can you use paypal on Amazon

How can you use paypal on Amazon | Complete Guide

PayPal is one of the best payment gateways in the world that is being used in almost all the countries who are approved the FATF. People are using the paypal for transferring the money and buying the products from online platforms so that they don’t have to worry about going through the long processes of bank transfers and all. 

But a lot of people are using the PayPal for buying the products on the Amazon and that’s the reason newbie are searching for “Can you use paypal on Amazon” because they might not know the process of connecting their paypal account with the Amazon. But that’s very super easy process and everyone can do it without any problem. So, let’s get started with the topic can you use paypal on Amazon.

But before we get started with our topic, let us discuss the benefits of Amazon and PayPal in order to educate you more about the platforms.

can you use paypal on Amazon
can you use paypal on Amazon
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Benefits of PayPal

can you use paypal on Amazon
can you use paypal on Amazon

There are a lot of benefits that PayPal is providing to you but we are listing down some of the top-notch and main stream ones. So, let’s get started!

  1. It provides you one of the best security in the world
  2. Flexibility- You can use it on a lot of platforms and you don’t have to face the embarrassment of not getting the card accepted
  3. You can send money to paypal user within couple of minutes and other gateways too such as payooneer
  4. They have a phone application as well and you can install it without any problem
  5. You can use the PayPal with auctions websites like Ebay and Buying website like Amazon
  6. It’s absolutely free to use and that’s why it has been expanded to most of the parts of the world
  7. PayPal Sponsors offer you a lot of discounts and you can enjoy them

So, these are the top-notch benefits you’re going to enjoy with the PayPal and now it’s time to talk about the benefits of Amazon.

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Benefits of Prime Amazon

can you use paypal on Amazon
can you use paypal on Amazon

There are a lot of benefits that Amazon is providing you and few of the best ones are given below:

  1. Free Two-Day Shopping
  2. Free-Same Day or One Day Shipping
  3. Amazon Restaurants
  4. Primse Discount on whole food
  5. Prime Photos and Videos

And a lot of discounts you’re going to enjoy on every product if you’ve prime account of Amazon. Let’s get started with can you use paypal on Amazon.

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Can you use paypal on Amazon

Yes, the most asked question needs to be answered right now and you must have known the answer right now that you can use the PayPal with Amazon but the question that arises is “How?”

We are breaking down the steps of using the PayPal on Amazon so that you can enjoy using it:

  1. The first step is head towards the browser and open it
  2. Make sure that the internet is connected to your device and now its time to move the cursor and take it to the address bar
  3. In the address bar type “Amazon” and then click on the enter button
  4. Now go to the official website of Amazon and login to your account
  5. After you login, you’ll have to choose a product first and enter it in the bucket to go to the payment page
  6. Once you reach out to the payment page, it will show you different gateways to get connected with such as “PayPal, Payooner, Visa Card” and you’ll have to select the PayPal”
  7. On selecting the PayPal, it will redirect you to the official website of paypal where you’ve to enter your user name and password
  8. After entering the user name and password, PayPal will ask for the permission to use the Amazon website and you’ve to grant the permission
  9. After you grant the permission, you’ll again be redirected to Amazon page and your account shall be connected
  10. Now you can do whatever you want to purchase and you’ll get a notification on your paypal application and mobile number when you make any purchase
  11. You’re done

Isn’t it easy to use the PayPal account with your Amazon? Do let us know in the comment section. Now let’s talk about how can you get yourself registered with the PayPal.

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Getting Registered with PayPal

Getting registered with the PayPal is easy but you need to check out first that whether your country support the card or not. If your country supports it then you can get yourself registered by the following steps:

  1. Go to the official website of PayPal
  2. Now click on register now button
  3. Now enter the information that PayPal has asked you to enter
  4. Once the information you’ve entered is done, then click on the next button
  5. Choose the user name and password
  6. Now they will send you the card at your place and you’ll have to collect it in order to activate it
  7. There’s a PIN which you need to enter before processing the account
  8. Now all you’ve to do is to connect your card with your bank account to transfer the money from bank to PayPal in order to buy the products from Amazon
  9. You’re done
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So, we have discussed almost everything regarding can you use paypal on Amazon and we are hopeful that you’ve liked the content. Have any questions in mind? Feel Free to comment down below. We will try to answer your questions.

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