How To Earn Money as A Blogger in Link Building Services

How To Earn Money as A Blogger in Link Building Services

Link building services are one of the most popular online businesses today. As a blogger, you can earn money from these services by writing reviews and articles about products or getting a commission for referring viewers to companies and their products. Here are tips to help you succeed as a blogger in link building services:

Choose A Product That Will Revolutionize the Industry It Is Focused On

Make sure to choose a product that will revolutionize the industry you focus the product on. For example, if you are reviewing a product that is supposed to help people lose weight, make sure that it works and that you can prove it. Other bloggers will cite your article and links in their articles and web pages if you do this. You can then make money by getting paid commissions from the products you review or optimizing your site for Google AdSense ads.

Use A Least Popular Keyword for Your Post

You can use a keyword not highly searched by the general public. For example, you can choose the keyword “weight loss” if you are interested in losing weight, but use a different keyword if you are more interested in answering questions on losing weight fast without exercise. This will help you get more visitors to your articles and make more money.

Write A Relevant Article to The Keyword You Choose for Your Post

Ensure that the article you are writing is relevant to your chosen keyword; otherwise, it will be hard for people to read and understand your article. For example, if you write about a weight loss product review, write about what the product can do for you and how it can transform your life.

Write Your Article in an Interesting Way

Write your article excitingly. For example, you can write about your experience with the product mentioned, what you thought of the product, or how it helped you with the problems that you were having. You can include helpful tips for others interested in learning how to lose weight fast. You can even include links to your related articles and web pages about weight loss products in your writing.

Write About Common Problems

Write about common problems users have regarding the product you are reviewing. For example, if you are writing about a weight loss product that can help you lose weight quickly and easily, write about people’s everyday problems. These could include not having time to work out, being stressed out, eating unhealthy food late at night in front of the television, etc. You can also talk about the product problems you have had with the product you are reviewing and what the product did to help resolve those problems.

Optimize Your Site for Google AdSense or Other Ad Networks

You can get money from Google AdSense ads that you place on your site since google pays you money for each visit to your website. This will help you make more money from link building services. You can also optimize your site for ad networks that pay you in cash.

The key to optimizing your website for these ad networks is to ensure that all site areas contain relevant ads and links to other sites. You can get paid commissions when your visitors click through to these ads and sites. You can also make money from other advertisers who pay you for having their ads on your pages.

Work With Bigger Marketers for Higher Commissions

You can earn higher commissions from more prominent marketers if you have a reputation for writing quality articles for them. The higher the brand value, the higher the commission rate you will get. This means that you need to do the best you can to meet the needs of these marketers. You can also earn higher commissions by generating more traffic for their product, which is why it will be better for them if you have a blog on your site.


Link building services can help you earn money as a blogger. If you implement the above tips, you will be able to create valuable content that your readers will read. It will help you get high visibility to attract more readers and earn money from selling advertisements on your site.

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