How to Immediately Hide Your WhatsApp Online Status

How to Immediately Hide Your WhatsApp Online Status

How to Immediately Hide Your WhatsApp Online Status:

WhatsApp offers the best way to hide your pictures, status, or videos on your smart devices. This future update is accessible on PCs, Android, and iOS.

User awareness of how vulnerable their privacy is on WhatsApp is growing. By simply opening a conversation, you can make yourself appear online to your contacts, giving the impression that you’re ready for discussion at all times. Turning down your WhatsApp online status is a quick hack that can assist.

Users of WhatsApp can view the “Last Seen” status to find out when other users last used the application and whether they are still logged in. As handy as this can be for certain users, it raises serious privacy concerns for other Whatsapp users. The obvious first step in maintaining your privacy is to disable your online WhatsApp presence.

To maintain some measure of privacy for themselves, people frequently desire to conceal their online status. You can also use your Android handset to text on WhatsApp anonymously if you prefer. But when you turn on this feature on your android WhatsApp version, sadly, you cant be able to watch other WhatsApp users’ online status if you disable your online WhatsApp status on your android device.

It simultaneously stops people from spying on other users while disguising their behavior. Unfortunately, there is also no way to control which users can see your online WhatsApp status individually. It is hard, for instance, to let your friends and family know that you are online while preventing your employer from viewing the same information. 

The only method to do it on WhatsApp is to ban them, but then you won’t be able to communicate with one another. So it’s important to take note of a few of the other WhatsApp privacy choices while you’re in the Private section. You can also check who has recently seen your status, profile description, and your set profile pictures by using this feature.

Disabling push notifications is the last setting. Disabling unread notifications has a reciprocal effect on your WhatsApp online status. It means you won’t be able to read or see other Whatsapp users’ messages and statuses if you disable your WhatsApp online status.

Do you most likely use WhatsApp Web on your personal computer or laptop? If so, then the WhatsApp hidden features do not work similarly to smartphones. To hide your WhatsApp status on your computer, you need to add plugins to your computer browser.

These two plugins can be added to your Chrome browser to use them to hide your WhatsApp online status on your computer. To do that, you can set up WA Web Plus as a plugin on your PC. You may access the WhatsApp Web hidden feature by simply adding the plugin to your Chrome browser.

You now know that it is possible to hide your WhatsApp online status, but this will also prevent you from seeing your contacts’ online status. When activating WhatsApp hidden feature, only select specific contact that you like to want to hide your online Whatsapp status presence.

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