For six months, the account should remain dormant. There are materials and references available.

What is the best way to delete Garena from my computer?

You may utilize Applications and Features to add and uninstall programs. Select Garena from the drop-down menu. It is possible to uninstall or delete it.

Final Words

This is all from us; if you want to learn everything about how to delete Garena account. Currently, this is the only way to completely remove a Garena account.

Alternatively, players can contact Garena support and request that their account be deleted. Your account will log out of the account from all devices after six months.

Check to see whether anyone else has access to the account. If another person uses the account, it will not be removed because it is still active.

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