kmode exception not handled

How to fix kmode exception not handled windows error

In the dictionary of Windows language, Kmode exception not handled is referred to a blue screen error which is also known as Death Error on Windows 10. This error can be caused by a lot of practices that we perform on our system on a daily basis such as Installation of bad drivers and Software.

This error has a lot of forms and Blue Screen isn’t the only error which indicates that it must be Kmode exception not handled error but YES you’re fortunate enough to solve this problem without reinstalling your window and losing all your data. But you have to keep this thing in your mind that you’ve to turn your Safe Mode on in-order to fix the issue.

Fixing the Issues kmode_exception_not_handled BSOD Error

Enough of the introduction I guess for the Kmode exception not handled Windows error, and now we must head towards the solution but wait, there are few errors which are reported by the users along with this error.

  • Kmode exception not handled (ntfs.sys, netio.sys, ndis.sys, syntp.sys, wdf01000.sys, etd.sys, tcpip.sys, tppwr32v.sys, usbport.sys, igdkmd64.sys, intelppm.sys, and iastora.sys) – These sorts of problems can occur to your PC but the good news is that when you restart your PC after facing this problem then Windows 10 automatically fixes the issue.
  • Overclock of Pc’s – Many of the users around the globe always try to boost their PC performance by Overclocking the speed and this is one of the main issues that kmode_exception_not_handled occurs.
  •   RAM and Kmode exception not handled connection – Another reason that this error may occur and cause you a headache is the faulty RAM, YES try checking your ram because Hardware must be clean as a spoon in a circus.
  • USB and Kmode exception not handled connection – There are many chances that a USB device is causing a problem to your PC because nowadays, USB’s are the greatest source of bringing Viruses and other faulty stuff to your PC. Do check your USB for the faults if this error happens to you.
  • Kmode exception not handled the connection with Installation – You need to install only verified drivers by the company of your PC because installing non-verified/pirated software can cause damage to your system and Death error will be knocking your door soon. So better avoid using them.
  • Kmode exception not handled Loop – Another problem that occurs for most of the users is the loop of Blue Screen as they turn their PC on and this problem occurs every-time when they turn their PC on. But we will discuss the issue below with the details.
  • BSOD Kmode exception not handled – This is the most common and frequently asked error that occurs nowadays in windows 10 and YES pals we have a solution for it. And we are about it discuss it now!

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Solution 1- Installation of Drivers in Safe Mode

Sometimes in Windows 10 kmode exception not handled occurs because of drivers which are not installed properly and this error can only be fixed by reinstalling the required drivers properly. To enter the safe mode and installing the drivers, you need to follow the following steps

1. After restarting your computer several times, you’ll see the windows recovery environment.
2. Go to Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup Settings and then click on the restart button.
3. After you restart your computer, you’ll be asked for entering into different operating modes and then all you have to do is to press F5 button in order to enter in Safe Mode

Now you have entered into the safe mode of Windows 10 and your display would be like this

kmode exception not handled
kmode exception not handled

All you have to do now is to enter the DVD/CD or USB of your drivers and try to reinstall them. Once the drivers are installed in your PC, restart your computer without Safe Mode (You’ll be asked about entering safe mode again don’t worry) and you’re DONE!

Finally your kmode exception not handled problem is fixed!

Solution 2- Disable Fast Startups and Remove Fast Startups Software

Well, we always try to get maximum performance from our PC but sometimes your trick of Fast Startups may lack and cause kmode exception not handled. But, you don’t have to worry much as we have the best solution for you to disable fast startups if you’ve no clue from where to turn things off.

1. Head towards the Control Panel
2. Click/Tap on System and Security option there
3. You’ll find the Power Option afterward and Click on it
4. Double click on What Power Buttons Do
5. Then Click on Change Settings that are currently unavailable
6. You’ll see Turn-on Fast Startup Checkbox and you’ve to uncheck that option
7. Click on save changes and you’re done!

kmode exception not handled

Solution 3- Allow Window to Fix your Problem itself

Windows 10 has the tendency to (stop code kmode exception not handled) only if you tell your PC to do so. If you want your WINDOWS to do the entire repairing thing, then here’s how you do it

1. Open the Command Prompt by searching it in the search Tab of the Window or by pressing Windows Key + R button altogether and type cmd in the box that will appear on your screen.
2. Simply type SFC /scannow and then press enter.
3. A scan will take place and it will fix all the issue automatically.
4. Restart your PC and you’re done!

In a Nutshell

We have discussed all the possible solutions that may fix kmode exception not handled and we are 100% sure that these solutions are going to work perfectly but if you’re still facing problems and hurdles while running your Windows then OLD BIOS version might be the obstacle in operating your Windows properly.

Trying searching it on Google and you’ll be able to run your PC again within a couple of minutes. And don’t forget to tell us which way you used to outsmart kmode exception not handled the error? Do let us know if any problem arises in your PC, we are always here to HELP! Cheers

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