Blog2Social Review

Blog2Social Review – Features, Price, Pros and Cons

It is the best tool for the users who are looking for sharing their articles automatically on the respective social network at the scheduled time. This plugin saves the time of sharing the Blog post manually on social media. With the support of the Blog2Social plugin, the user can edit, customize and schedule the social media article with a comment for each network. In fact, the user can do this all in a single place.

Blog2Social Review
Blog2Social Review

Blog2Social Review – How it works?

Blog2Social is a free social media automation plugin. The usage of this plugin is extremely easy. So that the user can share, customize and cross-promote the blog post.

Download and Install Blog2Social on WordPress panel

•        You can either download the Zip-File or install the plugin which is placed on the right side from the WordPress admin panel.

•        Once the download has completed, you can upload it to your blog (plugins > “Add new” and click, “Upload plugin” in the top left, then the Install button. •

•        If you are downloading the Blog2Social from the WordPress administration panel click on (‘plugins > “Add new” and enter Blog2Social in the search field in the top right corner, and then click Install button. •

•        Activate Blog2Social plugin. Now you can see the option on the left side navigation panel.

Blog2Social is ready now to post your first blog on social media automatically. There is a Blog2Social submenu in the WordPress panel called, “posts and sharing” just click on it. You can then choose the blog post which you want to share on social media. Then click on “share on social media.” If your account has not yet connected with any social network, just click “Add more” on the right side of the network panel. After connected with the available network, it will be shown for all future posts.

Blog2Social help in updating your posts into the optimal format. With the help of the Custom Sharing option, you can customize your post with individual comments or hashtags for keeping personal touch or asking them for share as well. The User can pre-select, and save different networks for sharing and re-sharing activities in the Blog2Social “Network” settings.

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How to share your blog post on social media platforms using Blog2Social plugin

If you are downloaded and installed the application, the first thing you need to do is to get connected with the social network which you want to use. Depending on each social network, the account details have to be entered and confirmed the accessibility. Then you can share your Blog content on the respective social media sites.

 If you are having a lot of content, it will become difficult for the user to track which post has shared and where it has shared and all. For solving this problem, Blog2Social provides a dashboard where you can get an overall idea of your post and shares across the network.

 You can automatically share and schedule the blog post with the help of the Blog2Social plugin. Each social network is used for different purposes at different times. Sharing the article at the social network active time help in increasing the number of viewers, and the article to get noticed. There are three, options such as, Share your post immediately, Schedule once, Multiple times or in a recurring basis. After publishing the blog post by clicking “Publish post” the Blog post will automatically be shared on the selected network at the scheduled time.

Blog2social Review – Features

Auto-posting on social media

Blog2Social automatically share your blog posts on social media when your post is published or at your scheduled best times. You can share your blog post to all or selected social networks.

Custom Sharing

With the Blog2Social custom sharing option, the User can customize their blog post by editing the text or adding up individual comments, hashtags for each network. With the help of this option, the user can easily re-publish the Blog post on Blogging networks such as Tumblr, Medium and Torial. Custom Sharing increases the number of viewers of your social media posts. You can customize your article for each social network before sharing it.

Selection of image for Social Media Post

For obtaining the attention of the Users on social media, putting images on your Blog Post have a greater impact. With Blog2Social, you can select any image, which is apt for your Blog Post for getting more visibility from the viewers.

Selection of Post format for Blog Post

You can choose the appropriate post format for each social media post and select individual images as well. Blog2Social upload the chosen image automatically to your photo gallery in each network and it adds the link in your post in the comment. The selected image will connect to the image view in the image gallery for that network.

Facebook instant sharing

This option allows the user to share their Social media post instantly or schedule for a later date on Facebook. This lets the user post on groups, events, and pages. You can also add and edit tag friends, emotions, and activities.

Pros and Cons of Blog2Social



If you are ready to share your Blog Post on social media, Blog2Social automatically posts to your selected social networks immediately or by using the best time schedule option. You can make your selections by clicking a small panel on the right side of your Blog Post.

Custom Scheduling on social media

This option allows the user to choose how many times you want to share the post on the social network. There are three options Share now, Schedule once and Schedule post recurrently. Depend on the requirements, the user can choose over the schedule of the social media post. However, each social network has its rules as the number of times to share repeatedly. These rules may differ from one social network to the other network.

Best Time Scheduler – PREMIUM

The success part of the Blog post is that sharing your social media posts at the right time on each network. Blog2Social offers you with a ready to use Best Time Scheduler. The user can schedule the social media posts for immediate sharing or for opting for a one-time or recurring schedule.

Custom Sharing – FREE

With the Blog2Social custom sharing option, the User can customize their blog post by editing the text or adding up individual comments, hashtags for each network. With the help of this option, the user can easily re-publish the Blog post on Blogging networks such as Tumblr, Medium and Torial. Custom Sharing increases the number of viewers of your social media posts.


URL Placement

It is a very difficult process for the users to determine where the URL appears. You can edit the message on social media though. Usually, Blog2Social keep it at the end of the message, that is not before hashtags. This would be the first thing that would be edited or removed if your message was re-tweeted by someone.

No Integrations

The integrations of Blog2Social with any other application is very poor. Moreover, each social network works differently. For instance, hashtags do not perform on Facebook, but they work on Instagram and Twitter. The way of giving comments by the followers over the post to differ from one community to another.

Blog2Social Review – Pricing

Blog2Social offers a free and three premium versions, and a free trial as well. The free versions of Blog2Social include social media automation, cross-posting to social media with customized Blog posts. The premium version includes scheduling, social media pages, and groups, multi-user and multi-profiles including one year free updates and supports. There are three categories in the premium version include smart, pro, and business. In smart $5.75 per month at an annual payment. In pro, $8.25 per month at an annual payment. And in business, $20.75 per month at an annual payment. The three of these categories are availing 20% off at the annual payment.

Discount coupon

Every user who wants to post their article on the social network must use this Blog2Social plugin. It helps in increasing the visibility of the article by sharing it on the scheduled time. And you can use our Blog2Social coupon code to get 20% off.

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Blog2Social is one of the best WordPress plugins among the other Social Media plugin. This helps in posting the articles automatically on social media at the right time. Blog2Social plugin saves the users time by the manual sharing of the article. With the help of this plugin, your post could reach a significant number of people within a short period of time.

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