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If you’re fed up of your target account and wants to know how to delete target account, then you’re on the right place. Today, we are going to show you the best way to delete target account so that the tension of target account hanging in your mind might get away. All you have to do is to follow the steps and you’re done with the target account. So, let’s get started!

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Solution- How to delete target account

There are two types of user who are using target account; one who is professional and using target account from ages and the other ones who are the newbie and don’t know much about the target account. In this solution, we will be discussing how to delete target account and at the end of the discussion, you’ll be able to get rid of your target account.

In this part of the solution, we are going to break down following steps in order to delete target account but these steps are for those who are using target for a longer time and don’t have any problem in going anywhere to their account. So here we go!

Follow these steps so that you can delete target account quickly.

  • Go to the official website of target
  • Login to your account
  • Go to the account settings
  • Scroll down your page
  • Delete your account
  • Confirm the deletion
  • And you’re done

But wait, it was some news going viral these days that target account cannot be deleted through this procedure and you have to call their care center in order to delete target account. If that is the case then we have a solution for this thing too pals, you don’t have to worry much because we have got your back.

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  • Head towards their official website
  • Login to your account
  • Go to customer care option
  • Copy the number from there which is 800-591-3869
  • Wait until the end of automatic menu service listing
  • Talk with the member of customer care
  • Give them the reason for deleting your account
  • Your account will be deleted after the processing of few days along with your account information
  • And you’re done

These are the two possible ways of deleting your target account; the first solution of how to delete target account is considered as the old method and it still works but after their new update in the website and application, they have removed the option of deleting account through their website.

The deletion of account through a phone call is very unoften thing and probably you’ve not heard of it before but you can’t do anything about it. Every company has its own policies and we are no one to question them.

Now its time to discuss How to delete target account in detail for the newbie target account users, but if you’ve understood everything that we have discussed above then you’re welcome to skip this part. If you didn’t get what exactly written up there, then you’ll understand each and everything now!

Let’s discuss How to delete target account in detail and here we go buddies!

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1. Go to the official Website

The very first step which you got to do is to open the official website of the target. All you need is a laptop and internet connection to it. Open a browser and type target official website address in it and click on the enter button. You’ll be shown target’s official website in a flash and then look for the login button.

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Here’s the screenshot of their official website if you’re having trouble in finding one!

delete Target account
delete Target account

2. Login to your account

The second step of how to delete target account is to login into your account. Once you have opened the official website of target then you’d probably find the login button. Click on the login button and you’ll be given a form containing USER NAME and PASSWORD tab. Now enter the information of your account correctly and click on the login button.

Once you click on the login button, you’ll be redirected towards your profile and you can do whatever you want to do with your profile unless you go to the next step which is

3. Find the settings

If you have opened your profile/account, then finding a setting option isn’t a big deal. Go to the menu of your profile and find the settings button in the drop-down list. Once you’ve found the settings button, simply click on it and the next tab will be opened containing all the information related to your account.

After opening settings, go to the customer care button which you’re going to find in the settings menu. Write down their number and go for the call.

4. Customer Care Call

Now then, if you didn’t find a number of calling them, then here’s the number “800-591-3869”. When you’re going to call them, an automatic machine will give you the number of items for the subscription but you can go for the customer care member option.

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After the completion of the automatic menu item listing, customer care will receive your call and discuss each and everything with customer care member. They will ask you for the information about your profile and credentials of your profile. Once they confirmed your profile, they will ask you the reason for deleting your account.

Give them the reason in a gentle way and they are going to delete your account in the next few days. Deletion of account will include your credit card information as well. So you don’t have to worry about your credit cards.

But, if you have any payment due, then probably you have to clear all pending payments in order to get rid of your account and if you don’t have any pending amount left, then you’re not going to face any problem in deleting target account.

Final Thoughts

So pal, that’s all from the How to delete target account section, if you have any question regarding how to delete target account, then feel free to ask us any question. We will try to answer your every question in a flash. Cheers!

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