PUBG Buildings Not Loading

PUBG Buildings Not Loading [FIXED]- Top 5 Working Methods

PUBG has taken a word by a storm and we are witnessing that everyone is playing this game and killing their time. But the problem they are facing is “PUBG building not loading”, they are reporting this problem because PUBG isn’t loading the graphics and buildings in the game. Don’t worry we have got your back; let’s go to the solution straight away.

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Top 5 Solutions – PUBG Buildings Not Loading

Let us break down the name of fixes that we are going to discuss in detail, so if you want to jump on any of the fixes directly then you can have the access to it.

  1. Pressing Tab Button
  2. Moving of game files in SSD
  3. Modifications in Graphic Card
  4. Reinstalling the game
  5. Buy a New PC/Mobile

Now it’s time to take a start with the first solution. And without wasting further time, let’s get started with it!

PUBG Buildings Not Loading
PUBG Buildings Not Loading

Pressing Tab Button

PUBG buildings not loading problem can be solved via the Tab button. To fix the graphics issue, you can load the building first before landing into the game and that can be possible only if you press the tab button when landing on the map.

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The game will start to lag for 1-2 seconds at first when the inventory screen appears at the screen but when you remove the inventory screen again by pressing tab or close it, check if the issue is resolved or not. If the issue is resolved then congratulations, if the issue is still making you angry then calm yourself because you have 4 other methods to try.

PUBG Buildings Not Loading
PUBG Buildings Not Loading

Moving Files to SSD Card [If have any]

If you have downloaded the game on your mobile phone memory, then it’s a high time that you move your files to SSD card in order to load the files faster. It is because your phone might have installed other applications as well and the burden on your phone memory and RAM might be the reason for PUBG building not loading.

If you don’t know how to move your files from Phone to SSD then here’s the guide to it.

  • Go to your phone memory
  • Open the PUBG game folder
  • Select all the files and you’ll be given “Delete” or “Move” option
  • Click on Move Button and paste them into your SSD card
  • And you’re done

All you have to do is to launch the game again and check whether the game is working fine or not. If the game is working fine then congratulations, this method has worked perfectly for you. If this method didn’t work then don’t worry, you have more methods to go!

Modifications in Graphic Card

The phone users who are facing PUBG buildings not loading problem must keep their phone graphics performance to high and try to stop all the application, For example, Facebook, messenger, and Whatsapp. This allows your ram and graphics card to freely run the game without a lag.

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If we talk about the PC/emulator users then we have a solution for them too. All you have to do is to do the following steps in order to run your game smooth. And if you’re facing PUBG building not loading problem then these steps are vital for you as well.

  • Remove your laptop battery and play the game directly with plugged-in charger
  • Before running the game on your emulator, go to the taskbar and end the task of unnecessary things because this will free your ram, processor and graphics memory.
  • Download antivirus and scan your PC, after deleting the malware/viruses from your PC uninstall the antivirus and run the game again
  • Download C-Cleaner and delete unnecessary things from your PC to run the game smoother

We really hope that these tricks are going to help you in running your game faster than before and your problem related to PUBG building, not loading is going to vanish away.

Run the game now and check if the problem is fixed or not, if the problem is fixed then congratulations you can now enjoy the game at your fullest. But if the problem still occurs, then we have another solution for it. Let’s get started with it!

Reinstall the Game

Reinstalling the game is probably the best solution to this problem and if the reinstalling of the game doesn’t work for you properly, try resetting your phone and then install the game.

It is because there may be some kind of issues with the application which is preventing your mobile from running the game properly. So, resetting the phone and then installing the game is always the best option for the problem that you’re into now.

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Do this process with your phone/tablet and check if the problem is gone or not. If you are facing the problem again then you should head towards the last method of our article, and if you’re not facing any problem then congratulations, you can enjoy the game.

Buy a New PC/Mobile Phone

If you have tried every method and you’re still facing lagging and PUBG buildings not loading problem then it’s a high time that you must look for a new phone or PC because the problem now can be solved through the latest thing.

Do check all the requirements of before buying any new device and then buy the device. If you fulfill the requirements and have a good internet connection then congratulations, you’re going to enjoy this game without a lag. Cheers!

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In a Nutshell

We really hope that this article related to PUBG buildings not loading has helped you a lot. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. If you have any question related to this problem then you can comment down below, we will try to reach you in a flash.

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