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How To Tame Dog In Minecraft – Step By Step Guide 

Are you a dog lover and want to know how to tame dog in minecraft? Dog is one of the most trustable creatures in the Minecraft world.

So if you want to know how to tame dogs in Minecraft, then keep reading this post to find out how easily you can tame dogs in minecraft.

How Can I Tame Dog In Minecraft:

How Can I Tame Dog In Minecraft

In Minecraft, dogs are incredibly friendly, practical, dependable, and loyal. Additionally, it assists you in completing multiple tasks. (Note to get the dog in minecraft, first, you need to tame a wolf). 

Follow the below-mentioned pattern in sequence to get the dog in minecraft.

Find Some Bones:

Find Some Bones
  • You can tame a dog by collecting the bones that the defeated skeletons dropped.
  • Additionally, you can find bones in temples in the desert and in the jungle, or you can acquire some while catching fish.
  • If you are using creative mode in Minecraft, then you can add them to your inventory collection.

Search For The Dog:

Search For The Dog

In Minecraft, locating dogs isn’t that difficult. When you look, the dog is nowhere to be found. It would help if you tamed them in order to turn them into a dog after finding them as a wolf.

  • All you need to do to find them is to explore the biomes as they spawn in each forest biome.
  • Unfortunately, there is one biome where you cannot find them, which is the flower biome in Minecraft.
  • The taiga biomes, where wolves can be found, are another option for you. ( Note you need to turn them into pet dogs after taming them; if not, then you cant be able to get the dog services).

Serve The Bones:

Serve The Bones
  • Wolves will typically approach you when you hold a bone, so serve the bones. Don’t touch the wolf if you do; other wolves nearby may harm you.
  • Give the bones to the wolf that is currently in front of you. It will behave differently than before once you start feeding it.
  • You can also approach it and right-click on it or press the left trigger on the controller to feed bones.

Tap On The Tame Button:

Tap On The Tame Button
  • After giving some bones to the wolf, you may determine it has been tamed when hearts float over its head and when its collar turns blood red.
  • When it finally locates the meal, you need to tap on the tame button (it can take several tries and eat the bones.
  • When you’ve trained the dog, you can right-click on it to command it to sit or obey you.
  • The dog will automatically sit when you have successfully tamed it. To make it follow you, use the right-click menu.

To tame a dog in Minecraft, watch the video:


Can a dog be named in Minecraft?

Answer: In Minecraft, you can give a dog a name. There are no specific guidelines for naming your pet dog in the game. The player can choose what name they wish to give their tamed dog.

Do tamed dogs in minecraft need food?

Answer: Yes, they need food to survive to make sure that you have enough food available when breeding because newborns will be hungry. You can also give your dogs meat to eat when they are hungry or injured.

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