Plugged in Not Charging

How to Fix Plugged in Not Charging Error in Laptop [100% working]

Recently many laptop users have reported that they are facing laptop battery issues and the most common issues which they are facing is Plugged in Not Charging error in laptop. This error comes up because there might be an issue with your battery or charger, but hang on there are several ways to fix the issue without changing your battery or charger. So without wasting your time further, let us quickly go to the solution.

But if you have got a dell laptop and you want to check the warranty or claim the warranty then here’s the complete guide which you must go through after reading this article.

Now let’s move to our topic Plugged in not charging error, so here we go!

Methods of fixing Plugged in Not Charging

You don’t have to try all of the methods and then try checking your battery but go through methods one by one and check which method works for you. Here are the methods which we are going to work on in this article.

  • Troubleshooting the Hardware Issues
  • Turning off the battery threshold charge
  • Performing a power reset
  • Updating the drivers

Troubleshooting the Hardware Issues Plugged in Not Charging

Plugged in Not Charging
Plugged in Not Charging

Troubleshooting the hardware issues can resolve your problem and this is the first step which you must take before trying anything else because Windows is your best companion and it can help you in fixing a lot of issues. So, here the steps of doing that.

  • First of all, check if your charger is connected with the laptop and window is showing Plugged in not charging error
  • Now the first step is to go to the settings and then look for Troubleshooting all the hardware and let Window find what’s the issue
  • Now if Windows 10 is unable to find the issue then it’s time to manually check your hardware
  • First of all, check if your Power Cable is damaged or not
  • Check if the adapter is Heating up extra or is it normal
  • Now drain your battery and then try charging your battery
  • If your battery started to charging then it was battery Charge Threshold issue and if your battery is still not charging then there might be your AC Adapter Malfunctions
  • If your battery continues to cause a problem, then try changing the battery and charge it again

Your problem is going to be solved because before you buy a new battery we can give this a chance.

Turning off the battery threshold

Some laptop or even most of the laptops nowadays have battery threshold option which allows the user to stop charging the laptop after reaching a certain percentage. For example, if you set a battery threshold at 90% then your battery won’t be charged over it.

So, to turn it off you’ve to follow the steps which we are breaking down right now.

  • Go to the settings of your batter and then click on power option
  • Once you click on power option, you’ll be shown battery threshold enable and all you’ve to do is to disable it and then check if your laptop charges the battery or not.
  • If your battery has started to charge then keep this option disabled and there’s no need of buying a new battery
  • If your battery isn’t working then you must go for a new battery instead of damaging your laptop performance.

Performing a Power Reset

Performing a hard reset just like you do on mobile phones can solve your problem on the laptop as well and guess what doing this step is way too easy. So, follow the steps and you’re going to end up doing a hard reset to your laptop.

  • If your PC is on then make sure you shut it down properly and disconnect the charger from it
  • Remove your Laptop battery and then press the Power Button for more than 30 seconds and then release the button
  • Now put your battery again on your laptop and connect your adapter with it
  • Now turn your laptop on and check if your battery is getting charged or not
  • If it’s charging then congratulation this method has worked for you, but if the method didn’t work for you then try the next fix, it surely is going to work for you

Updating the Drivers

The issue plugged in not charging might end up when you install the outdated drivers properly again and who knows your laptop battery starts to charge again. Don’t know how to do it? Then here are the following steps.

  • Open the folder where your drivers are already saved and then open them one by one
  • Once you start to install the drivers, it will automatically be replaced with the previous ones
  • Now once all the drivers are installed in your laptop, make sure to plug-in the charger again and try checking whether your battery works or not
  • If your battery started to work then congratulations but if it didn’t then you’ve to go for a new battery

In a Nutshell

We have discussed almost every method to make sure your problem plugged in not charging error is gone from your laptop and we really hope that this article has helped you a lot in achieving what you’re striving for.

So, if you’ve any questions related to the topic then you’re welcome, write down your question down below in the comment section and we will try to answer you as soon as possible. Thanks!

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