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Are you seeking a data-gathering system that can be modified and configured? If you answered yes, you have come to the correct spot. Kordata is a data-gathering system that is simple to design and configure.

Kordata announces the release of its new mobile data collecting and workflow solution. The highly secure, versatile, and scalable platform broadens the possibilities that can be efficiently handled with mobile technology in a streamlined, tailored, and cost-effective manner.

This page contains information on Kordata Login, including its benefits, uses, accounts, login, and more. In other words, everything about it, including its primary website, Kordata, which can be found at https://www.kordata.com/. You can quickly skim the content table to get what you are looking for, but it would be greatly appreciated if you read this article entirely.

Kordata Login
Kordata Login

Types Of  Login on Kordata Portal

Customers worldwide may register for and use the kordata portal or App, which has just one type of login. The customer may use this portal to gather any form of document and access it from anywhere with an internet connection.

Kordata Login
Kordata Login

Kordata Portal Login Requirements:

The most significant conditions for registration at the Kordata Login page are as follows:

  • It is necessary to have a graphical user interface device, such as a laptop, desktop, Mac, phone, or other analogous devices.
  • It must be internet-capable.
  • The device must have the most recent web browser installed.
  • You should set up a profile. You can make one if you do not already have one. Continue reading to learn more.
  • You must have your account credentials or the account’s information to login.
  • You must be conversant in English or have a translator.

Kordata Portal Login Process:

The following are the key procedures for logging into the Kordata portal:

Kordata Login
Kordata Login
  • Navigate to the Kordata Login official online interface, which may be found at https://www.kordata.com/.
  • You must now enter your Kordata Sign In website username.
  • After that, enter your Kordata account password.
  • Click the Login button to continue logging in.
  • You have successfully logged in to the Kordata Sign In page.

How To Reset Your Kordata Login Password

Simply follow the instructions below to reset your Kordata login password:

Kordata Login
Kordata Login
  • Go to the official Kordata Login website at https://www.kordata.com/.
  • Now, click the “Forgot Your Password” link in the small text.
  • For the Kordata Login, enter your registered username or email address.
  • Click on the NEXT button to continue.
  • You will now get an email with a link to the Kordata Login.
  • Clicking on the link in your email will take you to the password reset page.
  • Enter a new password that meets the portal’s password criteria.
  • Now, enter the new password again to confirm it.
  • You have now successfully regained access to your Kordata Login account.

Key benefits of using Kordata

  • Kordata offers a configurable corporate data collecting solution that securely collects essential information via mobile app support before transferring and storing it in a centralized cloud-based system.
  • FastStart solutions provide a template-based method ideal for Construction, Healthcare, Inspection, and Compliance, with data gathering forms and workflows completely customizable to fit unique company objectives.
  • Mobile online/offline features enable native apps to run and execute in even the most remote locations by employing a local database and secure data syncing.
  • Robust reporting and dashboard-based analytics tools enable firms to produce customizable PDF and CSV outputs easily distributed among stakeholders.
  • The Kordata companion app is free and accessible for iOS and Android smartphones, allowing authorized users to obtain essential business data remotely, even when working offline.

Vision of Kordata

“Set the corporate standard for mobile data collection by designing and implementing the most innovative solutions, adaptable, scalable mobile information gathering and workflow software available by solving tough technological issues and placing easy and attractive solutions in the hands of loyal clients.”

Kordata Customization Process

Your Forms

Bring paper forms, spreadsheets, and fillable PDFs to Kordata. It can collect any form of data you want.

Workflows in your Organization

You do not need to modify the way you run your firm. You have full control about who views what, how data is acquired, and when reports are given when you use Kordata.

Kordata Technology

Kordata created a whole new approach to store data and process forms, allowing our platform to accommodate any sort of data and procedure. Furthermore, they have assembled an industry-leading collection of business analytics features and workforce management solutions to turbocharge your operations.

Kordata Team

Kordata data collection and solution professionals will create your forms and configure your process in the Kordata platform. Kordata will optimize everything to provide your staff the greatest possible experience, based on over 20 years of expertise in business mobility.

Your Solution

The final result is a world-class mobile data gathering and reporting platform that is personalized to your precise workflow and geared to save you as much time as possible.


  • It is easy to configure and has a highly simplified workflow.
  • Kordata’s data entry interface is fantastic! The application is ideal for our business, whether in the field or in the office!


  • There are no notable disadvantages. The frequency of updates is disliked, yet they are necessary.
  • A live, real-time dashboard must be built to read the data being fed into the system.

Download Mobile App

Customers may use the Kordata mobile app to acquire essential business data even when unconnected. The solution’s adaptability enables organizations to spread app adoption throughout the firm. The Kordata mobile app is available for download from the Google Play Store and the Apple AppStore.

Kordata Video Guide

Contact Information

  • Jybe Technology (Kordata)
  • PO Box 1847
  • Eagle, ID 83616

General: [email protected]

Support: [email protected]

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About Kordata

Kordata is a data-gathering solution that can be modified and configured to fit the demands of a variety of businesses. Businesses may remotely collect crucial data from any place utilizing mobile applications by leveraging an end-to-end data workflow.

Data collection begins here with online/offline functionality before syncing in real-time automatically once web access is achieved on Android and iOS devices. This data is then safely transported and saved to associated databases using trusted encryption technologies, all centralized inside a single platform for efficient dissemination.


Kordata is a free mobile application that anybody from anywhere globally may use to assemble their papers on an online platform. Kordata data may be accessed at any time and from any location via an internet connection. The highly secure, adaptable, and scalable platform expands the options for handling mobile technologies simplified, personalized, and cost-effective.


What level of assistance does Kordata provide?

Kordata provides the following assistance options:

Email/Help Desk, Chat, and Phone Support are all options.

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